Monday, August 29, 2016

Haul - Dollar General / Fall & Halloween

I decided to hop over to Dollar General this morning, which is actually the closest of such shopping places.  I just wanted to see if they had any fall crafty stuff.

I love dinner mints, and those butter mints, but I can't always find them.  They used to be everywhere!  So when I saw these, I grabbed a bag.  I should have grabbed about twelve.

I also love trying all the different Russell Stover flavors I come across and the dollar stores are a good place to find those too.  With fall right around the corner, of course the Caramel Apple ones are back.  I had these last year and enjoyed them. I prefer the one with nuts.

This is like those signs that were all the rage last year and I see are still popular this year.  The thing about this one is that it's small, only maybe 3x5 inches, and it's glass with a stand in back (like a photo frame stand).  This is an awesome way to have the sign look in smaller places, like on your desk or an end table or bookshelf.

Bought these paper plates and napkins in a lovely Halloween design.  I usually don't bother with this kind of stuff anymore but we've had our first Game Night with company over and if we keep doing this it will be fun to have the festive little extras.

Loved these stickers, and would have bought more but this was the only pack.  There was another slightly different one with witches and things but it wasn't nearly as cute.

And I got these foam stickers.  The pack on the left has 100 stickers.  There are ghosts, spiders, bats, cats, pumpkins and Frankenstein monster heads.  They are plain, but the eyes and things can be popped out.  The pack on the left if 75 count in cats, spiders, pumpkins, witches, and Frankenstein monster heads.  These have details faces on them.  Both packs are very cute.

I didn't see any fall or Halloween washi tape, and didn't see any of the felt stickers that I don't already have.  I was hoping they'd have the turkeys and pumpkins again.

There was a bit of awkwardness while I was in the store.  The store manager lady was talking very seriously with a guy, about ten feet away from where I browsing Halloween stuff.  I did look over to see what the heck was going on but then was like 'Doh!' and tried to mind my own business.  She was telling him he'd been caught stealing something (I didn't hear what) and he was saying "Well, yeah I remember looking at it but I didn't buy it."  She was all "No, you didn't buy it.  You stole it," and then she explained how the security camera showed him looking at the item there where they were standing, and how he's walked over to another area and the camera clearly showed him putting the item into his pocket.  She went on to explain that he was no longer allowed in that store and if he ever returned the police would be called.  He sounded flabbergasted and said something like "Well, I'll be damned . . . Alright," and was escorted from the store.
When I left the area I was in I glanced over to where they'd been talking, just to see if I could get an idea of what he'd taken, and it was a freakin' clearance end cap!  Clearance junk from a dollar store and he felt it was worth taking?  Wow.  I still don't know just what he took though, because it was a mix of things on the shelves.

Still . . . awkward!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Haul - Target & Walmart / Misc.

I've been watching haul videos on YouTube, keeping an eye out for when the new fall and Halloween things start showing up at Target's Dollar Spot.  Well, things are showing up now and I'm loving what I'm seeing.  It's gotten my card making ambition renewed in a big way, so I decided to head to my local Target this morning to grab some of those fabulous things I've been seeing.  Wouldn't you know, MY store only has a fraction of the Halloween stuff out so far and most of that is the decor stuff like pillows and signs.  *grrrr*
I did pick a few things though, and thought I'd do a little haul post.

I wanted to get one of these last year but couldn't think of a place to put it.  I thought of a place this year though, so when I saw they had these stocked already I grabbed one.  You'll see how it's used in October when I do my Halloween decor post.  (This was $5.00.)

I'd seen these glassine bags in a video and knew I wanted them.  I was happy to see these were stocked, and knew I better grab them now or they'd be gone next time.  I'm hoping to use these in card making, cut them up, trim then down for some background layers or something.  There were two other styles that I did not get.  One was black bag with orange foil Happy Hallow Eve or something like that on it.  I might actually grab that if there are any left next time I'm there.  The other was, I think, black bag with white or silver skull and gold foil bow tie.  I know a lot of people think that design is so cute but it did nothing for me.
(These are about 4x6in., four in each pack, and cost $1.00 per pack.)

