Monday, June 20, 2016

Natters - June 20 / Bad Doctor

I meant to post yesterday but kept getting sidetracked.  I mowed lawn in the morning, then Ty and Matt came over and we, of course, played Munchkin.  We took a break so they could get everyone McDonalds for supper, then we dove right back into another game.  Mixed in with all that, I was doing laundry and battling the tail end of my cold cooties.  When they finally left it was too close to Game of Thrones time so I just said screw it and left posting until today.

This is the tripod that got knocked over.  You can see the tire marks too.  That bush, which appears to be the bulk of the growth, showed up last spring.  We don't know what it is or where it came from but it's grown like crazy.  It resembles a lilac but has pink-red blossoms.  My coworker that came to do metal detecting mentioned the name of it, but I can't remember.  The only reason we haven't gotten rid of that yet is because the clematis plant has grown in, around, through the branches of the bush as well as the tripod frame.  It's not a very good pic to show the actual clematis growth but trust me, it's there.  If you look very closely (or click the pic and see the larger version) you can maybe see where the legs are bent way down at ground level.  We didn't do anything with this yesterday like we'd planned.  We need to somehow get the legs straightened and back into the ground.  We might have to sacrifice the growth for this year and cut everything free to fix it.  Not quite sure yet.

We're making progress on the yard cleanup.  I can't believe how many people want free wood just because we have a ton of it laying in the yard!  You'd think that, gee, since we didn't have the dude haul it away, hmm, we might have plans for it.  We've turned everyone down so far, but we might give a few chunks to my boss for his backyard fire pit since he's invited us to a 4th of July weekend BBQ.

This was the first trailer load that we did on Saturday.  Hubby hauled this to his parents' yesterday and unloaded it all.  The stuff that's left is mostly bigger pieces that need to be cut down more.  He'll have a friend come and help with that.

So my mom had her pre-surgery physical this morning.  Turns out her blood pressure is high and the doctor wouldn't clear her for surgery.  They checked it at the start of the appointment and then again at the end after she'd had time to sit and relax.  It was 10 points lower but she still has to go back Wednesday and have it rechecked.  She's never had blood pressure problems before, and we both know why it was probably high today.  She hates her doctor and got herself all worked up about the appointment.  Today was the first time I've actually encountered her doctor and yeah, she's a miserable stress inducing hag.  My mom had already been talking about finding a new doctor and after seeing that I wholeheartedly support her.  Wow.  So when we got back home after that I gave her a pep talk, told her not to worry about all the other crap and in a couple weeks she'd be done with surgery and not ever have to see Dr. Bitchypants again.  The problem now is that I work Wednesday and can't take her for the recheck.  She should be able to get there herself, but she's going to call my brother's wife as another option.  I had to strongly remind her she can't skip this appointment, which she sometimes does.  She doesn't quite get that if her blood pressure doesn't come down she won't be having the surgery.  She keeps thinking of it as 'When this surgery is done the stress will be gone and the blood pressure will be normal.'  Uuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh!  She's my mother but man, she tries my patience!

Other than that, my cold cooties seem to be mostly gone today.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch this afternoon for a couple hours and had a nasty cough for a while when I woke up, but other than that it's been much better today than it has been in over a week.

Who watches Game of Thrones?  Who saw that freakin' awesome episode last night?!  Oh my gosh, it was like an interactive event for me, with all the yelling and cheering I was doing at the TV.  And of course it brought me to tears.  I can't go into details because Julie is spoiler-free and I'm not sure if my sister is current.  BUT I REALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!  lol
I'm so glad I didn't give up on the show like I said I was going to at the end of last season.

Well, I am off to read before bed now.  I will update about my mom when I find out how it went Wednesday.  I also got shipping notices for both of the fall scents orders I placed the other day, so I should hopefully have those in a couple days and have haul posts up Thursday or Friday.
But for now, goodnight!


  1. That yellow rose is so lovely! For some reason it makes me sad to think of you guys cutting back that lush, full bush and vine marriage. I think it is because I have such a hard time growing much in my yard that green and bushy.

    I see now that your logs are near the road kinda. So folks drive by and lust after your wood huh? Can't blame them... look at that girth. Oh! Those trees by your road are beautiful! Are they a type of evergreen? They look almost like a cypress or something too. #plantnerd

    Hoping your mom goes to her next appt and has low blood pressure. Keep us posted!


    1. So, Plantnerd, should we just leave those two to do whatever it is they end up doing? Won't one kill off the other? I need to find out what that bush is again, because if it's something that's going to take over the yard, the house, and the will need to go.

      Those front trees are some really scraggy looking evergreens. They're tall but pitiful looking. I wonder if now that the huge tree is gone, if they'll fill out a bit more.

      I wish you'd watch GoT already. I mean geez, everyone knows it's strayed so far from the books by now that it doesn't matter. =P