Sunday, July 24, 2016

Natters - July 24 / I'm Back!


Yes, I have finally returned.  I spent ten days staying at my mom's, helping her after she came home from hip replacement surgery.  A million thanks to anyone who prayed or sent positive thoughts for a fast and easy recovery!  I could not believe how fast she bounced back from this.  After her first hip surgery two years ago, it took forever to get her going, and her own 'I'm a pitiful fragile doll' drama grated on my nerves.  This time there was almost none of that.  Of the ten days I spent there, I only really had to help her the first three, maybe four.  Once the therapist came the first time and assured her she wasn't as needy as she thought, Mom seemed to totally change her attitude and was doing most things herself.  There were also more visitors this time, more distractions, and more chances for me to come and go.  That all helped too.  It was surprising and a little funny too, that I was probably the bigger wreck when I finally did leave yesterday afternoon.  She was accepting and upbeat, pretty much sending me off like it was any other normal weekly visit.  Once in the car and on my way, and again at bedtime last night, I cried.  I think it was finally just the relief that it was done and over, and guilt that I was leaving my 80 year old mother alone after surgery.  It's weird to think that it all has come and gone already.  It was so stressful leading up to it, and now -BAM- it's done.  I'm glad, for sure, but it's weird how that happens.

We had family drama during those ten days, and plenty of visits from my siblings.  My sister and nephew came over two days while they're up from Ohio for various things.  One sister-in-law brought lunch every day and came to just visit a few times.  One brother popped in one day.  Another brother spent an evening one day and came back with his wife for the day another time.  Yet another brother stopped in briefly one day too.  My mom is a little bothered that my fourth brother and his wife never stopped by or even called to see how she was doing.

I read two books while I was there, played a million levels of Bejeweled on my iPod, and watched a lot of Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, That 70s Show, and dorky game shows.  I stayed up late and slept in each morning . . . unheard of for me.  And I was bored bored bored.  Even the brief visits home I made didn't do much because it was like, with limited time, I didn't want to get involved with anything like trying to blog or plow through email or whatever.  I did accumulate several packages and things, whether it was quick shopping or things sent to me.  I'll try to go them quickly here.

I got this bear from my sister.  She said I needed a bear because I was stressed.  Works for me!  lol

Also got these two books from my sister.  Way back when she'd hosted that online book party, I'd had these on my wish list.  Because she earned so my credits for free books, she was sharing the wealth and used some to get these.  They're pretty cool!  They have puffy 'hard'covers, and the ribbon book mark in each.  They're for younger readers but they'll still be fun, and it's an easier way to learn when it's on a basic level.  And there are wonderful illustrations in both books.

I also received this from sister.  (Yeah, she spoiled me.)  She's becoming a master of freebies and deal online, and came across this Share A Scent deal from WoodWick candles.  I featured their wax melts recently here on the blog and quite enjoyed them.  This is a 1.1 oz. petite candle, but still has that wood wick.  She was not able to pick the scent when she signed up for the deal.  I received Fireside, which is funny because I'm not a fan of smoky scents.  There is something musky cologne-y along with the smoky note.  It's small enough that I can probably tolerate it for a one time thing, and with the addition of that crackling wood wick it might be fun.  There is also a coupon code in the package for 25% off a purchase at the WoodWick website.  Heck yeah!

I did manage a quick trip to Walmart and Target during my stay at Mom's.  I found this adorable little guy in Walmart's back to school section.  It's actually a pencil case but I just got it because it's freakin' cute and I like foxes.

I was hoping some fall things would be popping up in Target's Dollar Spot but nope, it's still the summer and back to school stuff.  I grabbed these felt/burlap stickers even though I have no idea what I'll use them for.  I think I had my journal in mind.  (By the way, I did go crazy writing in my journal each day of my stay.  I'm hoping the habit continues now that I'm home.)

They had a lot of different washi tapes but I only grabbed these three.  The top is old school learning to write proper cursive letters, the middle is old school learning to write proper numbers, and the bottom is just plain purple because, well, the Vikings.  I had my journal in mind for these, along the edge of pages to spruce them up.  That's about the only thing I find myself using washi for.

And I grabbed this pack of note cards, just to have on hand.  I like the simplicity of these.

Waxy bloggy friend Julie and I have been sending books back and forth to each other lately.  Of course we have to sneak extra goodies into the box each time.  She returned one of my books this past week and I was excited to see all the fun little treats.  I think the Caotina on the left is maybe a hot cocoa mix.  I already love Biscoff cookies, but that little pack on top had chocolate on them too.  Yum!  A couple Werther's Originals, and then more of those fun foreign hard candies.