I'd seen these in a crafty guy's haul video and he mentioned using them for cards so I thought hmmm, I could do that too.  They're not stickers.  They are rub-ons, a slightly shimmery gold.  I've never used rub-ons.  It should be interesting.  (This was $1.00.)

Since they still have the school stuff out, I was able to find this pack of felt stickers.
(This was $1.00.)

Then I wandered around the store to see if they had any other Halloween stuff out yet (they don't) and of course ended up in the book section.  I almost grabbed one about witches but when I flipped through and read random snippets I thought it sounded too snarky and cheesy.  Then I found this one.  It's something about high school and Facebook and cyber-bullying or something.  I'm in the mood for some quick reads, some stand alone novels.  I'll probably finish my current book tonight, then dive into that one Liz sent me, and then get going on this one.  I saw many other books I want too.  So many books, so little time.

I popped over to Walmart afterwards, to pick up a few groceries I'd forgotten, and to get a few more crafty things I had on my mind.

I grabbed this pencil box because something I'd seen online showed me that this isn't just a simple little flip top plastic box.
When you unsnap it the little door actually slides out so you can see what's all in there.  The girl I'd watched online said she's going to use them for storing makeup brushes.  I'm going to try storing my craft knives and scissors in here so they're not constantly lost at the bottom of the little tote I lug stuff around in.

This was the most fall-ish looking color of the craft gems they had.  I'd been remembering them as more of an orange color.  Oh well, maybe when they actually get all their fall craft stuff out they'll have other colors.

Grabbed this package of kraft color blank cards and envelopes, because I thought it might be nice for some fall themed cards.

Got this pack of vellum sheets.  I've seen the awesomely talented crafters that I follow online use vellum in their creations.  I admit, I'm not sure how *I* will end up using it, but at least I have some on hand now.  There are 15 sheets in this pack and you can see the different designs on the right of the package.

Also grabbed this pack of 'natural' colors, again thinking of fall designs.  They're just solid colors, nothing fancy.

And finally, grabbed this pack thinking the orange and dark brown will work for fall and Halloween, and the red and green will work for Christmas.  I remember last year Walmart had some really neat packs of paper with fall and Halloween designs.  I hope they have them again this year.  Kicking myself even harder for the massive rage purge of all supplies last fall!

Because my Walmart and Target are apparently slower than other areas at getting fall and Halloween stuff out (still full of back to school stuff in this area) I will hold off on actually making any cards until I see what I can find when that stuff finally does show up.

And guys, the next time I say I'm quitting this pointless hobby, just roll your eyes and ignore me like my menfolk have learned to do.  Now that my mood is on the upswing again, I remembered something a coworker friend told me last year when we'd been shopping at Hobby Lobby together.  I'd been telling her I liked all the stickers and things but didn't see the point in getting into such a hobby.  She said I should do it because I *want* to, not because of some larger meaning.  She said she'd tried a million different crafty hobbies and if she didn't like them she just didn't do them, but at least she always gave them a try.  So yeah, I need to remember that next time I'm getting all down and whiny!

I've also been picking up fall decor things and lots of pumpkin spice everything along the way, but I'm not sure how or when I want to show those.  I think the pumpkin spice things will just be individual posts as we try each thing.  But the fall decor things?  Maybe I'll wait for the fall decor post in our upcoming Fall Fun Series, or maybe I'll add them into some Natters posts along the way.  Not sure yet.  But for now, I hope you enjoyed this fun little haul.

Have you found anything seasonally crafty?

Glade Autumn Collection Update

Apparently there is indeed another scent in this year's Glade fall scents lineup.  I thought it was weird that were only three on the site!  This is not yet on the Glade site but someone I follow on Instagram found this scent at Target.  And since there is usually one scent exclusive to Target, it's probably safe to say this is it.  (Updated update : I just saw this at Dollar General too.)

I found this picture elsewhere online, and had to do even more searching for a scent description.

Deep Golden Spell - 'Mixed notes of citrus and jasmine and the oaky scents of amber and vanilla beans surround you in the comforts of the cozy season.'

