Sunday, July 3, 2016

Natters - July 3 / Fish & Chipmunks

I tried to do a Natters post yesterday but I'd slipped into such a mopey horrible mood that everything I tried to write was just a whiny pity party.  So while I did miss a day, at least know that I tried.

Hubby was fishing all day yesterday.  He and a coworker who has a big boat went out on the water up in Green Bay.  I'm not sure how well the coworker did but hubby was pretty excited to get this 40 inch Northern Pike.  He wants to get it mounted.  That'll be pretty cool.  I'm not really one for dead animals on the walls but I guess I'm okay with this one.  He also caught a 26 inch walleye and a 24ish inch catfish.  Those were the keepers.  Not sure what smaller ones they might have had throughout the day.

Look at this blurry little guy!  In comments on a recent post, we were talking about the thirteen-striped ground squirrel and actual chipmunks.  The guy in this pic is an actual chipmunk.  I was so surprised to see it this morning!  I rarely see them in our yard.  It was funny this showed up after having just been talking about them.
Reposting the pic of the thirteen-striped ground squirrel so you can see the difference.
These two species must hate or fear each other because the whole while the chipmunk was here, the ground squirrels were hiding in their little holes all over the yard.  Seems funny because these are bigger than the chipmunks, and I've seen them kill birds.

Moving on . . . 

I decided to try this scrub from Nirvana Spa.  I'm back on a scrub kick for now, but don't have any on hand.  Well, no, I think I have one but it's peppermint so I'm saving it for around Christmas.  I tried the St. Ives scrub that I already had on hand but it's too gentle because it's meant for the face (I think), so I decided to look while I was shopping and this was the one I decided on.  This is okay but still on the too gentle side.  I mean, I don't want shards of glass scraping my skin off but I'd like to feel a little something to know there is actually exfoliating going on.  I'm finding I do prefer indie scrubs now.  I guess this one will be okay for in between orders.

Also found this gem and just had to get it.  I don't know why Walmart already has the cheapie horror movies out . . . it's too early for Halloween! . . . but this was only $5.00 and it has weird sentimental value.  You see, back when hubby and I first got together and quickly moved in together, he brought along a bunch of VHS tapes with various horror movies recorded on them.  Because we were poor and had no cable or internet in those early days, we watched movies a lot.  And this was on one of the tapes he had.  LOL!  So I have seen this but it's been over 25 years.  I can't imagine how corny and bad it will be when we watch it again this Halloween.

My mood has been up and down today but overall it's been much better.  I forced myself to get outside and attack some projects I'd been putting off.  Got the new flag pole holder mounted on the laundry room porch.  Got a cheap doorbell installed, finally, after nearly 20 years of living here.  Managed to get the weed wacker going and tackled some of the most urgent spots on my list.  Then sprayed some grass/weed killer in a few of the most needed spots.  Got the back (main) porch area cleaned up a little bit but it still looks like a hillbilly mess.  Hubby just won't get on his part of the mess.  I suppose I could do it but then he gets to continue being more and more lazy.  It's becoming the cause of more and more arguments lately.

Matt and a friend might be coming over tonight to shoot off fireworks.  Ty doesn't know if he'll be coming with them but says he'll be here tomorrow for our cookout and our own fireworks.  I don't know who the friend is, only that they can't shoot off fireworks in town so they asked to come out here.  It better not be huge, illegal stuff!  Especially since they're already drinking and not coming over for till later when it's dark.  Ohhhh boy.

It's only a little after 5pm and I'm already feeling ready for bed.  What?!  It's boredom, I know.  I need to go find something to do.  Casey brought his Wii U back downstairs for us.  Maybe I can get hubby to play some corny game for a while.  Or at least give up the TV so I can play.

How is your holiday weekend going?
Are you doing 4th of July things today?  Or waiting till tomorrow?


  1. Nice fish, Kurth! Glad you're getting some stuff done. Yay Ty coming over. We're gonna stay home. I had thought we'd seek out fireworks but after going to the balloon thing we're not in the mood to fight crowds more this weekend. We'll do sparklers though. :) And grill out.

    I prefer glass shards in my eye drops.

  2. I've had glass shards in my nasal spray but haven't tried the eye drops yet. Will look for those at Walmart tomorrow with Mom.

    I don't know if we bought sparklers this year?! We usually do get them even though everyone rolls their eyes in an "I'm not five anymore!" kind of way. I also get smoke bombs and those awesome black snakes just because they're nostalgic. lol


  3. I might have coupons for the glass nasal spray! I didn't know you used that kind!

    I wanted the snakes for nostalgia reasons too, lol. But not enough to search for them, apparently. They weren't on the middle-of-store display I passed by, so that was it. I almost got the throw-on-the-ground things, but I figured the noise would scare J Man.

    Write "U2" and whatnot the air with your sparklers. ;D Tell the boys to draw boobs or something.

    1. I didn't see the snakes this year. I don't always see them, so when I do, it's that much more fun. I do have smoke bombs though! Wheeee!!!!

      Remember growing up, hearing whistling bottle rockets all over town? I miss living in town.


  4. Yep. I've been hearing various firecracker things around here, but not the bottle rockets. They used to shoot them off by the ton across the street where we lived in Illinois. That's actually what burned our house down! I forgot!! (If anyone else is reading this--no one was living in it anymore. It wasn't ours anymore. And a bottle rocket landed on old leaves collected on the (flat) garage roof.)

    Does Paul still do them? Dale? Didn't you used to hate smoke bombs??

    I forgot to say that's awesome about the movie! Lol. I stumbled across Killer Clowns from Outer Space a few years ago on TV and had a total flashback to when we were first married. Didn't watch it though. Makes me want to seek it out, lol.

    1. I don't think Dale does much of anything these days. Paul is probably too busy for fireworks. I don't know, unless maybe they get together with Peg's kids or something.

      I probably did hate smoke bombs because they were boring. Funny, cuz that's what I like about them now. LOL!

      I don't know if I've ever watched Killer Clowns. Hmmm.


  5. Way to go Kurth! That is one huge fish! My cousin is going to school for taxidermy. She recently won an award for a bear she stuffed. She posted a video on IG of a monkey being preserved but it was pretty gruesome. I grew up in homes with stuffed animals everywhere. For some reason it never bothered me much until now. I am not really a fan of them anymore.

    Glad you had a nice 4th. The beach was nice. Calm water but Adam and I got too much sun. I re-apply for the kids and myself, but I always neglect my back.

    Thanks for posting the critter pics! I love to see them all!

    Hey hey hey! Scrubs huh?? I know what to send you in the book box ;-)

    1. A former coworker's brother does taxidermy and I would have suggested him but hubby had already arranged to take his fish to his fishing friend's taxidermy guy. Turns out that guy is so backlogged it could be over a year before we get the fish back. A year?! You know how I feel about long TATs! lol

      Ugh, and I'll stay far away from the monkey video.