Saturday, August 13, 2016

BHG / Scentsationals - Fall 2016 Scents

It's getting harder each year to do a post on the new fall scents from Better Homes & Gardens and Scentsationals (found at Walmart).  They have repeats from the previous year that I sometimes don't know if they're leftovers or just brought back again.  They have similar sounding names to ones that might have been out the previous year, so again sometimes I don't know for sure.  They put somewhat fall-ish scents from their every day line into the fall section so I don't know if I should include them.  And now this year my store has just scattered the fall scents randomly among the other scents, which makes it even harder to know what's new since I don't keep track as much during spring and summer.  *grrrr*

But yes, I noticed today that my Walmart had the fall scents now . . .  if you are aware enough to notice and look through everything to find them.  I browsed each spot on each shelf and made a list of the ones I know are knew as well as ones that might be repeats, and even ones I know are not new but could be considered fall-ish type scents.  I'm wondering if they'll get more or maybe have a fall specific display in another week or two, once the back to school stuff is moved out.  I'll update this post or just do a whole new one if things change.

So anyway, the list that I came up with the mess at my store . . . 

Apple Bobbin'
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Apple Muffins
Cinnamon Apples
Warm Apple Pie
Vineyard Sunset
Spice It Up
Better Homes & Gardens
 Spiced Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Candied Apples
Fresh Orchard Apples
Apple Brandy Cider
Crisp Fall Leaves
Fragrant Woodland Walk
Cranberry Mandarin Splash
Cinnamon & Spice
Vanilla Caramel Spice
Fall Into Autumn
Rustic Country Home
Farm Apple Pumpkin

I did do quick sniffs of some of these but didn't scribble down any notes or anything.  I'm a totally ill prepared wax blogger!  I considered not even doing this post for lack of information, or at least waiting till I get back and make it a point to take some notes.  But for now, let's just soldier on.

I only bought four today, mainly because I have way too much fall wax already.  Who knows, I might grab more next time I'm there.  Let's look at the few I got today though.  I'm pretty sure all four of these are new.

Spice It Up - 'Citrus & Spice'
I thought of Julie and Kevin immediately when I saw this one.  It is a rich cinnamon scent first, with just a hint of something like citrus zest, just enough to keep the spice from being too dry.

Fall Into Autumn - [no scent description]
I really like this one.  I might even love it.  It looks like apples, grapes, and nuts on the label but it smells almost like a spiced cranberry punch to me.  There is some tartness, and some soft spices warming things up.

Apple Brandy Cider - [no scent description]
This is nice for sure, but there is something more creamy and 'solid' than what a cider would be thought of as.  This leans more towards bakery than drink.  There is something slightly nutty, perhaps almond-y.  But it is warmly spiced and fall-like.

Pumpkin Apple Muffins - [no scent description]
This is the one knew one that I knew of that I was most wanting to find.  It's nice but not as amazing as I'd hoped.  The apple is stronger than the pumpkin, and there is almost a caramel apple feel to it.  There is a very soft, generic bakery note in the background.  I'd hoped the pumpkin would show itself a bit more.

That's it for now.  I was surprised my beloved A Thankful Harvest hasn't returned.  That's been back year after year.  A lot of the others on this list are things we already know, like the Pumpkin Spice ones.  I'm going to be keeping an eye on my store to see if they do add more.

How about you?  Have you seen any others at your stores?  Definitely let me know!


  1. Yep. I need Spice It Up. I was eyeing the Apple Brandy Cider until you described it. I don't need more bakery and definitely not almond. But the Woodland Walk and the Rustic Fall Day are ones I need to smell. Now I definitely need to head to Walmart. We ended up going to Target this weekend instead of Walmart. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Rustic Country Home was peppery to me. It was the type of scent I don't care for so yeah, you'd probably like it. lol

      I keep checking Target Dollar Spot haul videos to see if fall stuff is popping up yet but I don't see anyone finding anything yet.