Sunday, July 31, 2016

Natters - July 31

Slept fairly decent last night.  I woke up from weird dreams a couple times, and although I can't remember what the dreams were now I do remember being upset and freaked when I woke up each time.  What the heck is going on?!

Went to town with Casey this morning so he could get his new TV.  I looked for different curtains, and ended up finding 'blackout panel' liners instead.  When I got back home, hubby and looked them over and decided that no, they wouldn't work with the curtains I'd ordered.  Well crap.  But wait!  After coming up with a different way to attach the liners, and selectively placing them (because they're a bit too small), we did get them to work.  Hubby hung up two of the new curtain rods.  Of course we couldn't find the bracket pieces for the third.  Why should anything ever be easy?  But we did get the curtains hung, keeping the old rod for that third window until I can go buy new brackets.  And, because I'm a total creature of habit, I don't like how the curtains look, and don't like how its changed the room.  We all knew this would happen though, so I just have to wait out that initial 'I hate it!' reaction.

Ty came over to do his laundry.  We helped Casey get his new TV stand put together and his new TV in place.  Ty left soon enough, and then I did our laundry and did the dishes I'd not done yesterday.  I went out and watered our transplanted tree, forgot to take pics though.  I've continues to feel crappy all through this, just completely sore and tired.  Once I got all my running around done, took some ibuprofen, and laid on the couch for a while, I finally started to feel a bit better.  I even got about a 20 minute nap in.

I got the new Harry Potter book when I was town today.  I'm a bad Potter fan because I wasn't all that excited about this leading up to it.  It's not really a new book in the series.  It's actually a script of the upcoming stage play, and it's only based on a story by JK Rowling, not actually written by her.  But there was excitement about the book online yesterday so I decided ah heck, just get it.  It's 300 pages and reads quite quickly because it's in script form.  I'd wanted to just park my butt and plow through it today but all my other little chores kept cutting into my reading time.  So when I go to bed tonight I will set aside the Philippa Gregory book I recently started reading, and dive into this instead.

In fact, I think I'll go do that now because I am just so freakin' exhausted.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Did you get the new book?

Melted - Scentsationals / Flaming Orange

Flaming Orange - 'Juicy mandarin, sweet tangerine and ripe Valencia orange blend with tangy lemon zest and juicy notes of glittering island pineapple.
I wasn't sure if I'd like this when I cold sniffed it.  The zest really hits you and it's almost a dry type scent.  Warmed though, the zest tones down and the juiciness comes through more.  I think the mandarin and hints of lemon are the most distinct if you really try to pick the scent apart but just in passing it comes off as an energizing citrus punch.
I melted three cubes (about 1 oz. worth) in my Glade hot plate warmer and had a nice medium-strong scent.  Anything stronger might have been too much with something like this.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Natters - July 30 / Anxiety

Germany - 1999

I called in sick yesterday.  This is amazing because I *never* call in.  It's been YEARS since I have done that.  But for some reason, I woke up Friday morning nearly having a panic attack and I just couldn't face going in to work.  Yeah, I'm unhappy there and my foot has been bothering me again but geez, I've never really had such a freaked reaction about it all before.  Very odd.  So I tried to just relax and didn't do much of anything yesterday.  Casey and I were joking around, finding classical music to play on YouTube and in one of his video games.  I listened to Ride of the Valkyries about a million times yesterday.  lol

Casey eventually went to bed and I puttered around with decorating a cheap little planner that I've been trying to use for blog stuff.  I pretty much just wasted washi and stickers because I don't really use the planner consistently.  I whined about stuff in my journal for a while, then I just sat and watched true crime shows on TV most of the afternoon.  My mood was still pretty mopey, but the anxiety went away.

This morning I woke up in a stressed and extremely down mood.  I went shopping early, as usual, but was just crabby and wanted to get home.  Hubby was already up and mowing the lawn when I got home.  I got groceries and things put away then sat down to check email and stuff.  He came in for a little break, then we headed out to see about a little tree that's been growing in front of our porch.  We've gotten several trees on our property that started out as stray seedlings that sprouted up in odd places.  We let them grow till they're big enough to be transplanted, then we move them.  This one was BIG because we'd been putting it off so long.  We're not sure this one will survive the transplant because it was so close to the edge of the porch that half the roots had grown where we couldn't get at them.  I'll try to remember to get some pics tomorrow.  But anyway, we got that moved, then hubby went back to mowing and I started weeding the severely neglected and weed infested flower bed along the side of our house.  It ended up being to hot to do it at that time of the day, with the sun blazing down on that side, so I gave up and started mowing instead.

My mood lifted suddenly and dramatically once I was on the mower with my music playing into my ears.  I was glad to be up and doing something finally, glad to be outdoors, wasn't worrying about a million other things.  Hubby finished mowing his half of the lawn and started working on picking up more of that wood from the tree we'd had cut down.  (Yes, the mess is STILL there.)  I was glad we were both busy instead of just sitting like lumps in the house.

When the mail came there were several packages.  Casey got one of his Loot Crate boxes, which are always fun to look at.  And I got two of my many orders I'd placed the other day.  Both orders were a fail though and will need to be returned.  One was a shirt for me, but it's way too big, and the other was new curtains for the living room, but they're too thin and nowhere near the 'blackout panels' they were supposed to be.  Well, I guess they were only 'room darkening' in the listing but even so, they didn't darken very much.  Bummer.

Casey's TV died the other day and he is getting twitchy not being able to play his video games in his own room, so he wants to go buy a new one tomorrow.  I said I'd go along because I want to look for actual 'blackout panel' curtains and . . . the new Harry Potter book comes out tonight!  It's only a script version of something, I think, but I'll still get it.

Hubby made supper tonight, which was nice.  Now he's gone up to bed and Casey's happy because he can hog the TV now.  I think I'll head up to bed too.

Melted - Scentsationals / Tosca Pear

Tosca Pear - 'Pear.'

This was not quite as juicy and fruity as I had expected, but more of a pretty, almost playful perfume type scent.  I think there is more going on in this than the very basic scent description provides.  It almost seems like there might be just a hint of spice.  Still, it was a nice pear scent, and probably a safe enough type for when company is coming or for those who just like something simple.

I melted three cubes (about 1 oz. worth) in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Haul - The Blissful Loft (wax tarts)

While browsing Etsy recently I came across The Blissful Loft, a wax melts shop.  The wax I saw was absolutely gorgeous but since there weren't any fall scents I moved on.  I kept being drawn back to that shop though, and finally sent the owner a message asking if she'd be adding fall scents.  She replied that she would be, and I continued to keep an eye on her shop.  I saw one scent go up, then nothing for many more days.  I was getting impatient, and finally went ahead and placed a tiny order when I saw one other fall scent go up.