I've only seen this in room spray form so far in my search online.  I was just at my local Target this morning and they only had the first three scents I'd already posted about ( HERE ) so I will be keeping my eyes open.  I doubt I'll buy it, but I do want to sniff it.

Have you seen this in any of your stores?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Haul - More BHG / Scentsationals Fall Wax

While shopping this morning, of course I had to stop and check the wax section again to see if anything new might have been added since last week.  I hadn't been expecting much because the shelves were already crammed full.  Imagine my surprise when I saw they now had an end cap display . . . with some of those elusive scents I'd heard of!


Sunflower & Chrysanthemum - [no scent description]
I am not a floral fan but this in the fall line and I'd like to eventually get them all.  Hubby likes floral, or if all else fails I can pass it along to someone else.  And yeah, except for the nice fall picture on the label, I don't care too much for this one.  I really don't know what either of these flowers actually smell like so I can't even tell you if this is anywhere near accurate, or if it's a blend of other things.  It is a sweet scent, almost fruity or juicy.

Fragrant Woodland Walk - [no scent description]
Another one not really intended for me since this is not the type of scent I like.  It's quite cologne-y, maybe a some pine, not sure what else.

Brandied Peach Cobbler - [no scent description]
I'm also not much of peach fan.  LOL  So why did you buy these, you're no doubt asking?!  That's the life of a blogger.  Sometimes we sacrifice, take one for the team.  And this was one of the elusive ones so I grabbed it while I saw it.  Definitely a peach scent, slightly warm but not really spicy.  I do get a little bit of maybe a brown sugar syrup type note, but not a bakery note.  I'll maybe pass that one on to someone else too.

Salted Caramel Pumpkin - [no scent description]
At first the strong salty note from the caramel had me a little leery.  The gooey sweetness of the caramel comes rushing up behind it though, making it tolerable for me.  The pumpkin takes a long time to show itself.  It's sort of the after-taste of the overall scent, and it's a fresh carved pumpkin type, not the warm and spicy pie filling type.

Baked Orchard Apple - [no scent description]
I mainly bought this to compare it to Warm Apple Pie.  Since I have both on hand now, I can do that comparison.  On cold sniff Baked Orchard Apple seems warmer, more like syrupy pie filling, with perhaps even a hint of caramel.  I really like it.  Warm Apple Pie is a little spicier, not quite as deep and warm.  I like them both but I think I prefer Baked Orchard Apple, at least on cold sniff.

Those are the few I picked up this week.  I still have quite a long way to go if I want to get ALL of the fall scents.  It is something I'd like to do though, as I play around with some new ideas and try to redo my focus on some bloggy things.

I still have not found the two I want the most though . . . Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon, and Cider House Donuts!!  Have you seen them in your store?  Is anyone willing to swap if they can find those?
Let me know!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Friend Mail From Amanda C.

I received a surprise friend mail package from bloggy reader Amanda C today.  She will be participating in our upcoming Fall Fun Series, and sent a nice little note of thanks for the invitation.  And of course there were fun smellies that she shared with me!

Sour Watermelon - [no scent description]
I do not know the vendor of this tiny little guy so I couldn't look up the description.  It's a very sweet scent, like a Jolly Rancher candy, but doesn't smell like only watermelon.  I don't know what the 'sour' part it is but it almost smells like a touch of lime or something in there.

(Country Lake Keepsakes) Fresh Squeezed Oranges - 'Strong orange citrus scent.'
A nice orange scent, a little more zesty than juicy.  How cute are those slices though?  They remind me of the orange slices chewy candy.

(Rosegirls) Cotton Candy Frosting - [no scent description]
Reminds me of a buttercream frosting.  I don't notice any particular cotton candy sweetness but that signature creamy RG note is there.

(Rosegirls) Sweet Kiwi - [no scent description]
I wouldn't know a kiwi scent if it bit me in the face so I'm not sure how to describe this.  It's a sweet fruit scent, reminding me a bit of maybe lemon-lime and melon . . . ?

