Saturday, August 27, 2016

Haul - More BHG / Scentsationals Fall Wax

While shopping this morning, of course I had to stop and check the wax section again to see if anything new might have been added since last week.  I hadn't been expecting much because the shelves were already crammed full.  Imagine my surprise when I saw they now had an end cap display . . . with some of those elusive scents I'd heard of!


Sunflower & Chrysanthemum - [no scent description]
I am not a floral fan but this in the fall line and I'd like to eventually get them all.  Hubby likes floral, or if all else fails I can pass it along to someone else.  And yeah, except for the nice fall picture on the label, I don't care too much for this one.  I really don't know what either of these flowers actually smell like so I can't even tell you if this is anywhere near accurate, or if it's a blend of other things.  It is a sweet scent, almost fruity or juicy.

Fragrant Woodland Walk - [no scent description]
Another one not really intended for me since this is not the type of scent I like.  It's quite cologne-y, maybe a some pine, not sure what else.

Brandied Peach Cobbler - [no scent description]
I'm also not much of peach fan.  LOL  So why did you buy these, you're no doubt asking?!  That's the life of a blogger.  Sometimes we sacrifice, take one for the team.  And this was one of the elusive ones so I grabbed it while I saw it.  Definitely a peach scent, slightly warm but not really spicy.  I do get a little bit of maybe a brown sugar syrup type note, but not a bakery note.  I'll maybe pass that one on to someone else too.

Salted Caramel Pumpkin - [no scent description]
At first the strong salty note from the caramel had me a little leery.  The gooey sweetness of the caramel comes rushing up behind it though, making it tolerable for me.  The pumpkin takes a long time to show itself.  It's sort of the after-taste of the overall scent, and it's a fresh carved pumpkin type, not the warm and spicy pie filling type.

Baked Orchard Apple - [no scent description]
I mainly bought this to compare it to Warm Apple Pie.  Since I have both on hand now, I can do that comparison.  On cold sniff Baked Orchard Apple seems warmer, more like syrupy pie filling, with perhaps even a hint of caramel.  I really like it.  Warm Apple Pie is a little spicier, not quite as deep and warm.  I like them both but I think I prefer Baked Orchard Apple, at least on cold sniff.

Those are the few I picked up this week.  I still have quite a long way to go if I want to get ALL of the fall scents.  It is something I'd like to do though, as I play around with some new ideas and try to redo my focus on some bloggy things.

I still have not found the two I want the most though . . . Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon, and Cider House Donuts!!  Have you seen them in your store?  Is anyone willing to swap if they can find those?
Let me know!


  1. Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon and Cider House Donuts are yours! I located these fragrances (as well as many others) during a Walmart sweep yesterday. I haven't located the Nag Champa or the Salted Caramel Pumpkin so maybe a future swap is in order!!

  2. I went to a different Walmart the other day and found a ton more fall waxes! Saving them for one of my fall fun series posts. :)

    I'm glad the commenter above found the Vanilla Peppermint Macaroon! I was looking for the both of us but had no luck. Hopefully it will show up soon.

    1. Kevin finds all the cool stuff. He makes me cooler by association. lol

      Were you impressed by the ones you saw? Did you sniff them all?


  3. The Baked Apple Orchard looks amazing! It reminded me of the apple rose tarts I made for a party once last year. They were such a pain to make but super cool to look at and eat. I still have not made it to Walmart. Hoping to soon. Sounds like there are a ton more scents I need to lay my nose on.

    1. Gooooo toooooo Wallllllmaaaaaart! Go now, before all the good smellies are gone and you're left with Sunflower & Chrysanthemum!