Aren't those tart beautiful?!  They remind me very much of my original favorite wax vendor, Country Home Scents, which closed shop years ago.  The Blissful Loft has these mini cupcake sized tarts, as well as some crumble chunks and other shapes.  The ones I bought were $1.25 and $1.30, and I see on the site there is price range of $1.00 to $7.75 (6+ oz. pie type tart).

But let's take a closer look at the few beauties I got.

Pumpkin Souffle Pecan Waffles - 'This is a layered tart of pumpkin souffle and pumpkin pecan waffle drizzled with sugar cookies and some crumbles.
This was the first fall scent I'd seen listed in her shop and it is so cute with it's muted fall colors.  As you know, Pumpkin Souffle is my absolute must-have sent for Thanksgiving.  Blending it with Pumpkin Pecan Waffles sounded like yummy overload.  And it is indeed soooo good.  I think the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles notes come through a little bit more that the Pumpkin Souffle but it's still a deep, rich pumpkin scent.  There is warmth and creaminess, perfect for late fall, and the after-note is that drizzle of Sugar Cookies, which leads you right into Christmas.
Pumpkin Souffle Maple Butter Crunch - [no scent description]
I was a bit bummed that the only other fall scent was Pumpkin Souffle again but oh well, I just had to try it.  This blend is not nearly as rich.  It's actually rather light on cold sniff right now.  I do get a light version of my beloved Pumpkin Souffle, but I think the Maple Butter Crunch is lightening it up a bit, adding a sweet note, making it like there is a bit more butter and brown sugar in this pumpkin dish that has been brought to Grandma's holiday table.

Mint Chocolate Chips - 'A very nice balance of chocolate and mint.'
Not a fall scent but I just kept coming back to this one.  I'm not a big chocolate scent fan but I do seem to like chocolate mint, and often have it in my Christmas stash.  This is a very nice version.  The chocolate is strong and seems to be dark chocolate, and that soft, creamy mint comes rushing in right behind it.  I really like this one.

Sugar Cookies - [no scent description]
I was surprised to see a freebie, considering my order was so tiny.  I'm very happy though!
This is an awesomely rich version of sugar cookies, which can be light and bland at times.  Not this one though.  No, this is deep and creamy, vanilla-y and buttery.  It smells like the dough and you roll it out to cut your Christmas shapes, and smells like the cookies while still in the oven.  It doesn't quite have that finished cookie crispness, but that's quite alright.  It's delicious as is.

That is my lovely little first order from The Blissful Loft.  If these perform well I can easily see myself ordering again.  I don't really see any truly unique scents or blends there but good ol' familiar scents are good to have a supply of too, especially if they're well done.

I placed my order on Tuesday morning, July 26, and received the package on July 29.  You know I'm all about the fast TAT!!!  And knowing how fast they'll get here allows me to keep an eye on the shop for more fall scents, and eventually winter scents.

The three tarts I ordered are 1 oz. each, and the freebie is 0.7 oz..  As mentioned, they were $1.25 and $1.30.  Shipping was $3.60.  The order arrived in a padded yellow envelope, with the tarts nicely wrapped in white tissue paper and ribbon.  There was a nice handwritten note in a thank you card, which is always a nice touch.  So far, I am pleased and impressed with this shop.  I will set these tarts aside until fall and hope that they are strong performers.

Are you familiar with The Blissful Loft?
If you have now browsed the shop, did anything catch your eye?


Melted - Rosegirls / Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster - [no scent description]

While I can't find an actual Rosegirls description, I found one on a different site that says it's a 'Blend of sweet, ripened bananas, caramel sauce, butter, brown sugar, banana liquor, vanilla ice cream, and just a touch of dark rum and cinnamon.'  That bitter salty caramel note is there again, almost killing this for me.  Luckily, enough of the other notes came through.  There is a bit of sweet, almost candy-like banana, some warm brown sugar sweetness, and a bit of creaminess from the vanilla.  If the caramel was a sweet and creamy type instead of salty, this would be delicious.

I melted a little over 1 oz. worth of mini melter chunks in my Glade hot plate warmer and had a lighter medium scent.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Natters - July 28

Germany - 1999

I've kinda fallen into a funk again the past few days.  It's just the same old stuff like being bored and mopey.  I feel down, but I also feel anxious.  The heat and humidity we've been having hasn't helped.

Let's just get on with it though, shall we?

Monday was my back to work day.  It was quite horrible with the heat and with the flare up of foot pain.  There is still a lot going on there.  A lot of people are impatient and unhappy, and it just felt odd being back after almost two weeks off.

Tuesday was my regular day off.  I went back to my mom's to see how she's doing and see if she needed anything.  I ended up going to town to pick up a few groceries for her.  I even stopped at Dollar Tree to see if any fall items were out yet.  They were just starting to get fall flowers out but that was all I saw.  Everything else is still summer and back to school stuff.  Back at my mom's, the physical therapist came for her usual visit, said Mom is doing great.  I had a bit of lunch since my sister-in-law is still delivering lunches to Mom every day, and then headed back home.

Wednesday was also my day off.  I was already slipping deeper into my funk and ended up placing a million orders for various things online.  Heh, apparently there is a void in my life that needs to be filled?  Actually some of the things I ordered are things that are much needed, but some of the other orders were, well, wax.  Fall wax, to be exact.  I also spent a good amount of time working on that Ludwig post and a few other posts.  I tried to watch my two Netflix movies too but gave up on both.  One was Fifty Shades of Grey.  LOL - Yes, I had decided to give it a try after trying to watch that horrible parody, Fifty Shades of Black.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot, and I tolerated about 30-40 minutes before giving up.  I didn't really like the guy playing Christian Grey, and the girl got annoying after a while.  When it came to their first sex scene I quit.  The other movie was called The Invitation, something about an ex-wife plotting revenge against the husband or something.  I was immediately turned off by it though, not even sure why, and gave up maybe ten minutes into it.

Today was a vacation day.  The original plan for after Mom's surgery was that I'd be on vacation through the end of this week.  Since she was doing so well and I was able to leave earlier, I cancelled Monday and Friday's vacation, but had to keep today's because she needed to go back to the doctor for her followup visit.  He said everything is fine and she's doing great, and he'll see her again in one month.  We stopped at Kmart after her appointment, and I ran in to pick a couple things she wanted.  I also did a quick look to see if fall things are coming out yet there, and no, they're not.  I don't even know why I'm so anxious.  I mean yeah, I absolutely love fall, but I'm not on the hunt for anything.  I have plenty of decorations and don't need to be spending more money right now anyway.  But still, it's fun to look at all those fall things when they come out!  The rest of the day today was just spent moping around in this crabby funk.  I'm forcing this post just to try and delay bedtime.

