Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friend Mail From Liz!

I received an amazing package from my waxy bloggy friend Liz, who is currently living in Korea.  She gave her blessing to go ahead and post about it, so let's dive right in!

First there was this lovely card.  I freaked when I saw it, thinking she'd made it.  I was like 'Wow, I need to step up my game!'  But no, she didn't.  *phew*  She also sent the book she recently reviewed on her blog and that I said I'd need to find and read.  Now I have to hurry up and finish what I'm currently reading so I can read this and get it back to her.

Foreign candies are always fun, if not a bit scary.  We're guessing these are grape flavored, and they feel like gummies.  We haven't tried them yet because I was waiting to blog about it.

These little keychain doodads are cute!  Is that one charm what Korean money looks like?  Hey, Liz!  There's a post idea . . . show us what the money looks like over there.

This bookmark is very pretty.  On the card it says 'made of mother-of-pearl (shell) with Korean traditional patterns on it.'  That's cool.  I don't think I'll use it as a bookmark though, it's too pretty.

This is gorgeous!  Good thing we both love purple, or maybe it was just luck that I got this color.  It's a compact, I believe, but again I think I'll just put it somewhere to be able to gaze upon its beauty and keep it looking nice.

She said she couldn't find any proper shot glasses there so she got this set as the next best thing.  These are also super cute!
Each one is different and here is sampling of the artwork.  We are completely out of room on our shot glass shelves and in our curio cabinet.  We need to get another cabinet or pack some of the collectibles away to make room for new ones.  These will have to sit in their box until we figure out what to do.

And then we get into the craft stuff.
Holy moly, this girl is not letting me give up on card making, coloring, journaling, or anything like that!
These stickers all have sparkle and shimmer to them.  I like the various sizes, and I wonder what it says on each of the little critter faces in the pack in the middle.
THESE are so freakin' cute because they're just not the typical items you see in US sticker subjects.  Like the animal ones on the left.  In the US it's the norm to see cows, cats, bears, foxes, etc.  But these?  They look like hedgehogs and ferrets.
How cute are those?!

Two packs of markers so I have no excuses . . . 

And a stamp set?!  These are tiny but oh so cute, and I don't have any stamps after my great rage quit purge last fall.

Very pretty papers for cards.  The pattern looks to be the same, with only the colors changing.

More pretty papers.  These are 'Traditional Korean Pattern' according to the packaging.  There are five different designs in different colors.  If you click on the pic you can see details in the larger version that comes up.  These papers are neat, like more flexible or something than the papers I'm used to.

These appear to be sticker papers, where you can cut out the size you need and have washi type strips, or use paper punches to have little shaped stickers.  You can see the designs on the package.
Each of these three packs in 6x6 inches.

Casey and I were both eyeing this.  At first I thought it was blank pages and would have given it to him for a sketch pad.  When I saw the pages were lined I was like 'Doh!  Now I have to keep journaling!'  LOL
Looking more closely at it while taking these pics though, it's kind of like a ledger type notebook.  It can still easily be used for a journal though.

And of course there was wax included because that's just what we do.
Lasting Scent Candles / Cinnamon Sugar Donuts - '(LSC Original Mix) The original and TOP Best Seller! Smells just like a Fried Cake Donut dusted with Cinnamon Sugar.'
 This is funny because someone else gifted this same scent to me last year.  I must be meant to have it.  Or people are trying to get me to order from LSC.

Lasting Scent Candles / Coconut Cream Pie - [no scent description]
A very nice, creamy vanilla-coconut scent.

Lasting Scent Candles / Fried Pie - [no scent description]
Oooh, a nice early fall scent with those spiced apple and gooey syrup notes!

Glitterati / Cucumber Melon & Raspberry - [no scent description]
Glitterati is the softest, messiest wax you'll find but it usually smells great and performs well enough.  I get a decent mix of the raspberry and the bright cucumber and melon notes.  This is pretty, like a spring scent.

Glitterati / Watermelon Spritzer - [no scent description]
Not sure what's all in here but it's another pretty scent.  It's fruity but I'm not sure I detect watermelon specifically.

