Saturday, July 30, 2016

Natters - July 30 / Anxiety

Germany - 1999

I called in sick yesterday.  This is amazing because I *never* call in.  It's been YEARS since I have done that.  But for some reason, I woke up Friday morning nearly having a panic attack and I just couldn't face going in to work.  Yeah, I'm unhappy there and my foot has been bothering me again but geez, I've never really had such a freaked reaction about it all before.  Very odd.  So I tried to just relax and didn't do much of anything yesterday.  Casey and I were joking around, finding classical music to play on YouTube and in one of his video games.  I listened to Ride of the Valkyries about a million times yesterday.  lol

Casey eventually went to bed and I puttered around with decorating a cheap little planner that I've been trying to use for blog stuff.  I pretty much just wasted washi and stickers because I don't really use the planner consistently.  I whined about stuff in my journal for a while, then I just sat and watched true crime shows on TV most of the afternoon.  My mood was still pretty mopey, but the anxiety went away.

This morning I woke up in a stressed and extremely down mood.  I went shopping early, as usual, but was just crabby and wanted to get home.  Hubby was already up and mowing the lawn when I got home.  I got groceries and things put away then sat down to check email and stuff.  He came in for a little break, then we headed out to see about a little tree that's been growing in front of our porch.  We've gotten several trees on our property that started out as stray seedlings that sprouted up in odd places.  We let them grow till they're big enough to be transplanted, then we move them.  This one was BIG because we'd been putting it off so long.  We're not sure this one will survive the transplant because it was so close to the edge of the porch that half the roots had grown where we couldn't get at them.  I'll try to remember to get some pics tomorrow.  But anyway, we got that moved, then hubby went back to mowing and I started weeding the severely neglected and weed infested flower bed along the side of our house.  It ended up being to hot to do it at that time of the day, with the sun blazing down on that side, so I gave up and started mowing instead.

My mood lifted suddenly and dramatically once I was on the mower with my music playing into my ears.  I was glad to be up and doing something finally, glad to be outdoors, wasn't worrying about a million other things.  Hubby finished mowing his half of the lawn and started working on picking up more of that wood from the tree we'd had cut down.  (Yes, the mess is STILL there.)  I was glad we were both busy instead of just sitting like lumps in the house.

When the mail came there were several packages.  Casey got one of his Loot Crate boxes, which are always fun to look at.  And I got two of my many orders I'd placed the other day.  Both orders were a fail though and will need to be returned.  One was a shirt for me, but it's way too big, and the other was new curtains for the living room, but they're too thin and nowhere near the 'blackout panels' they were supposed to be.  Well, I guess they were only 'room darkening' in the listing but even so, they didn't darken very much.  Bummer.

Casey's TV died the other day and he is getting twitchy not being able to play his video games in his own room, so he wants to go buy a new one tomorrow.  I said I'd go along because I want to look for actual 'blackout panel' curtains and . . . the new Harry Potter book comes out tonight!  It's only a script version of something, I think, but I'll still get it.

Hubby made supper tonight, which was nice.  Now he's gone up to bed and Casey's happy because he can hog the TV now.  I think I'll head up to bed too.

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