Tomorrow will be back to work again, and then I'll have the weekend off.  I'm hoping I feel better by then because there really are things I'd like to get done.

In my mopey boredom this morning before going to my mom's, I came across this video about King Ludwig II.  The narrator butchers some names but overall I really liked the video.  It uses Wagner's music throughout, so that was extremely interesting to me since I'm not familiar with it.  Well, there are some that I know but didn't realize were his works, like Ride of the Valkyries.  I really love the video footage at Neuschwanstein!  Seeing it made me remember little bits about my own visit there, like walking down the long white corridor with windows on the left side.  It's so cool to see video in the outer parts of the castle, where you're still allowed to film.  I hope you watch!

Melted - Rosegirls / Coconut Caramel Pears

Coconut Caramel Pears - 'Blend of Gilligan's Brew, Ooey Gooey Caramel and Pear.'
 Although this sounds like a scent I would be absolutely gaga about, the caramel is way too salty for my liking and that killed the whole thing for me.  I tried to be tolerant and tried to get past that to find the pear or coconut notes but no, I just couldn't do it.  I'd say the hint of pear is stronger than any coconut I did or didn't notice.  That harsh salty caramel note is the strongest note and for me it was just too much.

I melted a little over 1 oz. worth of a chunk in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.  Why is it the scents we don't like always seem stronger?  lol

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Natters - King Ludwig II

Neuschwanstein castle

Back in 1999 I was having a grand old time in life, having recently become addicted to the internet and the wonder of live chatting with random people all over the world.  Long story short, hubby and I decided to take our first (and so far only) international trip and chose to go to Germany.  He had an American-born cousin living there, and I'd become good friends online with someone else who lived there.  When trying to come up with plans for what to do and see on this trip, my online friend mentioned Neuschwanstein, which I had never heard of.  Turns out it is the castle that Disney modeled it's own very famous castle after.  Huh, cool.  Who knew?  Once we were in Germany and kicking around ideas with hubby's cousin and her boyfriend, I mentioned this place and they were both like 'Oh yeah, that's very famous here but it's quite a big trip, quite a drive.'  I was a little disappointed but since I didn't know anything about that place anyway, the idea of not going did not ruin my trip or anything.  Imagine my surprise however, when a few days later the cousin and her boyfriend decided that yes, we could do this.  They'd decided that since they'd never actually been there either, it was time to go.  Awesome!

We were at the castle quite early in the day and it was very foggy.  Whether some of that is usual morning mist in the mountains, I don't know, but it was foggy enough to keep the castle out of site until we were almost upon it.  All of our pictures are disappointing because of that fog.  And we weren't allowed to take any pictures once inside.

During our somewhat rushed guided tour of the castle I first learned about this 'mad' King Ludwig II.  I only remembered a few little bits about him, like he was friends with composer Richard Wagner, he was questionably close to his cousin, and that he was possibly murdered by his own government.

Uh, what?

As we trekked back down the mountain after our visit, we stopped to have lunch at a little tourist trap spot, and I began looking through this book that I'd bought in the castle gift shop.  It was then that I realized Ludwig had lived, and this castle had been built in recent enough times that there were actual photographs of them.  This bummed me out at first because I'd been thinking he was a proper medieval king.  When we got back to hubby's cousin's place, they were telling us a bit more about this 'mad' king and that's when I really became interested.  They said the people and the government had been unhappy because Ludwig was spending so much money building castles and not focusing on kingly duties.  They told us his own government had him declared insane and that when the officials tried to come and get him, the peasant people from the village below the castle had blocked their way and saved him.  They told us there is a scandalous debate to this day about whether he was murdered by the officials to remove the problem, or whether he killed himself.  At that time, knowing very little back in 1999, I came away from it all thinking they'd totally murdered him.

Many years have gone by since then and I've always meant to learn more about King Ludwig II but just never made the effort.  Until now.

I've had several Ludwig books on my Amazon wishlist for years.  For whatever reason, last year my sister got me two of them for my birthday and Christmas.  I read these two books while staying at my mom's after her surgery recently and oh my gosh, I am re-obsessed with the story of this confused and colorful ruler!

Ludwig was born in 1845, and became king of Bavaria at the age of 18 upon his father's sudden death.  He was not ready to be king, and probably didn't even really want to be one.  Being next in line for the throne, he'd been raised and prepared for it, with strict and isolated upbringing, military training, observing the political duties, and so on.  He grew up arrogant, being primed to be king, and often flaunted it in his younger brother's face that HE would one day be king.

King Ludwig II, 1864, age 18 or 19

His reign lasted from March 1864 to June 1886, when he mysteriously died.
Early on, he tried to be a good king and perform the duties he was expected to, but he'd also, in his later teens, become obsessed with the operas of composer Richard Wagner and that is where his heart really was.  He was in love with the arts, with the romance and beauty of old medieval hero tales.  He could lose himself in that and be happy, and not have to deal with the real world and pressures put upon him.  Also during the early years of his reign, there were a lot of territory squabbles around Germany, France, and Austria, and the young king was not aggressive or out for power.  He often held back, trying to refuse the advice of his advisors, not wanting his people to go to war.  Eventually they had to though, and they were not victorious.

As I was reading the first of the two books my sister had gotten me, I was bored with so much time being focused on the relationship with Richard Wagner.  By the time I got to the second book though, I realized there can be no story of King Ludwig II without Wagner being included.  Wagner had already been very successful but at the time King Ludwig II came along he was nearly in ruin.  He had become unpopular and severely in debt.  Ludwig loved him though, or his operas rather, and bailed him out and helped him on his way.  Young Ludwig was this older man's biggest fan and was willing to do anything to help more of his stunning operas make it to the stage.  There is a ton of scandal in their friendship, mostly from Wagner totally using and abusing the king's favor.  He lived extravagantly, well beyond his means, and lived a shady life, including a long time affair with his conductor's wife.  He tried to hide all this from Ludwig though, and continued to manipulate him for more money and more favors, knowing how much the king loved him.  I came away from these two books with a total dislike of Richard Wagner.