(Pocket Full of Peonies) Sandalwood Satsuma Sugar Cookie Royale - [no scent description]
Upon seeing sandalwood first thing in this name I almost automatically disregarded it.  I am not a sandalwood fan.  Luckily the rich notes of the Sugar Cookie Royale drown out anything else.  There is a tiny hint of orange from that satsuma but really it's mainly a bakery scent.

(Wilma) Watermelon Candy - 'A super sweet watermelon candy.'
Now there's a vendor I have not heard for a while.  Wilma!  I don't really get any watermelon from this, just a very sweet, almost powdery candy scent.  This could be the cotton candy that's missing from the Rosegirls scent above.  lol

(Victoria's Designer Creations) Day Dreamin' - [no scent description]
I really wish I knew what was in this because it's kinda yummy.  There is some creaminess, possibly something bakery, with a hint of brightness.  I really can't narrow it down more than that though.  Maybe something like an orange creamsicle mixed with something?

(Wax Junkie Melts) Abby Cakes - [no scent description]
No clue about this one either.  It smells pretty, like maybe there is floral in there, but there is a touch of warmth too.  This might be a dupe of something.  Ooh!  Lush's Comforter or something like that?

(Jamianne's Wax Creations) Razzle Dazzle - 'Rose Jam + Fizzy.'
Super candy sweet and slightly effervescent.  I must be on a lemon-lime kick today because I think, once again, that the 'Fizzy' part of this might be lemon-lime, like 7Up.  This is a fun scent but a little too sweet and pretty for me.

(Candle Warmers) Pumpkin Cider Donut - 'Indulgent pumpkin cider donut, cinnamon and sugar, and sweet vanilla cream.'
I was super excited to see this in the package!  I'm not familiar with the Candle Warmers brand though.  Is this ordered online, or what store carries them?  I don't think I've ever seen any around here.  I was excited though, because it's a yummy fall scent and next week (!!) we are officially allowed to start melting all our fall scented yummies!  This is a deep, heavy scent, not a lot of spice.  There is a doughy bakery note from the donuts, with light traces of warm pumpkin.  Very nice.  (I noticed the packaging says 2 oz. but when I weighed this is it only 1.5oz.  Shame on you, Candle Warmers.)

I would like to thank Amanda for taking the time to send me this fun little package.  It really did surprise me and brighten my day.  She also had some lovely words of encouragement regarding my recent meltdown in my Natters post, so that helped my day too.

Thanks again, Amanda, and I look forward to reading your posts in the upcoming fall series!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Haul - Sweet Clementine Soaps (Lotions)

I realized recently that I don't have any lotions or soaps in fall scents.  Well that needed to be fixed!  Checking some old favorite indie bath and body vendors got me frustrated.  It seems most of them have also gone to the annoying business model of having big openings every now and then, with very little to choose from in between.  When my favorite vendor said she wouldn't be releasing fall scents until October I kinda freaked.  I think it's safe to say that most scent lovers want their fall smellies in hand by September 1.  So, all of this frustration had me browsing Etsy again.

The main thing I was after was a decent cream to use on my hands and feet.  Enter Sweet Clementine Soaps.  I immediately loved the colorful labels.  I browsed the fun bar soaps and scrubs and lotions and lip balms, and couldn't decide where to start!  It all looks so inviting!  When my common sense and willpower returned, I narrowed my search to fall scented lotions.  I found a couple pumpkin options, which are great for later fall, but could not find any apple scents for early fall.  I sent the owner a message asking about it, and she replied that what I see is what there is.  Bummed by this, I think I put off ordering for a few days while trying to decide what to do.

Obviously I ordered.

Oh yeah, the fact that these are goat milk lotions kinda sealed the deal.

Perfect Pumpkin - 'Sweet Autumn pumpkin topped with the perfect touch of cinnamon, clove and maple sugar. The quintessential fall fragrance, seasonal perfection!'
This smells so frikken good.  I know a lot of people don't want to smell like food when it comes to bath and body products.  I don't mind most of the time.  This is not overly spicy, just warm.  The pumpkin has that sort of tang, like pie filling fresh out of the can.  This will be fun in the coming months.

