Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Natters - June 29 / Whining Again.

What a crazy bunch of days it's been lately!  It seems the closer I get to that time off after my mom's surgery, the more things get piled into my days leading up to it.  Saturday and Sunday, I worked.  Monday I worked and there was some scandal, which always makes things interesting.  Tuesday morning I had to go in for Leadership Training, about three hours in the morning.  After I got out of that I immediately headed over to my mom's for the usual laundry and shopping chores.  While there I had to return a call for her, to get her post-surgery physical therapy set up.  We were bummed to find she won't have the same awesome dude she had last time.  It's a different company this time.  She has to go to the clinic for therapy this time, instead of the therapist coming to her home like last time.  She's rather cranky about that, and already fretting, "They better not be rough with me."  Have I mentioned that I know now she is a huge baby?  I really don't see things going as smoothly as everyone else seems to think it will and a big part of that is because she just does NOT understand that you have to get moving to get healing.  She does NOT understand that even though things might sting or hurt, she CAN still move.  She has it set in her head that she should be feeling better before she's sent home and made to start therapy.  No, Mom, you need to get moving sooner to feel better sooner.

So, while I'm hoping against hope that things will just fly by easy-peasy this time, I'm pretty much convinced it won't.

*dramatic impatient sigh*

Anyway, hurried home after getting her stuff done, hoping to salvage some of my Tuesday to get some things done, and then did nothing.  It's to the point where my mind is racing constantly, the anxiety level is up, and I can't focus on getting even small things done.

Today, Wednesday, was supposed to be my other day off.  I was feeling good, thinking I'd watch my two Netflix movies, mow the lawn, finally get caught up on internet stuff, get some other small things done.  Ha.  Nope.  My boss messaged me a bit before 7am, asking if I could come in for 3-4 hours to cover the other lead girl's spot while she attends the next training thing we have to attend.  First I said no, but then he offered a deal where I can leave at 11am on Friday.  Okay, heck yeah, I can do that!  That extends my holiday weekend!  Yep, on my way!  So I zip into work 7-11am.  Found out some things that had me leaving work in foul mood though.  More changes coming, and upper management that still doesn't listen or care.

Hurried back home from work and found that Casey hadn't gone to bed yet, so we decided to make a quick trip to town so he could buy a new TV stand.  He doesn't have room in his car to haul large things so he needed my roomier vehicle.  I needed a few things anyway, so off we went.  Grabbed my things quickly, then we headed back to electronics and furniture area, where he picked out the stand he wanted.  Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited, waited, waited.  Are there any Walmart employees roaming the area that we can snag to get a low cart to haul the huge box we want?  No.  Are any of the electronics department employees available?  No.  Oh, wait did that guy just come on duty?  Oops, nope, he's just helping one of the other dudes with some people trying to activate a phone or something.  Okay, we'll wait till they're done.  Ah heck, let's loop around the general area looking for another available employee.  None?  Okay, we'll go back to the electronics counter and wait another couple years while everyone in town decides they need to buy some piddly electronic thing that is going to be difficult to ring up.  Another loop around the area?  Sure, why  not.  Exercise is good.

Screw that, we're not mall walkers!  So back to waiting we go.  We probably spent 20-30 minutes waiting and searching for an employee to help us.  Finally we see a girl come out of the back and go over to the neighboring camera counter.  I head directly to her and ask if she can get someone to bring a low cart to help us.  "Sure, of course," she says and picks up the phone and talks to somebody.  She hangs up the phone and doesn't say anything else to us.  I force a "Thank you," and we go to wait by the stand we want.  And we wait wait wait again.  No one is coming.  That girl just continues to do whatever at the camera counter.  People continue to be clueless at the electronics counter.  Probably 15 more minutes go by and then I'm raging.  I tell Casey to grab one end of the box, I grab the other, and we very angrily plop it right on top or our regular shopping cart and head up to the checkout.

Seriously?!  I told Casey "Where is the freakin' survey they want us to do now?  Cuz I won't be scoring anything high today!"  I'm considering complaining on the Walmart Facebook page, specifically naming that particular store.  Everyone knows that complaining on a company's Facebook page is the fastest way to get results.  lol

We came back home and by now I'm just totally pissed and tired and frustrated.  And my day is pretty much over at this point.  I sat down to eat a bit and try to calm down, but that whole frazzled feeling had taken over.  Casey went up to bed because he works tonight.  I sat and tried to decide what little things I could get taken care of in what remained of my day.  I did manage to get my few little 4th of July decorations out, and I did manage to get a couple loads of laundry done, but that's about it.  Even this post seemed like an impossible task to get started, and it wasn't even supposed to be a long whiny thing.  Ugh!

But oh well, I guess whining is what you get for today.
And now I just want to call it a day and go to bed.

Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I hope you have a really good weekend and get everything you want to do done. We should talk sometime about that stupid getting nothing done because you can't get in the right frame of mind, etc. Maybe over, like, 4 bottles of wine. Whine wine. Aaaagh.

    1. *snort* A fine plan except that I don't drink whine and you never respond. =P


  2. Customer service is dying for sure. I hate that you guys waited around for an hour to have no one come to help. I am just happy you didn't hurt your back. A similar thing happened with Adam and I at Macy's. They had a huge mattress sale for Memorial Day weekend and Savanna needed a new one. We knew exactly which one we wanted while we waited 30 minutes watching the one sales guy follow arounda n old couple like a lost puppy while they laid on every. single. bed. Adam said screw this and we went to Sears. Paid more, but at least someone let us buy it. No wonder people shop online more and more. You can actually buy what you want!

    I prayed that your mom's surgery goes well, she is positive for her recovery and works hard and that it is stress free for you.

    I like your pretty new 4th of July theme! You HAVE been decorating! I can't believe it is the last day of June. Boy summer is flying by.

    1. Casey suggested a couple times that we just forget it and leave. But it was a fluke that we'd ended up with time to go that day so I was not about to give up and wait who knows how long until we managed to get there together again.

      And I suppose we could have been more aggressive about the situation but geez... If it had been B&BW they'd have swarmed us the moment we walked in the door, they're so pushy! LOL

      Thank you for the prayers. I'll take whatever help I can get!

      I do love decorating the blog. Sadly most people never see it because they view it on their phones or just read from the email.