Although he didn't really want to be king, Ludwig was very arrogant and proud when it came to his position.  He would pull rank whenever it suited him, and demanded utmost respect.  He longed for the old days of medieval kings who had absolute power and control.  If he was in a bad mood, his temper would flare and there would be hell to pay.  When one advisor tried to urgently counsel him on a critical matter, and said something about how the king "must" do something or other, Ludwig blew up with "A king must never 'must'!"  One one guy raised his head and eyes before leaving the room the king was in, Ludwig ordered him punished.  Even with Wagner, if the old man overstepped his bounds or tried to give political advice, Ludwig would switch from swooning fanboy to raging king.

For all his pride in being King though, he hated being in the public eye.  He wasn't comfortable being gawked at, and didn't like attending functions like balls or military reviews.  He loved going to the opera of course, but tried to do it discreetly and preferred attending dress rehearsals instead, because the crowds were much smaller.  He was ill at ease with political people, other rulers, his own government.  Yet he loved being among the common folk and the peasants in the little village near his castles.  

As Ludwig got older and the relationship with Wagner eventually fell apart, he started to really withdraw into his own world and neglect his duties as King.  His government would track him down when need be and have him sign things, but more and more as the years went on, Bavaria was run without him being involved.  He was losing the good looks of his youth, gaining weight, acting more eccentric.  He was not close to his younger brother or mother (sometimes referring to her as "the widow of my predecessor.") and began to trust no one.  He started shifting his day and night around, sleeping all day and being awake all night.  He would go on midnight rides around the castles and villages, whether on horseback or in sleigh or carriage.  He became more and more obsessed with old time rulers, and fantasy heroes.  And he was struggling against his own homosexuality.
Ludwig around 1872, about 27 years old
 I used to prefer his younger pictures but the more I read, the more I started to like his pictures as he got older.  There are some really corny looking ones from his younger days, and yeah, you really could argue that he was weird.  lol
Ludwig around 1884, about 39 years old

And he started building castles.
There had always been the royal residence in Munich and the family castle, Howenschwangau, but now he started redoing other places and building brand new ones.  By the time he died he had Neuschanstein, Linderhof, and Herrenchiemsee built, and had plans for at least two more.  People say he was driving Bavaria to bankruptcy with his over the top building and decorating, but it was really his own money that was used.  He did receive pay for being the king, and the Wittelsbach family wealth was tapped into as well.  Towards the end though, the king himself was severely in debt and demanded some of his cabinet members find a way to get him more money.  This was the wrong move that opened him up to what was to come.  His financial affairs were personal as long as he used his own money and dealt with it himself, but when he involved the government it opened him up to all sorts of trouble.

Ludwig's own government started seeing a need to do something about their seemingly useless ruler.  An uncle of Ludwig started seeing a need to do something to save the Wittelsbach family name and dynasty.  They combined forces and the scandal began.  They hired some shady doctors to gather questionable background information on Ludwig and compiled it into reports that declared him insane, thus unfit to rule.  Ludwig was clueless to what was going on behind his back and when word finally got out, the night they tried to take him away, he refused to believe it.

In both books, the chapters about this betrayal and his death had me in tears.  He was staying at Neuschwanstein castle at the time, and the officials first stopped at the smaller family castle below.  A groom was preparing horses for Ludwig's midnight ride when the officials said there was no need, the king would be going with them.  The groom pretended to be returning the horse to the stall, but really he raced up the mountain road to Ludwig's castle to warn him.  Ludwig refused to believe anything was happening but others in the castle convinced him to close the gates and place extra guards, and to send word to a couple trusted people for help.  When the officials eventually figured out they'd been betrayed, they demanded horses be prepared for their own carriages and headed up the mountain, only to find a growing crowd of peasants from the village were hindering their path and blocking the gates.  Despite what people in the political world thought of 'mad' King Ludwig II, the common people still loved him.

There was a standoff at the gates of Neuschwanstein, and the officials were eventually taken prisoner.  It was only after this that Ludwig began to believe something was really going on.  One of the people in the officials party had gotten away though and managed to get word back to Munich.  A larger party was then sent, and threats were made against the people who remained loyal to Ludwig, threats of court martial and treason.  Most of his people left him during the night and next day.  As the last of his loyal men was reluctantly about to leave, the officials used him as bait to trap Ludwig, and he was finally in custody and informed of what was going on.  They spent part of that next day at Neuschwanstein, and Ludwig spent some time with that one last loyal man, going though personal things and destroying some private papers.

Ludwig asked the doctor at one point, how he could have declared him (Ludwig) insane without having personally examined him.  The doctor blew it off as having compiled overwhelming evidence beforehand.  Ludwig asked how testimony from people who hated him could be credible.  The doctor was like 'Yeah yeah blah blah, crazy person.'  So Ludwig knew he was in trouble, that he'd been betrayed and he was screwed.

He was taken back to Munich where his 'rehabilitation' was to begin.  He spent one day there, being denied things he'd become accustomed to, like sleeping all day.  He was locked in his room.  There were guards on the grounds.  He met with doctors.  And then it all becomes fuzzy.  It is said that he and a doctor went for a walk in the morning and because Ludwig did not cause any problems he would be allowed to go for a walk again that evening.  For some reason, guards did not go with him and the doctor on that evening walk.  (They had in the morning.)  When they did not return by nightfall a party was sent to search for them and the bodies of Ludwig and the doctor who'd declared him insane were found dead in the lake near the castle.

What happened??

The case has never been solved.  The 'official' story was that Ludwig flew into a rage and killed the doctor, and then killed himself.  But there are still many questions about this.  Before reading the first book, I'd been of the angry opinion that these officials had killed him to eliminate their problem.  But why would they have killed the doctor too?  To tie up loose ends?  As I read that first book though, I'd changed my mind and was now hoping that Ludwig had indeed killed the doctor and killed himself.  He'd made suicidal comments while still trapped in Neuschwanstein, and it was his threat to throw himself from the castle tower that allowed the officials to trap him.  He'd made comments about drowning in the lake, that his life was over if they took everything away from him.  So I'd come to the opinion that he'd seen himself as the hero of his own story and killed himself before they could do it to him.  But I kept wondering, how do you drown yourself?

As I read the second book my opinion of the murder-suicide grew stronger.  The second book pointed out something I'd forgotten in the first book, that Ludwig had supposedly beaten one of his employees so bad that the man had eventually died.  This is disputed, but if it's true, it makes me believe that he very well could have attacked the doctor and killed him.  Ludwig was a big man, about 6'4" and over 200 pounds in his later years.  But then this second book presented information about a theory that I'd never heard of before, a theory that he'd managed to contact his cousin across the lake and was actually swimming to be saved, not to kill himself.  This was a very exciting theory to me, but questions about this remain too.