Sweet Vanilla Chai - 'Shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and white chocolate tea blended with warm spices and vanilla rum.'
Just in case I didn't like that pumpkin scent, or possibly to have something spicy for early fall, I decided to also order this one.  Oh my, this is also lovely.  This works (for me anyway) for early fall and even possibly leading up to Christmas.  It's not quite as rich as the pumpkin scent, so the warm spice shows itself a bit more clearly, but it's still not too spicy.  I get that vanilla rum, a cozy creaminess, and just the right amount of sweetness.
Cream Cheese Frosting - 'A creamy and smooth blend of whipped buttercream, vanilla extract and confectionary sugar.'
 I also received this tiny sugar sample.  I'm glad to have this because I really was eyeballing the scrubs in this shop.  I go in phases with scrubs though, so I didn't want to commit.  Now I can at least try the product and see if it's a type of scrub that I like.  Thank you, Lucy!

The lotions are labeled as "approximately 5 oz." and sell for $7.50 in the Sweet Clementine Soaps shop on Etsy.  Both of them that I received are filled to the absolute brim.  I placed my order on Sunday, August 14, and received it on Monday, August 22.  Shipping was $3.70, coming First Class in a small brown box.  Everything arrived in pristine condition.

I'm really hoping these work with my skin.  If they do, I'll definitely be back to this shop.  I'm already curious what scents will be in the winter collection.  If there is a vanilla-mint, it's mine!

Have you tried Sweet Clementine Soaps?

Review - Flash Point Candle

(This post contains affiliate links.)

I'd never heard of Flash Point Candle company before they contacted me.  I initially turned down their offer because I prefer wax melts over candles, and when I do buy candles they are not high end.  Obviously I reconsidered, and they sent me this beautiful candle to try, as well as review.

This is the Saxon Gold candle in English Pear scent ('A sophisticated blend of sweet Bartlett pear and sparkling, effervescent Champagne to delight the senses. Warm amber base notes round out the mellow fruitiness of this fragrance.')  It is a 6-wick candle, 9 inch diameter, and weighs 2 pounds.  The golds, tans, and browns in the pottery bowl go perfectly with our living room!  I can already see this bowl with Christmas bulbs in it as holiday decor on our coffee table after the candle has been burned and cleaned out.

The scent itself was very pretty, almost too pretty for this bakery loving girl.  It was a bright pear scent, sweet and happy, with some almost floral and perfume type notes.  I didn't realize there was champagne involved in the scent but that does make sense now, although I did not get any sort of bubbly note.  It was just a very nice, high end type scent like you'd expect from a luxury candle.  And I was surprised how strong the scent actually was!  It was easily a healthy medium strength in the living room and carried well into the adjacent dining room on a slightly lighter level.  I would say this is a 'company safe' type candle and scent, very pretty and easy to notice but not too heavy, cloying, or in your face.

The wicks burned strong and even.  I don't think I've ever had a 6-wick candle so this was fun.  Being nine inches in diameter, we knew it would take quite a while to achieve a full wax pool.  This picture shows it after 3.5 hours.  You can see it's still not there, and there are some black speckles from the long burning wicks, but it never got to be a problem.  After a few more hours, the areas of wax that hadn't quite reached the edge started to simply curl in on themselves and the wax pool was able to eventually make it all the way across.  The scent remained clear and true all those hours.  I did not notice any smoke or soot.
I was quite impressed with this candle, and I thank Flash Point Candle for allowing me to try it!
Have you tried Flash Point Candle?

[This candle was sent to me free for review.]

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Natters - Aug. 21 / What A Mess

It's been a while since I've nattered here.  I ran headfirst and full speed into a wall of self doubt early last week and it's really dumped me into a messy place.  A couple events that happened one of the other set it all into motion, and really, it's had me questioning and doubting almost everything I have going on in my boring life at the moment.

