Thursday, July 28, 2016

Natters - July 28

Germany - 1999

I've kinda fallen into a funk again the past few days.  It's just the same old stuff like being bored and mopey.  I feel down, but I also feel anxious.  The heat and humidity we've been having hasn't helped.

Let's just get on with it though, shall we?

Monday was my back to work day.  It was quite horrible with the heat and with the flare up of foot pain.  There is still a lot going on there.  A lot of people are impatient and unhappy, and it just felt odd being back after almost two weeks off.

Tuesday was my regular day off.  I went back to my mom's to see how she's doing and see if she needed anything.  I ended up going to town to pick up a few groceries for her.  I even stopped at Dollar Tree to see if any fall items were out yet.  They were just starting to get fall flowers out but that was all I saw.  Everything else is still summer and back to school stuff.  Back at my mom's, the physical therapist came for her usual visit, said Mom is doing great.  I had a bit of lunch since my sister-in-law is still delivering lunches to Mom every day, and then headed back home.

Wednesday was also my day off.  I was already slipping deeper into my funk and ended up placing a million orders for various things online.  Heh, apparently there is a void in my life that needs to be filled?  Actually some of the things I ordered are things that are much needed, but some of the other orders were, well, wax.  Fall wax, to be exact.  I also spent a good amount of time working on that Ludwig post and a few other posts.  I tried to watch my two Netflix movies too but gave up on both.  One was Fifty Shades of Grey.  LOL - Yes, I had decided to give it a try after trying to watch that horrible parody, Fifty Shades of Black.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot, and I tolerated about 30-40 minutes before giving up.  I didn't really like the guy playing Christian Grey, and the girl got annoying after a while.  When it came to their first sex scene I quit.  The other movie was called The Invitation, something about an ex-wife plotting revenge against the husband or something.  I was immediately turned off by it though, not even sure why, and gave up maybe ten minutes into it.

Today was a vacation day.  The original plan for after Mom's surgery was that I'd be on vacation through the end of this week.  Since she was doing so well and I was able to leave earlier, I cancelled Monday and Friday's vacation, but had to keep today's because she needed to go back to the doctor for her followup visit.  He said everything is fine and she's doing great, and he'll see her again in one month.  We stopped at Kmart after her appointment, and I ran in to pick a couple things she wanted.  I also did a quick look to see if fall things are coming out yet there, and no, they're not.  I don't even know why I'm so anxious.  I mean yeah, I absolutely love fall, but I'm not on the hunt for anything.  I have plenty of decorations and don't need to be spending more money right now anyway.  But still, it's fun to look at all those fall things when they come out!  The rest of the day today was just spent moping around in this crabby funk.  I'm forcing this post just to try and delay bedtime.

Tomorrow will be back to work again, and then I'll have the weekend off.  I'm hoping I feel better by then because there really are things I'd like to get done.

In my mopey boredom this morning before going to my mom's, I came across this video about King Ludwig II.  The narrator butchers some names but overall I really liked the video.  It uses Wagner's music throughout, so that was extremely interesting to me since I'm not familiar with it.  Well, there are some that I know but didn't realize were his works, like Ride of the Valkyries.  I really love the video footage at Neuschwanstein!  Seeing it made me remember little bits about my own visit there, like walking down the long white corridor with windows on the left side.  It's so cool to see video in the outer parts of the castle, where you're still allowed to film.  I hope you watch!

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