They say he'd managed to slip a letter to a man loyal to him that morning, a letter meant for his cousin.  This would be the cousin he was closest to all his life, who happened to be at her family's castle across the lake.  They say he'd been preoccupied with staring out his window the rest of the day and had been watching small boats going up and down the shore.  He'd asked for a pair of opera glasses and watched the lake more closely.  They say it had been rainy and stormy that day and he'd grown worried they wouldn't let him take that second walk.  They say that as he and the doctor left the building, Ludwig had undone the buttons on his heavy overcoat and his suit jacket.  They say he'd also asked an attendant to role up his umbrella.  They say that later the umbrella was found on a bench at a spot that overlooked the lake, along with his overcoat and suit jacket, which appeared to have been hastily removed and tossed aside (the arms pulled inside out).  They say the doctor had a lot of wounds on his face and hands, obvious signs of a beating.  The theory is that Ludwig had bashed him with the umbrella and they'd scuffled, and when the doctor had perhaps collapsed, Ludwig had thrown the things on the bench and hurried to the water to try and swim to the boat that his cousin had sent.  But then what??????

If there really was a boat, why hadn't they picked him up?  Even if he'd been injured or drowned or whatever, why hadn't they picked him up?  One theory is that he was shot as he'd tried to flee.  Did the boat abandon him when shots rang out?  Was there ever really a boat?  He wasn't very far from the shore, and the water was only about four feet deep there.  What the heck happened?!  We'll never know, and it's driving me crazy.  In recent years, science teams have wanted to reexamine Ludwig's body, mainly to see if there are indeed gunshot wounds.  The Wittelsbach family won't allow it.  Why?  They say Ludwig is at rest now, just leave him alone.  But don't they want to know?  Maybe not, considering his own family supported the efforts to have him overthrown.  Are they hiding what the officials covered up?  These days, the science teams insist, they don't even need to disturb the king's body because they can do such high definition scans now that would be able to show things like gunshot wounds.  I wish they'd consent to it!

The whole thing remains a mystery.

One of the saddest things though is that Ludwig twice in those final days begged his last loyal man, "Preserve these rooms as a sacred precinct, and let no curious eyes profane them!"  His castles were his private havens and he wanted them to remain that way.  Even more sad is that he died in mid June and the government opened his castles for public tours in August.  That's rather sad and disgusting.  Ironically, opening his castles to the public pulled his family and Bavaria out of debt, and they continue to be some of the biggest tourist attractions in Germany.

This is me on a very foggy day in November 1999 at Neuschwanstein castle.  I am one of those people who has profaned his rooms.  I have mixed emotions about it now.  I'm weirdly sad to be guilty of that crime, yet I'm amazed that, there I am right outside the very gates that he was taken away through.  I walked through the rooms and gawked.  I spent money in the freakin' gift shop that has been set up at the end of the tour!  Yet I'm still giddy at the thought that I was in the very same place King Ludwig II of Bavaria was.

 Very young Casey and Ty with Howenschwangau in back.
And I'm kicking myself now for not paying more attention to Howenschwangau castle!  At the time, knowing nothing about any of this, it was just a small boring castle that happened to be close to the big glorious castle.  Now I know that this was the family home, the place Ludwig probably spent most of his time.  I wish I'd taken more pics of it and known its sentimental worth then.  We did not have time to see Linderhof that day, although hubby's cousin's boyfriend had wanted to and did try to figure out a way to sneak it in, and there had never been any mention of Herrenchiemsee.  I didn't know anything about that place until I'd read these books.  If I ever do go back to Germany, I will displease the king again and visit ALL of his castles.

So there you have a brief (brief?) history of King Ludwig II.  I'm still obsessed and I think all things Ludwig or old time Bavarian will be on my birthday/Christmas list this year.  I know there are some movies made about Ludwig's life that I'm desperate to get my hands on.  And I'm even curious about Wagner's operas now.

Did you know anything about Ludwig before reading this post?
What do you think happened to him that evening by the lake?
I would love to natter endlessly about this but sadly, no one around me is interested enough to listen.

Melted - Rosegirls / Black Cherry Custard

Black Cherry Custard - 'A blend of tangy black cherry and creamy vanilla custard.'

I really liked this one!  Cherry is the strongest note, so cherry haters beware.  It is a sweet, Ludens cough drop type cherry.  There is a nice creamy smoothness from the custard wrapping around it but a hint of tartness still pokes through.   That cherry keeps this more of a bright and happy scent than a bakery type.

I melted a little over 1 oz. worth of a chunk in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium scent.  As always, I wish Rosegirls was stronger in my house.  Still this was nice, and in smaller areas it's probably fabulous.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Natters - July 24 / I'm Back!


Yes, I have finally returned.  I spent ten days staying at my mom's, helping her after she came home from hip replacement surgery.  A million thanks to anyone who prayed or sent positive thoughts for a fast and easy recovery!  I could not believe how fast she bounced back from this.  After her first hip surgery two years ago, it took forever to get her going, and her own 'I'm a pitiful fragile doll' drama grated on my nerves.  This time there was almost none of that.  Of the ten days I spent there, I only really had to help her the first three, maybe four.  Once the therapist came the first time and assured her she wasn't as needy as she thought, Mom seemed to totally change her attitude and was doing most things herself.  There were also more visitors this time, more distractions, and more chances for me to come and go.  That all helped too.  It was surprising and a little funny too, that I was probably the bigger wreck when I finally did leave yesterday afternoon.  She was accepting and upbeat, pretty much sending me off like it was any other normal weekly visit.  Once in the car and on my way, and again at bedtime last night, I cried.  I think it was finally just the relief that it was done and over, and guilt that I was leaving my 80 year old mother alone after surgery.  It's weird to think that it all has come and gone already.  It was so stressful leading up to it, and now -BAM- it's done.  I'm glad, for sure, but it's weird how that happens.

We had family drama during those ten days, and plenty of visits from my siblings.  My sister and nephew came over two days while they're up from Ohio for various things.  One sister-in-law brought lunch every day and came to just visit a few times.  One brother popped in one day.  Another brother spent an evening one day and came back with his wife for the day another time.  Yet another brother stopped in briefly one day too.  My mom is a little bothered that my fourth brother and his wife never stopped by or even called to see how she was doing.

I read two books while I was there, played a million levels of Bejeweled on my iPod, and watched a lot of Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, That 70s Show, and dorky game shows.  I stayed up late and slept in each morning . . . unheard of for me.  And I was bored bored bored.  Even the brief visits home I made didn't do much because it was like, with limited time, I didn't want to get involved with anything like trying to blog or plow through email or whatever.  I did accumulate several packages and things, whether it was quick shopping or things sent to me.  I'll try to go them quickly here.

