Saturday, July 9, 2016

Natters - July 9 / Quickish Catch Up

One of the views on my way home.

I want to try and be quick about this, an attempted recap of this week that I've been missing.  You know me though, nattering might ensue.

So, 4th of July started out frustrating and then got worse.  I was in such a crabby, blah mood and couldn't pinpoint why.  I'd gone to my mom's in the morning and had some squabbles with her about the upcoming surgery.  I got back home and wanted Ty to shoot off this monstrous 'firecracker' a coworker had made years ago.  There had originally been three and, seriously, they were like small bombs.  Even living in the country, I'm sure it was enough to have neighbors on the verge of calling 911.  They'd shot one off the first year.  I hadn't been around for that one.  The second one they did two years ago and I did see that one.  Then the last one had been sitting for the past couple years, becoming a bigger and bigger source of stress for me.  I don't know if that stuff becomes unstable over time, like you see in movies.  We couldn't give it away for fear of someone else getting hurt.  I was freaked at the thought of lighting it off here, but that seemed like the best option, so that's what I insisted they do.  Turns out Casey had told his friends about it and they all wanted to see, and then one of the friends brought his dad and brother cuz THEY wanted to see.  No one believed it was as big as it was.  Well, Ty lit it, it went boom, and now that stress is gone.

(See, nattering.....)

The menfolk and one of Casey's friends played Munchkin all afternoon, into the evening.  When it was dark enough, Matt's friend came over because he had "some big fireworks" that he wanted to shoot off since apparently living in the country means you can do that.  I was already mopey and crabby but I tried to watch and get into it.  Nope.  These were more "big" fireworks, crazy boom, crazy high, crazy fallout coming back down all over the lawn and building roofs.  I kept expecting the cops to show up.  And then when one didn't launch high enough and exploded at about head level nearly right in Matt's face . . . yeah, I was done after that.  Everyone rushed to him to be sure he was okay.  He insisted he was, that some sparks and debris had hit his arm but he was okay.  He was done after that too though.  It had shaken him up quite a bit.  The friend finished what he had, but I'd already stopped watching and went to bed shortly after we were sure everything was picked up and safe outside.

Tuesday, the 5th, was my normal work day.  Hubby and I found out that day that one of his aunts had died on July 3.  She'd been battling cancer for a while now.  I'm not even sure how old she was.  They didn't live around here, lived in Missouri, and I'd only met her a handful of times over the years.  Her husband is also battling cancer.  It's one of those things that makes me shake my head.  These are the kind of people who did everything 'right.'  I mean, they were wealthy, educated, took care of themselves, kept active in all sorts of things, all things in moderation types.  And they both got cancer.  Then you think about the people who chain smoke and live on junk food and don't take care of themselves, and live till they're 90.  It's like, it really doesn't matter what you do.

Wednesday, the 6th, work day again but half of it was spent in another training meeting.  It was another case of  'Why the heck are we doing this when there are so many other more urgent problems?'  But oh well, it made my day much easier sitting in the conference room listening to others natter.

Thursday, the 7th, I can't even really remember.  It was my day off and it seems like I was crabby again (lol) but I can't think of why and what happened.  I suppose it's just general stress leading up to my mom's surgery.  Oh!  I know I sorted through my wax stash and got some packages ready to go out.

Friday, the 8th, I *FINALLY* got a chance to talk to my brother about details for next week and the surgery stuff!  I'd gone shopping early in the morning, gotten a long overdue oil change done on my car, and stopped at my mom's on the way home to drop something off that she'd wanted.  From there I stopped at the post office to get those packages from Thursday into the mail.  And while waiting in line, my brother walked in.  So we talked a bit there about it all and I left feeling so relieved.  Only to have my mom call shortly after I got home to say she'd gotten a call from one of the healthcare places and was supposed to call them back before 4pm.  Ugh!  I've been taking care of these types of calls for her because she just doesn't understand all that stuff.  She was about to leave for lunch with an old friend of hers, and wanted to know if I'd call the number back.  I ended up driving back to her place to listen to the actual message because Mom wasn't making much sense in what it was about.  Listened, called them back, answered all their questions, and found out she had a new arrival time for surgery.  Hmm, well, great.  We're running out of time to risk playing these message tag games with my brother again so I decided to just drive over to his house and relay this updated information.

And I ended up staying there for about two hours just chit chatting about stuff, just hanging out on the back porch like the old days.  (He still lives in the house we grew up in.)  So yeah, we got everything all worked out and then some.  *PHEW*  I left there feeling sooooo much better about everything!

Today, Saturday, the 9th, was a work day.  It was pretty uneventful for me but a lot of little squabbles were happening with a lot of other people.  I stopped at my mom's after work, just for a last visit before surgery since I won't see her now until she gets back home afterwards.  We reviewed details of the coming week, and then I headed home.  I'm nervous about her having surgery, and I'm sure staying there again will be quite trying on my nerves, but overall I feel quite relaxed about it all at this point.  I do work tomorrow but I won't stop in to visit after because I'm hoping she'll be in bed early since they have to leave so early Monday morning.  And by Friday, hopefully, she'll be back home and I'll be staying there for a couple weeks.

I will try to post during this coming week but once I'm over there I won't be.  She doesn't have internet and I don't know how to do my blog stuff on my phone, so I'll probably just be absent from blog stuff until I get back home.  I can do Facebook and Instagram on my phone though!  So feel free to chat with me there!

But anyway, that's my not so quick little recap.  Like I said, I'll try to keep posting this week, maybe force some Melted posts or do some movie reviews.

Stay tuned!


  1. I am so glad you got a piece of that weight off your chest Deb. I will continue praying her surgery goes well. I am sorry to hear about Kurth's aunt. We will miss you while you are on a mini blogging hiatus. Please post lots of IG pics so we can chat with you and see what you are up to.

    1. Thank you. Send some prayers for a speedy recovery. That's the part I'm most stressed about. lol

      I'll try to find pic worthy things while I'm there. =)