Julie and family had gone on vacation to Cleveland and while there they had seen the house from A Christmas Story.  I love that movie!  We have the marathon on TBS going every year on Christmas morning while we open our presents.  I love that she sent me this peppermint lip balm and little candy cane.

A package between us without wax is almost unheard of.  And since we're gearing up for some fall blog fun that we've been working on, how fun that she shared some fall scents.  Described as 'Mulled cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon and cloves, with hints of citrus,' this is a sweet cider, a nice early fall type scent.

I think I'd seen this one Julie's blog and asked about it.  I don't see it in the CLK shop right now so I can't get a scent description.  This is a nice scent but not at all fall-like to me.  It smells like Juicy Fruit gum to me.  lol

The next two things in the package from Julie had me giddy to no end.  I'm re-obsessed with Germany at the moment, all things King Ludwig II and Bavaria.  There will be a post about all this coming up soon.  But anyway, these next to things were so silly-exciting to me . . . 
This little bell thingie might actually be Swiss but like I told hubby "It's Bavarian enough for me!"  lol
It's about four inches long, the bell really works, and it's just so cute.  We have a similar type thing, smaller, from Austria that I think we picked up on our trip over there in 1999.

And this!  It's so cute because it's so tiny!  Julie is a perfume connoisseur.  I am clueless about such things.  Apparently there is an old and well known German (?) cologne called No.4711, and this is a teeny tiny bottle of it.  I was so excited when I showed up hubby . . . 
"We're going to say this is what Ludwig smelled like."
"Oh, so you want me to wear some?"
When I looked it up, it mentioned notes of bergamot, lemon, orange, lavender, and rosemary.  Ok, maybe the king of Bavaria did not smell like this.  Then again, they say he was a little fruity . . . 

And there is my catch up post.  I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things now, and hopefully wax posts will be picking up again now that fall is nearly right around the corner.

Thanks again to all who sent prayers or good wishes or messages.  Thanks to anyone and everyone I have received packages from recently.  I need to go get caught up on reading other blogs now, and commenting and replying.  Then I have to get caught up on Netflix movies and the episode of Suits that I totally missed while at my mom's.

How have YOU been lately?!


  1. Welcome back home! I am glad everything went smoothly. I know it had been weighing heavily on your mind. Apparently 4711 came to fruition in 1792, so he could have very well worn it :-) I picked up some washi tape too but picked the solid pink shade. And Scarlette picked out the "hey" cards too. I chose the square cards with gold dots on them and scalloped edges. Enjoy your time back at home and getting into the grind again. I love how your sister spoiled you a bit <3 Very kinds of her!

    1. She did spoil me. Don't know what's up with that. =P

      Tomorrow I go back to work, but only one day and then it's my normal days off again. I'll go visit my mom Tuesday morning, see if she needs me to go to town for anything, and if so, I might pop into Dollar Tree and see if any fall things are out yet.


  2. Welcome Home! I love that you were greeted with friend and sister mail.
    Your words about leaving your mom were really touching. I'm glad her mood was cheery, after going through such an intense surgery she certainly had a little room to be clingy.
    Hope your work is drama free this week!

    1. My first day back to work (Monday) was horrible on so many levels. It was SO hot and muggy in the plant which just made any other little problems that much more difficult to deal with. Luckily Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are days off again. *phew* Ten days of laying around spoiled me!


  3. I'm so glad your mom is recovering so fast! It sounds like this will be a much smoother process than last time.
    Man, I totally don't know what it's like to stay up late and sleep in each morning.... *looks at 4am-12pm sleep schedule* LOL!
    I have yet to try any wood wick candles. I usually go to YouTube and find an hour long audio of campfires if I want some of the campfire feeling, but it's never the same without the smells.
    This weekend I'm going with Michael to check out a nearby arts and crafts market that I only today found out about. Let me tell you, I'm putting together an almighty box for you. LOL.

    1. I always feel like I'm wasting half my day if I sleep in, like the world is going on without me and I'm missing it. lol In my younger days I used to be able to stay up till 2 or 3am playing UO and chatting on ICQ, and still get up for work. That's when I had a lot of exciting things going on though. These days I'm so bored I can barely stay awake till 8pm. How freakin' sad is that?!