Some drama with one of my sons has me wondering about how I relate to people.  I think he's being ridiculous in what happened but it was still enough to make me stop and put defensive walls up all around me again.  How do I really treat people?  What do they really think of me?  Can some things be mended, and are some things even worth trying to mend?

Some drama in the family concerning one of my brothers has me looking at that whole mess again.  I have five siblings and my mom.  Obviously I'm still close to my mom but with the rest of the family I've grown very distant.  Some of my siblings see each other more than others but in general we've all drifted apart.  Every once in a while there is feeling of family renewal in me, like when I was staying at my mom's and my sister, nephew, brother, and two sisters-in-law were all visiting one day.  But then as soon as we leave whatever get-together it is, things slip back to how they usually are and then I feel even more like 'Yeah, we're done here.'

Some drama on Facebook reminded me why I barely use that or any other social media.  The thing I use Facebook for the most is private chats with a select few people.  After what happened, I got so pissed for so many reasons that I could do another society rant about it but won't.  There was rudeness and closed mindedness, and after the initial rage wore off I decided it was time to clean up my 'friends' list.  I'm not the kind of person that can easily pick up friendships after a long time of nothingness.  I need the frequent contact, and I need the other person to be the one to reach out once in a while.  Facebook and other social media outlets give people big bold balls.  It's easy to be snotty and mean while you're hiding behind a screen.  Maybe if people would stop and think, and post things they'd only say if they were face to face, things might be a little easier to deal with.

So all of these mind games of course had me looking at everything else, this blog in particular.  I really did come dangerously close to throwing in the towel this week.  I feel I can't compete with all the more well done, professional looking blogs.  My pictures used to be good enough for the humbleness of this homey little blog but now I feel they just aren't cutting it.  I can't compete in the wax world because I don't order often and I don't order from all the popular names people want to read about.  My excitement for wax in general is really dying down this past year or so.  My posts are not eloquent or well written.  I just write what I think as I think it.  The things I do like to buy or write about are not the popular things people want to read about.  My posts lately have been even more sloppy and half-assed.  Mix the new dose of self doubt into it all and yeah, everything was telling me to give it up.

What would my next hobby be then?  Of course, card making.  And yep, the self doubt did its job there too.  A little incident yesterday really added to it.  I'd given a small birthday gift and handmade card to a coworker that I'm pretty good friends with.  She didn't even notice that the card was handmade and didn't even keep it when she tossed out the wrapping paper from the gift!  This just highlights again that most people these days just don't care about cards so a handmade one isn't going to mean diddly either.  It really bummed me out on top of everything else.  I had a bit of renewed hope this morning though, and hauled out my supplies because I had an urge to just make a couple cards.  As I sat and sifted through the papers and things I do have, trying to find something that 'worked,' all the negativity came back and I gave up.  When I took a few minutes to really think about who in my life I would give cards to, it became obvious that most of them are in the 'don't care about cards' category.  It'll be much easier and cheaper to just pick something up at Walmart when an occasion rolls around.  So yes, the Debbie Downer Doubt Train hit me there too.

Just EVERYTHING seemed like a failure or a wasted effort.

I got sick Friday afternoon and evening.  I was so frikken stressed out by then that I'm not sure if that's what caused it or what, but I got really dizzy and super nauseous.  I actually wondered if I might be having a stroke!  I ended up laying on the couch, crying into a towel, trying to keep perfectly still because the room was spinning so much.  Then I got mad and more distressed because on top of everything else I was sick of feeling sick!  (My ongoing achy feet and sleep problems, etc.)  I just dissolved into a complete sobbing, nearly hyperventilating mess for a while.  Hubby came home from work and thought something serious had happened, like perhaps someone had died.  I managed to sniffle out that no, I was just having a meltdown.  He went to get supper from a local place.  I nibbled some, then managed to drag myself up to bed at about 6pm.  He slept on the couch that night.  I got a couple big chunks of uninterrupted sleep in that night, and felt physically better Saturday morning, enough that I did make it to work.  I still feel a mild lingering buzz in my head once in a while, so I'm thinking maybe it's sinus related, but the sobbing meltdown was just pure stress.  I know that now.

