Sunday, August 28, 2016

Glade Autumn Collection Update

Apparently there is indeed another scent in this year's Glade fall scents lineup.  I thought it was weird that were only three on the site!  This is not yet on the Glade site but someone I follow on Instagram found this scent at Target.  And since there is usually one scent exclusive to Target, it's probably safe to say this is it.  (Updated update : I just saw this at Dollar General too.)

I found this picture elsewhere online, and had to do even more searching for a scent description.

Deep Golden Spell - 'Mixed notes of citrus and jasmine and the oaky scents of amber and vanilla beans surround you in the comforts of the cozy season.'

I've only seen this in room spray form so far in my search online.  I was just at my local Target this morning and they only had the first three scents I'd already posted about ( HERE ) so I will be keeping my eyes open.  I doubt I'll buy it, but I do want to sniff it.

Have you seen this in any of your stores?


  1. Golden Spell along with spiced Apple Magic are both $1.00 at Target, in the standard year round 8oz spray can , rather than the special 9.7oz. I saw no other autumn collection spray can sents at Target, nor Target online. They had buy three and get the fourth free, although it didn`t have a sign by the autumn collection, I talked them into ringing it up 4 for $3.00.

    1. Cool! I hadn't noticed the difference in size. I might be back at my Target tomorrow so I'll have to check again, see if this is there, and see if that deal is going on. Thanks!