I got this bear from my sister.  She said I needed a bear because I was stressed.  Works for me!  lol

Also got these two books from my sister.  Way back when she'd hosted that online book party, I'd had these on my wish list.  Because she earned so my credits for free books, she was sharing the wealth and used some to get these.  They're pretty cool!  They have puffy 'hard'covers, and the ribbon book mark in each.  They're for younger readers but they'll still be fun, and it's an easier way to learn when it's on a basic level.  And there are wonderful illustrations in both books.

I also received this from sister.  (Yeah, she spoiled me.)  She's becoming a master of freebies and deal online, and came across this Share A Scent deal from WoodWick candles.  I featured their wax melts recently here on the blog and quite enjoyed them.  This is a 1.1 oz. petite candle, but still has that wood wick.  She was not able to pick the scent when she signed up for the deal.  I received Fireside, which is funny because I'm not a fan of smoky scents.  There is something musky cologne-y along with the smoky note.  It's small enough that I can probably tolerate it for a one time thing, and with the addition of that crackling wood wick it might be fun.  There is also a coupon code in the package for 25% off a purchase at the WoodWick website.  Heck yeah!

I did manage a quick trip to Walmart and Target during my stay at Mom's.  I found this adorable little guy in Walmart's back to school section.  It's actually a pencil case but I just got it because it's freakin' cute and I like foxes.

I was hoping some fall things would be popping up in Target's Dollar Spot but nope, it's still the summer and back to school stuff.  I grabbed these felt/burlap stickers even though I have no idea what I'll use them for.  I think I had my journal in mind.  (By the way, I did go crazy writing in my journal each day of my stay.  I'm hoping the habit continues now that I'm home.)

They had a lot of different washi tapes but I only grabbed these three.  The top is old school learning to write proper cursive letters, the middle is old school learning to write proper numbers, and the bottom is just plain purple because, well, the Vikings.  I had my journal in mind for these, along the edge of pages to spruce them up.  That's about the only thing I find myself using washi for.

And I grabbed this pack of note cards, just to have on hand.  I like the simplicity of these.

Waxy bloggy friend Julie and I have been sending books back and forth to each other lately.  Of course we have to sneak extra goodies into the box each time.  She returned one of my books this past week and I was excited to see all the fun little treats.  I think the Caotina on the left is maybe a hot cocoa mix.  I already love Biscoff cookies, but that little pack on top had chocolate on them too.  Yum!  A couple Werther's Originals, and then more of those fun foreign hard candies.

Julie and family had gone on vacation to Cleveland and while there they had seen the house from A Christmas Story.  I love that movie!  We have the marathon on TBS going every year on Christmas morning while we open our presents.  I love that she sent me this peppermint lip balm and little candy cane.

A package between us without wax is almost unheard of.  And since we're gearing up for some fall blog fun that we've been working on, how fun that she shared some fall scents.  Described as 'Mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon and cloves, with hints of citrus,' this is a sweet cider, a nice early fall type scent.

I think I'd seen this one Julie's blog and asked about it.  I don't see it in the CLK shop right now so I can't get a scent description.  This is a nice scent but not at all fall-like to me.  It smells like Juicy Fruit gum to me.  lol

The next two things in the package from Julie had me giddy to no end.  I'm re-obsessed with Germany at the moment, all things King Ludwig II and Bavaria.  There will be a post about all this coming up soon.  But anyway, these next to things were so silly-exciting to me . . . 
This little bell thingie might actually be Swiss but like I told hubby "It's Bavarian enough for me!"  lol
It's about four inches long, the bell really works, and it's just so cute.  We have a similar type thing, smaller, from Austria that I think we picked up on our trip over there in 1999.

And this!  It's so cute because it's so tiny!  Julie is a perfume connoisseur.  I am clueless about such things.  Apparently there is an old and well known German (?) cologne called No.4711, and this is a teeny tiny bottle of it.  I was so excited when I showed up hubby . . . 
"We're going to say this is what Ludwig smelled like."
"Oh, so you want me to wear some?"
When I looked it up, it mentioned notes of bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender, and rosemary.  Ok, maybe the king of Bavaria did not smell like this.  Then again, they say he was a little fruity . . . 

And there is my catch up post.  I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things now, and hopefully wax posts will be picking up again now that fall is nearly right around the corner.

Thanks again to all who sent prayers or good wishes or messages.  Thanks to anyone and everyone I have received packages from recently.  I need to go get caught up on reading other blogs now, and commenting and replying.  Then I have to get caught up on Netflix movies and the episode of Suits that I totally missed while at my mom's.

How have YOU been lately?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Natters - July 13 / Last Post For A While

I have time for a last post before I go.  How about that?!  I went shopping quick this morning, then got home and attacked the rest of the laundry and other things that needed to be done.  I even managed to watch my other Netflix movie.  It's called Goodnight, Mommy, it's in German, and it's bizarre!  And it's one of those that never really explains itself so you have to work it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
I bought a couple things while shopping today.
Hubby almost watched this on pay per view last night before I reminded him I was going to town today and would just buy it.  We have the first two, so we might as well complete the set.  I haven't read the books but I have seen the first two movies and enjoyed them enough to keep watching.

Now that all the Back To School things are out at Walmart, a lot of stuff is catching my eye even though I don't know what I'd use most of it for these days.  I did grab these three notebooks today though.  They have the the plastic covers and the two bigger ones also have silver stretchy band closures.  I figure those will be good for journals.  The smaller one just needed to come home with me.  Don't judge.

On this day, July 13, back in 1985, the Live Aid concerts were held around the world.  Oh what a glorious day that was!  I still have my original cassette tapes and VHS tapes from trying to record everything off the radio and TV.  My sister and I used to watch and listen to those endlessly, particularly the London portion because they had all the best acts that day.  Heck, some of you that I've become friends with now weren't even born yet when all that fun was happening!  I feel old now.

Well, it's after 2pm now so I should probably start packing up.  We're supposed to have severe weather moving in this afternoon too.  Hopefully my mom is home and indoors before that hits.  So I guess I will talk to you all when I get back . . . whenever that may be.

So what were YOU doing on Live Aid day?

 OH!  The season premiere of Suits is tonight!
Who will be watching with me?!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Natters - July 12 / She's What?!

