Sunday, July 10, 2016

Natters - July 10 / Movies

"No, Fatty.  Your bed is in the other chair."

Ah yes, it seems Minion is not the only character in this house.  Fattycat's latest thing is to steal  demand my computer chair.  I can make a nice little bed for him in the spare chair but first chance he gets, he's in mine.  Minion does this all the time with Casey and his chair, but it's new for Fatty.

I only worked part of the day today.  They're trying to limit the amount of overtime they pay, and since my lines were down and I have eight hours holiday pay from the 4th of July, I was able to leave at noon today.  There was a price to pay though.  My movie addicted boss had brought two of his favorites along and said I had to watch him if he was going to let me go early.  I was particularly interested in either one but what the heck, I sat down and watched them both with hubby.

So what were they, you ask?  Limitless, and The Devil Wears Prada.  Yes, I have finally seen The Devil Wears Prada.  I enjoyed it.  I might have even cried a couple times.  Limitless, on the other hand, was boring to me.  I did manage to watch the whole thing but it was a rather blah event.  I'm not a big fan of Bradley Cooper.  And trying to keep track of who was working for who and who was after who and who had what was a little more than I cared to keep straight.

Several days ago we watched The Awakening.  Oh my gosh, that is my current favorite movie!  It is a ghost story, but it's not huge on the creepy or scare factor.  It's a thinker's movie and I loved it.  The ending!!!!  Hubby and I were immediately discussing it, and then thinking back through the whole movie.  I even went online to look it up and found that it's supposed to be that way, left in such a way that the viewer must decide.  And it was so cleverly done!  If you haven't seen it, find it and watch it right now.  I want to discuss it endlessly with someone!  And I think I'm going to order that one on DVD.

We also recently watched The Hollow, which is an older one with Kaley Cuoco, a Sleepy Hollow related story.  It sucked.  Holy ballz did it suck!  Crap acting, crap story, almost seemed like a cheesy TV movie.  And we watched Regression, with Emma Watson, about a girl who accuses her father of raping her.  That one was rather disappointing because the story got to be a little over the top.  If it would have stayed a little more basic, it might have been a good movie.  And Emma needs to work on her sobbing.

Well tomorrow is surgery day.  It feels a little weird at this point, not being part of it this time.  I'm hoping my brother or sister-in-law calls me to update afterwards, but I'm also doubting that will happen.  If you call a hospital and ask for a patient's room number and phone number to that room, will they give it?  I keep running all these things through my mind, like 'Hope she doesn't forget [this or that],' and then have to remind myself I don't need to worry about it.  They'll manage without this over-thinking control freak hovering.

On that note, I will go try to get a couple little things done before I head up to bed to read.  Prayers and positive thoughts are welcome and greatly appreciated!

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