Thursday, June 23, 2016

Natters - June 23 / Kinda Cranky

Ah yes,  Minion.  Your life is rough, for sure.  Casey took this pic a few days ago.  It's quite funny on it's own but even more funny if you remember this baby Minion pic . . . 
Some things never change.

Anyway, on with the Natters.  My mom got herself back to the hospital yesterday for the blood pressure recheck.  I was surprised because I was so sure she'd just cancel it, not realizing its importance.  I stopped over at her place after work last night to ask her about it.  She said the numbers were better this time but still not great.  She said they didn't say what to do next, and just let her go home.  Well today the doctor's office called and said she should go back tomorrow (Friday) for another check, and they would go ahead and do the rest of the pre-surgery stuff like blood work and the nasal swab thing.  I'm not sure if that means her numbers are actually okay for surgery now, or if they're just going to finish the rest of the stuff to get it done and out of the way.  I will be taking her tomorrow.

I'm pretty my own blood pressure is sky high these days.  I was so wound up last night I couldn't get to sleep, but then once I did I was out like a light.  And now pretty much all day today I've been feeling that super anxious hyped up feeling, crabby and distracted.  It took me almost all day just to get that Dessa's haul post done!  Usually I can whip those posts our pretty fast.  Now I'm super bored because I just can't focus enough to get involved in anything like a movie or a book or even a video game.  I want to just go to bed and start over tomorrow but it's so dang early.  Gah!

My card making hobby has taken another severe hit again.  I thought I was doing pretty good in not feeling pressured to be making cards, that I was content to make some whenever the mood hit instead of feeling like I had to keep making them.  Well, when Ty was getting ready to leave here last weekend after doing his laundry and getting his birthday presents, I handed him the card he'd left laying on the table.  I made a comment about taking it home even though it would be in the garbage within the year anyway.  He laughed and snorted and said "Yeah, if I have to take it it'll be going right into the garbage when I walk through my door anyway."  He didn't say it to be mean or anything.  It was just pointing out that he's not one for cards.  I've known that.  He's not the sentimental type.  People these days just don't appreciate cards like the used to.  (Well, did guys every appreciate them?)  But since then, yeah, it's taken me back to that defeated feeling of why put the effort into making these cards when people just don't care anymore?  I had my card making stuff out today but didn't even bother in the end.  Maybe it shouldn't even matter to me what happens after I give out a card.  Maybe I should just feel good about putting effort into it and acknowledging the special days of people in my life.  But I really do get hung up on that whole 'They don't even care, so why should I?'  It certainly would be cheaper and easier to just send a generic digital message when Facebook prompts me to, right?!

Ugh, what a cranky kind of day.

Hopefully your day was much brighter!

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