Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Friend Mail From Amanda C.

I received a surprise friend mail package from bloggy reader Amanda C today.  She will be participating in our upcoming Fall Fun Series, and sent a nice little note of thanks for the invitation.  And of course there were fun smellies that she shared with me!

Sour Watermelon - [no scent description]
I do not know the vendor of this tiny little guy so I couldn't look up the description.  It's a very sweet scent, like a Jolly Rancher candy, but doesn't smell like only watermelon.  I don't know what the 'sour' part it is but it almost smells like a touch of lime or something in there.

(Country Lake Keepsakes) Fresh Squeezed Oranges - 'Strong orange citrus scent.'
A nice orange scent, a little more zesty than juicy.  How cute are those slices though?  They remind me of the orange slices chewy candy.

(Rosegirls) Cotton Candy Frosting - [no scent description]
Reminds me of a buttercream frosting.  I don't notice any particular cotton candy sweetness but that signature creamy RG note is there.

(Rosegirls) Sweet Kiwi - [no scent description]
I wouldn't know a kiwi scent if it bit me in the face so I'm not sure how to describe this.  It's a sweet fruit scent, reminding me a bit of maybe lemon-lime and melon . . . ?

(Pocket Full of Peonies) Sandalwood Satsuma Sugar Cookie Royale - [no scent description]
Upon seeing sandalwood first thing in this name I almost automatically disregarded it.  I am not a sandalwood fan.  Luckily the rich notes of the Sugar Cookie Royale drown out anything else.  There is a tiny hint of orange from that satsuma but really it's mainly a bakery scent.

(Wilma) Watermelon Candy - 'A super sweet watermelon candy.'
Now there's a vendor I have not heard for a while.  Wilma!  I don't really get any watermelon from this, just a very sweet, almost powdery candy scent.  This could be the cotton candy that's missing from the Rosegirls scent above.  lol

(Victoria's Designer Creations) Day Dreamin' - [no scent description]
I really wish I knew what was in this because it's kinda yummy.  There is some creaminess, possibly something bakery, with a hint of brightness.  I really can't narrow it down more than that though.  Maybe something like an orange creamsicle mixed with something?

(Wax Junkie Melts) Abby Cakes - [no scent description]
No clue about this one either.  It smells pretty, like maybe there is floral in there, but there is a touch of warmth too.  This might be a dupe of something.  Ooh!  Lush's Comforter or something like that?

(Jamianne's Wax Creations) Razzle Dazzle - 'Rose Jam + Fizzy.'
Super candy sweet and slightly effervescent.  I must be on a lemon-lime kick today because I think, once again, that the 'Fizzy' part of this might be lemon-lime, like 7Up.  This is a fun scent but a little too sweet and pretty for me.

(Candle Warmers) Pumpkin Cider Donut - 'Indulgent pumpkin cider donut, cinnamon and sugar, and sweet vanilla cream.'
I was super excited to see this in the package!  I'm not familiar with the Candle Warmers brand though.  Is this ordered online, or what store carries them?  I don't think I've ever seen any around here.  I was excited though, because it's a yummy fall scent and next week (!!) we are officially allowed to start melting all our fall scented yummies!  This is a deep, heavy scent, not a lot of spice.  There is a doughy bakery note from the donuts, with light traces of warm pumpkin.  Very nice.  (I noticed the packaging says 2 oz. but when I weighed this is it only 1.5oz.  Shame on you, Candle Warmers.)

I would like to thank Amanda for taking the time to send me this fun little package.  It really did surprise me and brighten my day.  She also had some lovely words of encouragement regarding my recent meltdown in my Natters post, so that helped my day too.

Thanks again, Amanda, and I look forward to reading your posts in the upcoming fall series!


  1. That was quick! Glad you enjoyed most of the scents. The little sour watermelon cube was from Save Your Scentses. I believe the Day Dreamin' is supposed to smell like a glazed donut, it does to me anyway. I thought the pumpkin cider donut would be your fave; it's sooo yummy! I do hope you end up enjoying the PFOP blend when melting; it is mostly bakery.

    1. Hehe, yeah I try to get right on my hauls and friend mail posts. Get 'em done and get the stuff put away.

      Thanks again!

  2. Replies
    1. It was a nice surprise, for sure. =)


  3. What a lovely package! I can't wait to see her (and everyone's!) posts in the upcoming series!

    1. I know! I'm almost more anxious to see what everyone else posts than I am about doing my own. LOL