Holy freakballz!  My mom is coming home tomorrow already!  The nurse called me today to get some information and said they were looking at tomorrow afternoon for discharge.  I was like 'What?!  We were thinking Friday!'  The nurse said no, that for hip replacement it's usually just a two night stay.  She said it would depend how well Mom does in her moving around and first therapy today and tomorrow morning, but yeah, she'd probably be sent home tomorrow.


So then I was instantly fretting about who would go get her since my brother would be working, and now I'd need to move my time off up to this week instead of starting next week.  I sent a text to my brother, warning him.  Also sent a text to hubby to warn him in case he had to be the emergency backup plan.  Sent a message to my boss, warning him too.

Well that stress is gone now because my sister-in-law called this evening and said she'd be going to bring Mom home tomorrow.  She said Mom had called and they were booting her out at 3pm tomorrow afternoon.  My sister-in-law was worried, thinking I wouldn't be able to stay with Mom till next week but I cleared that all up and said that yes, I'd be ready to start tomorrow when they got back.

This is all so whirlwind!  It's got me very hopeful too!  Is she really moving around that good that it's no problem to come home already?  Is this recovery going to be that much faster and easier?  If you've prayed or sent positive vibes, I thank you!!!  I also got a text from my other brother, letting me know that he and his wife would be more available this time to come and give me some time off from Momsitting once in a while.  Oh lordee, thank you!  AND the nurse said they'll have the nurse and therapist come to Mom's home for the first couple weeks.  Yes!!!  I wasn't looking forward to the constant driving around for therapy and checkups.  Ohhhh, I'm quite hopeful this evening, but we'll see soon enough if it's all too good to be true.

I didn't do much today because I thought I'd still have tomorrow off.  Once those plans changed I got busy doing some laundry and getting some things organized here for the menfolk.  Tomorrow morning I'll go shopping quick, then get home and finish up some laundry and other things before heading over to Mom's.

I did watch one Netflix movie today.  It was Pay The Ghost, and it was dumb.  I'm not much of a Nicholas Cage fan but even beyond that, the movie was dumb.  Read some more of my King Ludwig book too today.  I'm looking forward to my post about that, although it won't be until after I'm back from my mom's.

Okay, well I'm off for the night.  I'm not sure if I'll sneak a little post in before I leave tomorrow.  Maybe this will be it for a while.  I guess we'll all have to wait and see.

Wish us luck!  lol

Monday, July 11, 2016

Natters - July 11 / Mom's Surgery

You all probably know by now that my mom had surgery today.  For those who don't know, my mom had hip replacement surgery today.  She had her other hip done two summers ago.  (Or was it three?)  Anyway, my brother and sister-in-law took her to the hospital early this morning.  I worked today and it kept me busy enough that I wasn't constantly thinking about the surgery and worrying.  I finally got a text from my brother about 2:30pm saying everything was fine.  I asked if they got to see her, was she awake, coherent?  Last time she'd been so loopy and sleepy she hadn't even remembered I was there.  My brother said yes, she was awake and they visited for a bit then she fell asleep so they went to lunch.  When they got back she was awake again so they visited a bit more but then she fell asleep again so they headed for home.  I'm glad to hear everything went okay but it's really going to be tomorrow when we start to find out how things are going, when they get her up and start to get her moving again.  Who knows, maybe they'll try that this evening already since her surgery was early this morning.

Work was crazy because starting the machines up after a week of being down is always chaotic.  Nothing wants to run right and you have to get all the kinks worked out of things.  Having hot and humid weather didn't help things either.  Because it's a factory and most of the machines require steam, it's impossible to keep the place cool.  You really have to pace yourself in your work, sneak away to stand by a fan when you can, make a point to drink extra water.  They do supply Gatorade on these hot days but it's a watered down version made from a powder mix.  Bleah.

I'm trying to cool off now that I'm home.  I inhaled two ice cream sandwiches for supper.  lol
And now I'm heading up to bed to read and relax in front of some fans.

Short and sweet post but hey, at least I'm still posting.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Natters - July 10 / Movies

"No, Fatty.  Your bed is in the other chair."

Ah yes, it seems Minion is not the only character in this house.  Fattycat's latest thing is to steal  demand my computer chair.  I can make a nice little bed for him in the spare chair but first chance he gets, he's in mine.  Minion does this all the time with Casey and his chair, but it's new for Fatty.

I only worked part of the day today.  They're trying to limit the amount of overtime they pay, and since my lines were down and I have eight hours holiday pay from the 4th of July, I was able to leave at noon today.  There was a price to pay though.  My movie addicted boss had brought two of his favorites along and said I had to watch him if he was going to let me go early.  I was particularly interested in either one but what the heck, I sat down and watched them both with hubby.

So what were they, you ask?  Limitless, and The Devil Wears Prada.  Yes, I have finally seen The Devil Wears Prada.  I enjoyed it.  I might have even cried a couple times.  Limitless, on the other hand, was boring to me.  I did manage to watch the whole thing but it was a rather blah event.  I'm not a big fan of Bradley Cooper.  And trying to keep track of who was working for who and who was after who and who had what was a little more than I cared to keep straight.

Several days ago we watched The Awakening.  Oh my gosh, that is my current favorite movie!  It is a ghost story, but it's not huge on the creepy or scare factor.  It's a thinker's movie and I loved it.  The ending!!!!  Hubby and I were immediately discussing it, and then thinking back through the whole movie.  I even went online to look it up and found that it's supposed to be that way, left in such a way that the viewer must decide.  And it was so cleverly done!  If you haven't seen it, find it and watch it right now.  I want to discuss it endlessly with someone!  And I think I'm going to order that one on DVD.

We also recently watched The Hollow, which is an older one with Kaley Cuoco, a Sleepy Hollow related story.  It sucked.  Holy ballz did it suck!  Crap acting, crap story, almost seemed like a cheesy TV movie.  And we watched Regression, with Emma Watson, about a girl who accuses her father of raping her.  That one was rather disappointing because the story got to be a little over the top.  If it would have stayed a little more basic, it might have been a good movie.  And Emma needs to work on her sobbing.

Well tomorrow is surgery day.  It feels a little weird at this point, not being part of it this time.  I'm hoping my brother or sister-in-law calls me to update afterwards, but I'm also doubting that will happen.  If you call a hospital and ask for a patient's room number and phone number to that room, will they give it?  I keep running all these things through my mind, like 'Hope she doesn't forget [this or that],' and then have to remind myself I don't need to worry about it.  They'll manage without this over-thinking control freak hovering.

On that note, I will go try to get a couple little things done before I head up to bed to read.  Prayers and positive thoughts are welcome and greatly appreciated!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Natters - July 9 / Quickish Catch Up

One of the views on my way home.

