Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Haul - Sweet Clementine Soaps (Lotions)

I realized recently that I don't have any lotions or soaps in fall scents.  Well that needed to be fixed!  Checking some old favorite indie bath and body vendors got me frustrated.  It seems most of them have also gone to the annoying business model of having big openings every now and then, with very little to choose from in between.  When my favorite vendor said she wouldn't be releasing fall scents until October I kinda freaked.  I think it's safe to say that most scent lovers want their fall smellies in hand by September 1.  So, all of this frustration had me browsing Etsy again.

The main thing I was after was a decent cream to use on my hands and feet.  Enter Sweet Clementine Soaps.  I immediately loved the colorful labels.  I browsed the fun bar soaps and scrubs and lotions and lip balms, and couldn't decide where to start!  It all looks so inviting!  When my common sense and willpower returned, I narrowed my search to fall scented lotions.  I found a couple pumpkin options, which are great for later fall, but could not find any apple scents for early fall.  I sent the owner a message asking about it, and she replied that what I see is what there is.  Bummed by this, I think I put off ordering for a few days while trying to decide what to do.

Obviously I ordered.

Oh yeah, the fact that these are goat milk lotions kinda sealed the deal.

Perfect Pumpkin - 'Sweet Autumn pumpkin topped with the perfect touch of cinnamon, clove and maple sugar. The quintessential fall fragrance, seasonal perfection!'
This smells so frikken good.  I know a lot of people don't want to smell like food when it comes to bath and body products.  I don't mind most of the time.  This is not overly spicy, just warm.  The pumpkin has that sort of tang, like pie filling fresh out of the can.  This will be fun in the coming months.

Sweet Vanilla Chai - 'Shaved coconut, sticky maple syrup, golden butter, and white chocolate tea blended with warm spices and vanilla rum.'
Just in case I didn't like that pumpkin scent, or possibly to have something spicy for early fall, I decided to also order this one.  Oh my, this is also lovely.  This works (for me anyway) for early fall and even possibly leading up to Christmas.  It's not quite as rich as the pumpkin scent, so the warm spice shows itself a bit more clearly, but it's still not too spicy.  I get that vanilla rum, a cozy creaminess, and just the right amount of sweetness.
Cream Cheese Frosting - 'A creamy and smooth blend of whipped buttercream, vanilla extract and confectionary sugar.'
 I also received this tiny sugar sample.  I'm glad to have this because I really was eyeballing the scrubs in this shop.  I go in phases with scrubs though, so I didn't want to commit.  Now I can at least try the product and see if it's a type of scrub that I like.  Thank you, Lucy!

The lotions are labeled as "approximately 5 oz." and sell for $7.50 in the Sweet Clementine Soaps shop on Etsy.  Both of them that I received are filled to the absolute brim.  I placed my order on Sunday, August 14, and received it on Monday, August 22.  Shipping was $3.70, coming First Class in a small brown box.  Everything arrived in pristine condition.

I'm really hoping these work with my skin.  If they do, I'll definitely be back to this shop.  I'm already curious what scents will be in the winter collection.  If there is a vanilla-mint, it's mine!

Have you tried Sweet Clementine Soaps?

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