Sniff My Tarts / Butter Cookie Caramel Drizzle Bread - [no scent description]
I'm always afraid when bread is part of a scent, for fear that it's actually zucchini bread.  This one seems okay.  It's a warm, kinda of creamy bakery scent.

Sniff My Tarts / Peggy's Blueberry Noel - [no scent description]
I get a strong dose of Vanilla Bean Noel right off the bat but a blueberry note comes racing up quickly behind it.  Interesting.  Sort of a luxury blueberry muffin scent.

Vintage Chic / The Spindle Curse - 'Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon Glazed Donuts, Jackie O (Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel)'
A warm, creamy bakery scent.  Nice.

Vintage Chic / Jackie O in Cali - 'Mango Sorbet Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel.'
There is a weird note in here, perhaps the mango since I'm not a big fan of that.  I do get the birthday cake notes, but that fruity note distracts me.

Vintage Chic / War of the Worlds - 'Serendipity Fruit Loops Marshmallow.'
I've had this before and it was right on the edge of being too sweet to tolerate.  I think I still feel that way.  I get the fruit and slight cereal note from the Fruit Loops, then a sweet coconut from the Serendipity, and then that layer of marshmallow adding a smoother sweetness.

Vintage Chic / Princess of Monaco - 'Lemon Marshmallow.'
Love this one.  A little more of the tart lemon in this than in my favorite Lemon Marshmallow from another vendor, but this is still nice and creamy and bright.

Vintage Chic / Snow White's Curse - 'Mac Apple Lollipops Bubblegum Cotton Candy Frosting.'
A bit of an apple note with a whole lot of other sweetness that reminds me of KoolAid.  I don't know, I'm thinking I just can't do these super sweet scents any more.

Olde Primitive Treasures / Orange Pekoe - [no scent description]
I had to look up Pekoe.  Apparently it is a black tea, and Orange Pekoe is a common version of it.  Knowing that, and knowing there have been some fruit tea scents that I've absolutely loved, I was hopeful about this.  I'm not too sure though.  I get the tea notes but slight dry orange zest note makes it a bit weird.  I wonder it if will settle down once warmed.

CFTKR / Berrylicious - 'A delicious blend of many berries with a touch of cake and sweet icing.'
A nice, warm cake scent with a hint of sweet fruit.

And that is my awesome friend mail package all the way Korea.  The package I sent to her seems so piddly in comparison.  Of course she's always going to find the more interesting things since, well, she's in Korea and we're not.  I'm going to have to try and get creative on the next package I send her, when I return her book.

THANK YOU for all these wonderful things, Liz.  It really did make my day and has me smiling each time I look at them again.  If there is anything you're itching for, let me know!  Maybe I can come up with some Wisconsin-made goodies for you.  Hmmmm.


  1. How COOL! Love the keychains and book mark. And of course the candies. I hope they taste yummy. Those white ferret sticks NEED to be made into a card and hopefully one that comes my direction LOL! Let us know how the markers work on your coloring book. I am throwing some things in the box for her right now to mail out in a couple weeks. In fact all the friendship boxes will be going out soon. That time of the year :-) Review the book pretty please! I love seeing compare/contrast on books.

    1. A ferret card will need to go to my sister. She's had ferrets for years and years and years.

      I will review the book. I'm tempted to jump to that one and finish my current one later.


  2. YAY! I'm glad you enjoyed the goodies. I realized as I was getting the wax together that all of my wax sways towards the sweet side and decided I would still send it and let you decide whether you want to melt them or pass them on. I won't be offended, I promise!

    I tried to make you a card but hated the results and spent the $1 on a beautiful card to send.

    Good idea to blog about Korean Won! I need to get on that. By the way, yes those keychains are what Korean money looks like. I did specifically pick up a purple mirror because of your love of purple. I know you don't typically use those kinds of things, but it was too pretty not to buy and gift you. <3

    The stickers with Korean text is the Korean version of inspirational/'teacher' stickers. They say things like "Good job!", "You're #1", and "Great effort!" The sticker options here are amazing. I have to tell myself no every time I see a set, because they're so cute and different from what I can find in the States!

    1. Thank you again for everything. I used the markers this weekend to do some 'stress relief' coloring in one of our books. =)

      And I'm anxious to get to that book!