Friday, June 24, 2016

Natters - June 24 / Another Rant

I do love this camera's zoom!  But there are still plenty of things I don't like about the camera in general.  I've been trying to use it more and more, instead of grabbing my old one for blog shots, but it's still more of a pain in the butt.  I don't know why it keeps cycling through different settings when I aim at something.  There are two modes I can choose from, one being 'auto' and the other being 'live' or something like that.  They seem to act the same, sort of cycling through and trying to decide what it needs to be on for each particular picture.  There is a macro symbol on the little control button thingie but it doesn't seem to matter if I push it or not.  The macro symbol will show on the screen sometimes while it's cycling through and refocusing.  And then when I push the shoot button halfway to get it to set it's focus, it adjusts all over the place . . . clear, blurry, clear, really blurry, clear, etc., and many times never does settle on clear.

But dang, I do love the zoom.  I've been using it like binoculars.  lol

And no, that wasn't my rant.

Today was my weekly shopping day.  I didn't need much but headed to Walmart anyway.  I found a flag pole bracket and a flag pole on clearance, $2.00 each.  All the good flags were gone though.  We've decided to spiff up our little back deck, off the laundry room.  It's on the side of the house we don't do much on, but I realized that back section is the first and main thing you see from the road as you drive by coming from the little village we live near.  So now I'm trying to find a few things to hang out there.  I can't wait to do some Halloween and Christmas decorations out there!

Dropped all the groceries off here at home then headed back out right away to go pick up my mom and take her in for another blood pressure check.  The doctor's office had called yesterday and wanted her to come back for this check, and also to finish up the other things they hadn't done Monday (blood work and nasal swab).  She got everything done fairly quick and then we headed back to her place.  I tried to return a call for her from her other doctor's office about setting post-surgery physical therapy, but no one was in at the time.  We're hoping she can get the same physical therapist she had last time.  He was awesome and did more to boost her confidence and get her going than my staying there could.

I headed back home after that, and had only been home maybe a half hour when I got a message from my mom saying the hospital had called and the bitchy doctor wanted her to start taking potassium pills.  A prescription had already been called in for her.  While this blood pressure check was lower and the best one yet, it's still not quite where it needs to be.  Mom wanted me to take her back in to town to pick this up but I was like nooooo way.  I'd been running back and forth all over all morning and I still had things to get done at home since I work this weekend.  Perhaps I'm a bad child but I didn't answer her message.  She'd mentioned going herself if I couldn't do it, so I knew that if she didn't hear from me, she'd be more likely to go.

So now comes my rant.  As I'm going through the mail today I notice several questionable charges on our credit card bill.  WTF?!  Again?!?!?!?!  We just went through something like this about a year ago!  Only that time the attempts were blocked and we were notified.  I have to talk to Casey about this first though because he might have some idea of what's going on.  Not saying he did it, but since the charges are all to Playstation Network maybe he'll at least know what they heck they might be for and how to check Playstation accounts.  Hubby and I don't even have Playstation accounts!  So whoever used our number didn't get it through Playstation.

Which leads me to my real rant.

I hate all the lazy ass losers who think they're so cool hacking and stealing from others!
Yes, I said hate, and I mean it. Some people cringe at the word, but in this case I don't care. Why don't these dumbass motherfuckers use their 'creative genius' for good?! Are you some fat, greasy slob living in a trailer who can't be bothered to get a job? Are you some whiny-ass baby who thinks he's so cool with his pants hanging down to his knees and stupid walk and non-any-language ghetto talk who thinks he's so tough and entitled to whatever he wants?
Are you just a pathetic excuse for a human being? Why yes, yes you are. 
I am so filled with rage and frustration right now. And what can I do? Yeah, call the credit card company and MAYBE get the charges cancelled or whatever. Maybe I'll end up having to get a new credit card again. There's no way to find out how the bastard got our number, or who it is. There's no way to stop these losers from doing it again. We barely even use our credit card anymore and this crap still happens! I am just sick about this.

And on that cheery note, I will go try to settle my brain a bit before heading up to read and bed.

I really do hope you've had a better day than mine.


  1. I hate that you had more fraud action on your card. It sucks and the people doing it suck. I hope the charges will be reversed. Beautiful bird! Your zoom rocks. I have zoom envy!

    1. I might be able to see your house from here with this zoom. Let's see, you're what, south-east from here.... Oh my, you should probably close your curtains when you do that!


    2. LOL! Well... funny thing is we used to not have curtains for our back sliding glass doors and well... naked times happen. But IKEA helped me to keep my modesty. Cheap curtains.

    3. That is funny.

      No nakedness happening here, even though we are out in the boonies. lol