I want to try and be quick about this, an attempted recap of this week that I've been missing.  You know me though, nattering might ensue.

So, 4th of July started out frustrating and then got worse.  I was in such a crabby, blah mood and couldn't pinpoint why.  I'd gone to my mom's in the morning and had some squabbles with her about the upcoming surgery.  I got back home and wanted Ty to shoot off this monstrous 'firecracker' a coworker had made years ago.  There had originally been three and, seriously, they were like small bombs.  Even living in the country, I'm sure it was enough to have neighbors on the verge of calling 911.  They'd shot one off the first year.  I hadn't been around for that one.  The second one they did two years ago and I did see that one.  Then the last one had been sitting for the past couple years, becoming a bigger and bigger source of stress for me.  I don't know if that stuff becomes unstable over time, like you see in movies.  We couldn't give it away for fear of someone else getting hurt.  I was freaked at the thought of lighting it off here, but that seemed like the best option, so that's what I insisted they do.  Turns out Casey had told his friends about it and they all wanted to see, and then one of the friends brought his dad and brother cuz THEY wanted to see.  No one believed it was as big as it was.  Well, Ty lit it, it went boom, and now that stress is gone.

(See, nattering.....)

The menfolk and one of Casey's friends played Munchkin all afternoon, into the evening.  When it was dark enough, Matt's friend came over because he had "some big fireworks" that he wanted to shoot off since apparently living in the country means you can do that.  I was already mopey and crabby but I tried to watch and get into it.  Nope.  These were more "big" fireworks, crazy boom, crazy high, crazy fallout coming back down all over the lawn and building roofs.  I kept expecting the cops to show up.  And then when one didn't launch high enough and exploded at about head level nearly right in Matt's face . . . yeah, I was done after that.  Everyone rushed to him to be sure he was okay.  He insisted he was, that some sparks and debris had hit his arm but he was okay.  He was done after that too though.  It had shaken him up quite a bit.  The friend finished what he had, but I'd already stopped watching and went to bed shortly after we were sure everything was picked up and safe outside.

Tuesday, the 5th, was my normal work day.  Hubby and I found out that day that one of his aunts had died on July 3.  She'd been battling cancer for a while now.  I'm not even sure how old she was.  They didn't live around here, lived in Missouri, and I'd only met her a handful of times over the years.  Her husband is also battling cancer.  It's one of those things that makes me shake my head.  These are the kind of people who did everything 'right.'  I mean, they were wealthy, educated, took care of themselves, kept active in all sorts of things, all things in moderation types.  And they both got cancer.  Then you think about the people who chain smoke and live on junk food and don't take care of themselves, and live till they're 90.  It's like, it really doesn't matter what you do.

Wednesday, the 6th, work day again but half of it was spent in another training meeting.  It was another case of  'Why the heck are we doing this when there are so many other more urgent problems?'  But oh well, it made my day much easier sitting in the conference room listening to others natter.

Thursday, the 7th, I can't even really remember.  It was my day off and it seems like I was crabby again (lol) but I can't think of why and what happened.  I suppose it's just general stress leading up to my mom's surgery.  Oh!  I know I sorted through my wax stash and got some packages ready to go out.

Friday, the 8th, I *FINALLY* got a chance to talk to my brother about details for next week and the surgery stuff!  I'd gone shopping early in the morning, gotten a long overdue oil change done on my car, and stopped at my mom's on the way home to drop something off that she'd wanted.  From there I stopped at the post office to get those packages from Thursday into the mail.  And while waiting in line, my brother walked in.  So we talked a bit there about it all and I left feeling so relieved.  Only to have my mom call shortly after I got home to say she'd gotten a call from one of the healthcare places and was supposed to call them back before 4pm.  Ugh!  I've been taking care of these types of calls for her because she just doesn't understand all that stuff.  She was about to leave for lunch with an old friend of hers, and wanted to know if I'd call the number back.  I ended up driving back to her place to listen to the actual message because Mom wasn't making much sense in what it was about.  Listened, called them back, answered all their questions, and found out she had a new arrival time for surgery.  Hmm, well, great.  We're running out of time to risk playing these message tag games with my brother again so I decided to just drive over to his house and relay this updated information.

And I ended up staying there for about two hours just chit chatting about stuff, just hanging out on the back porch like the old days.  (He still lives in the house we grew up in.)  So yeah, we got everything all worked out and then some.  *PHEW*  I left there feeling sooooo much better about everything!

Today, Saturday, the 9th, was a work day.  It was pretty uneventful for me but a lot of little squabbles were happening with a lot of other people.  I stopped at my mom's after work, just for a last visit before surgery since I won't see her now until she gets back home afterwards.  We reviewed details of the coming week, and then I headed home.  I'm nervous about her having surgery, and I'm sure staying there again will be quite trying on my nerves, but overall I feel quite relaxed about it all at this point.  I do work tomorrow but I won't stop in to visit after because I'm hoping she'll be in bed early since they have to leave so early Monday morning.  And by Friday, hopefully, she'll be back home and I'll be staying there for a couple weeks.

I will try to post during this coming week but once I'm over there I won't be.  She doesn't have internet and I don't know how to do my blog stuff on my phone, so I'll probably just be absent from blog stuff until I get back home.  I can do Facebook and Instagram on my phone though!  So feel free to chat with me there!

But anyway, that's my not so quick little recap.  Like I said, I'll try to keep posting this week, maybe force some Melted posts or do some movie reviews.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 7 / July 2016

Summer 2016 is officially here for all of us in the Northern Hemisphere! Longer days, abundant sunshine, warm weather and fun activities will hopefully keep us busy and happy during the months ahead.

This month the Band Of Bloggers will be sharing their favorite summer memory or tradition as well as the one scent or blend that we most associate with summertime.
I have very fond memories of riding my bike . . . A LOT . . . during the long lazy days of my childhood summers.  If I was bored, I'd hop on my bike and go for a ride around my little hometown.  I'd go riding down the little country roads just outside of town.  Just cruising all around.  I also fondly recall hanging out on the front porch, reading books, or listening to the radio, or just watching the world go by.  These are things I miss now that I live in the country.

As for summertime scents, of course there is freshly cut grass.  And the smell of fresh rain on hot blacktop always reminds me of a trip to Six Flags Great America when I was a teen.  Not sure why.  lol
But summertime scents in wax?  Coconut blends always scream summer to me.  Fruity scents in general for summer, but particularly coconut.

Please visit these Band of Bloggers blogs
and help support the blogger community!

Lauren, at Lolo Loves Scents.
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