Friday, July 1, 2016

Natters - July 1

Got out of work at 11am today because lines were down and I had my hours in already from when I was there Tuesday and Wednesday, which were supposed to have been my days off.  Or course it couldn't be a quick and easy morning.  No, there had to be drama.  The person who was causing problems was going to be 'talked to' but I doubt that happened because the supervisor on duty today likes to say things and never follow through.  Whatever.  I got out of there at 11am and that was my main concern.

Ty was here doing laundry when I got home.  That was very odd, for him to be here on a Friday morning.  He was very quiet and crabby too, although I'm sure he'd deny that.  He said he probably won't be here this weekend for 4th of July festivities.  I didn't ask why, but it was a bummer to hear.  Maybe ten minutes after I got home, his laundry was done and he packed up and left with only a quick goodbye.  *shrugs*

Once again, I didn't really get anything done even though I had most of the day off.  I sat and talked to Casey for a while after Ty left.  I guess that's more important than any piddly project I'd hoped to do.  He went up to bed after a while and that's when my day slowed to a big bunch of nothingness.  I tried watching one of the Netflix movies that have been sitting here for days.  It was weird and rather sucky and I gave up quite early.  I then tried to watch the other Netflix movie but quickly gave up on that one too.  (For anyone who is curious, those two movies were #Horror, and Wicked Little Things.)

Hauled my card making stuff out and managed to make one card. 
Hubby laughed when he got home, "Oh, we're going through this again?"

Hubby's going fishing up in Green Bay tomorrow.  A coworker has a big boat and they've gone on 4th of July weekend for the past three years now.  Because they're meeting and heading up there at 3am, hubby's already gone to bed.  Casey's still asleep.  The cats are sleeping.  And I'm tired but not really wanting to go to bed yet.  I'm also bored though so yeah, I'll probably be heading up shortly.  At least I've started a new book!

Look at those colors.
I took these pictures a few days ago, a day that couldn't make its mind up if it was going to be rainy or sunny.  As the sun started going down, parts of the sky were heavy with clouds, which made areas look like they were blazing with light.
It almost looks like fall!

Well, nothing overly exciting in this post but I'm glad to have done a few days in a row.  It's hard to get back into that groove after slacking off.

Happy Friday!


  1. Those photos are incredible. How beautiful. It does look like fall. I love that golden green bronze hue to the light. Sorry about the lackluster day. Hopefully the next couple days will be good for you. Whatcha reading now?

    1. I'm reading The Dream King, about King Ludwig II of Bavaria. (Neuschwanstein castle was his.) I became so intrigued by his story back when we were in Germany but have, for whatever reason, never read any books about him.


  2. Love those pics! Sorry lack of Ty. :-/ Yay talking Casey.