I'm rethinking some things about the blog now that I'm kinda coming out of my dark place.  I'm rethinking some things about my wax interests, about crafty things, and about family things.  I'm feeling a need to step back and simplify.  Some of this isn't new, and probably seems like the same old pity party you've all heard before.  And maybe that's true, but these events this past week, so close together, are just really making me look at things again.

Interestingly, I just had a conversation with Casey while trying to write this.  He asked what I thought about him leaving his job for [something else].  That kind of led into a conversation of 'don't just talk about wanting to do it......just do it,' and how I wish hubby and I had been more like that all these years, more of the go-getter type.  If we had, maybe they boys would be accomplishing more, and I wouldn't be such a mopey mess in my life.  Heh.

So yeah, just wanted to update and whine a little.  My thoughts are just so soooo scattered lately.  I don't know if the blog changes that I'm thinking of will ever actually happen, but I know things just aren't thrilling me anymore the way they are now.  And even making statements like that makes me cringe because it seems so dramatic.

So I'll just stop nattering for now and post this.

BHG / Scentsationals - More Complete List of Fall Scents

A recent post of mine had a small list of the fall scents from Better Homes & Gardens and Scentsationals that I'd noticed my local Walmart had stocked.  Well on my next trip to the store I noticed they'd fully restocked the shelves and put out a ton more of the fall scents, and even a few winter scents!  At first I'd been trying to scribble a list of what was new but it was too much, and people were looking at me funny, so I decided to just take pictures of everything on the shelves.  I'll include a list that's narrowed down to the fall/winter scents at the end of this post.

(Click the pics for larger versions, to see details.)

The following list is of the fall type scents that I see on these shelves.  Some are new this year, some are returning from previous years, and some are even every day scents that can work for fall.  I'm including the few Christmas ones too.  (Some of these don't strike me as fall scents but seem to always show up with the fall releases.)

  • Smoky Gray Mist
  • A Thankful Harvest
  • Fall Into Autumn
  • Spiced Pumpkin Pie
  • Farm Apple Pumpkin
  • Spicy Cinnamon Stick
  • Candied Caramel Pecan
  • Candied Citrus Pumpkin
  • Roasted Coconut Pumpkin
  • Crisp Fall Leaves
  • Fresh Cut Frasier
  • Balsam & Birch
  • Fall'n For Fall
  • Vineyard Sunset
  • Perfectly Pine
  • Crimson
  • Caramel Pumpkin Seeds
  • Baked Orchard Apple
  • Cashmere Cream
  • Pumpkin Apple Muffins
  • Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream
  • Warm Apple Pie
  • Scarlet Cypress Wreath
  • Dusk Till Dawn
  • Apple Bobbin'
  • Warm Pumpkin Cookies
  • Golden Harvest Sunset
  • Cinnamon & Spice
  • Simmering Apple Cider
  • Fresh Orchard Apples
  • Cozy & Comfy duo
  • At The Fair duo
  • Warm Rustic Woods
  • Bundled In Blankets duo
  • Autumn Afternoon Stroll duo
  • Apple Brandy Cider
  • Cinnamon Apples
  • Rustic Country Home
  • Sunflower Fields
  • Spice It Up
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Sweet Candied Apples
  • Fragrant Woodland Walk
  • Pumpkin S'mores duo
  • Coffee Cake Swirl
  • No Place Like Home
  • Incense & Wine duo
  • Vanilla Caramel Spice
  • Cranberry Mandarin Splash
Even with this huge list, there are still others I've seen mentioned online that I have not seen at my store and would like to find, including . . . 
  • Sunflower &Chysanthemum
  • Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon (I really want this!)
  • Nag Champa Incense
  • Cider House Donuts
  • Perfect Pumpkin Ale
  • Salted Caramel Pumpkin
  • Brandied Peach Cobbler 
That is my updated list of the 2016 Better Homes & Gardens, and Scentsationals fall scents, which can be found at Walmart. I already have quite a few and would like to get more.

Have you grabbed any from your store? What are some of your favorites, or some you're hoping to find?