Sunday, August 21, 2016

Haul - BHG / Scentsationals Wax

My Walmart did indeed fill their shelves with more of the Scentsationals and Better Homes & Gardens wax melts in fall scents.  There are even a few Christmas type scents out already at my store.  I did grab a few more in two visits to the store, and am considering grabbing a few more.

Spicy Cinnamon Stick - [no scent description]
Not all cinnamon scents are the same.  This one is sort of in between the sweeter Red Hots candy type and the dry spice type.  It's sharp, a spice hater's nightmare, but there is a hint of holiday in that little bit of sweetness.

Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream - [no scent description]
This is not what I expected going by the name and picture on the label.  There is something in here that's almost like a softly spiced musk.  It's not a very creamy scent, and the bit of pumpkin that I might detect is more like pumpkin spice, but that main note is . . . ok, maybe not musk, but maybe like a really nice bar of handcrafted goat milk soap.  LOL!  Crazy, I know, but this does not strike me as a foodie scent.

Caramel Pumpkin Seeds - [no scent description]
This is more caramel than pumpkin.  It's nice though, finally a caramel scent that doesn't have that salty note.  There is a warm, buttery bakery tone behind that initial burst of sweet, gooey caramel.  

At The Fair (Spiced Caramel Corn / Cider Apple Fritters) - [no scent description]
I was so happy to see this duo pack returning from last year because I fell in love with the Cider Apple Fritters side.  How evil would it be if I'd sneakily taken all of the Fritter ones out of all the packs and left the Popcorn sections in their place?  *bwahahaha*  The Spiced Caramel Corn is not really spicy, and not overly caramel-y either.  It's a somewhat mellow, somewhat sweet popcorn scent that I don't care much about.  The Cider Apple Fritters side however, is to die for!  There is a slight spiced note, a yummy fried type pastry note, and soft, warm apple note.

Perfectly Pine - [no scent description]
I grabbed this just because I figured I should grab these Christmas ones as I see them.  It's pretty much just straight up pine, with maybe a teeny trace of a woody note.  Just a simple, traditional Christmas tree scent to set the holiday mood.

Scarlet Cypress Wreath - [no scent description]
Oh my gosh, I loved this immediately just seeing the label and then even more so on first sniff.  I really wish I knew what was all in here because it's one of those perfect holiday blends.  There is a hint of pine to quickly put your mind into the holiday mood.  There is sweetness, perhaps a bit of tartness, making me think there might be cranberry and orange.  There is a bit of a sugary note, like candied fruit or something.  It's a bright, festive, somewhat punch-like holiday scent.

Those are the latest few fall and winter smellies I've added to my overflowing collection.
Have you grabbed any from your Walmart?  Which ones did you get?


  1. I laughed out loud at you switching the apple cider fritters and making everyone else take all the popcorn sides. You are hilarious! Too bad that pumpkin marshmallow one was soapy and not foody. I would love a good pumpkin marshmallow, but the scarlet cypress one makes up for it. I need to try and get that one. I love those types of Christmas scents. Nice tart haul!!

    1. Can you imagine how funny that would be?! People sniffing repeatedly, grumbling "They both smell like popcorn to me."

      Let me know if you want me to grab you a Scarlet Cypress Wreath!