Sunday, August 28, 2016

Haul - Target & Walmart / Misc.

I've been watching haul videos on YouTube, keeping an eye out for when the new fall and Halloween things start showing up at Target's Dollar Spot.  Well, things are showing up now and I'm loving what I'm seeing.  It's gotten my card making ambition renewed in a big way, so I decided to head to my local Target this morning to grab some of those fabulous things I've been seeing.  Wouldn't you know, MY store only has a fraction of the Halloween stuff out so far and most of that is the decor stuff like pillows and signs.  *grrrr*
I did pick a few things though, and thought I'd do a little haul post.

I wanted to get one of these last year but couldn't think of a place to put it.  I thought of a place this year though, so when I saw they had these stocked already I grabbed one.  You'll see how it's used in October when I do my Halloween decor post.  (This was $5.00.)

I'd seen these glassine bags in a video and knew I wanted them.  I was happy to see these were stocked, and knew I better grab them now or they'd be gone next time.  I'm hoping to use these in card making, cut them up, trim then down for some background layers or something.  There were two other styles that I did not get.  One was black bag with orange foil Happy Hallow Eve or something like that on it.  I might actually grab that if there are any left next time I'm there.  The other was, I think, black bag with white or silver skull and gold foil bow tie.  I know a lot of people think that design is so cute but it did nothing for me.
(These are about 4x6in., four in each pack, and cost $1.00 per pack.)

I'd seen these in a crafty guy's haul video and he mentioned using them for cards so I thought hmmm, I could do that too.  They're not stickers.  They are rub-ons, a slightly shimmery gold.  I've never used rub-ons.  It should be interesting.  (This was $1.00.)

Since they still have the school stuff out, I was able to find this pack of felt stickers.
(This was $1.00.)

Then I wandered around the store to see if they had any other Halloween stuff out yet (they don't) and of course ended up in the book section.  I almost grabbed one about witches but when I flipped through and read random snippets I thought it sounded too snarky and cheesy.  Then I found this one.  It's something about high school and Facebook and cyber-bullying or something.  I'm in the mood for some quick reads, some stand alone novels.  I'll probably finish my current book tonight, then dive into that one Liz sent me, and then get going on this one.  I saw many other books I want too.  So many books, so little time.

I popped over to Walmart afterwards, to pick up a few groceries I'd forgotten, and to get a few more crafty things I had on my mind.

I grabbed this pencil box because something I'd seen online showed me that this isn't just a simple little flip top plastic box.
When you unsnap it the little door actually slides out so you can see what's all in there.  The girl I'd watched online said she's going to use them for storing makeup brushes.  I'm going to try storing my craft knives and scissors in here so they're not constantly lost at the bottom of the little tote I lug stuff around in.

This was the most fall-ish looking color of the craft gems they had.  I'd been remembering them as more of an orange color.  Oh well, maybe when they actually get all their fall craft stuff out they'll have other colors.

Grabbed this package of kraft color blank cards and envelopes, because I thought it might be nice for some fall themed cards.

Got this pack of vellum sheets.  I've seen the awesomely talented crafters that I follow online use vellum in their creations.  I admit, I'm not sure how *I* will end up using it, but at least I have some on hand now.  There are 15 sheets in this pack and you can see the different designs on the right of the package.

Also grabbed this pack of 'natural' colors, again thinking of fall designs.  They're just solid colors, nothing fancy.

And finally, grabbed this pack thinking the orange and dark brown will work for fall and Halloween, and the red and green will work for Christmas.  I remember last year Walmart had some really neat packs of paper with fall and Halloween designs.  I hope they have them again this year.  Kicking myself even harder for the massive rage purge of all supplies last fall!

Because my Walmart and Target are apparently slower than other areas at getting fall and Halloween stuff out (still full of back to school stuff in this area) I will hold off on actually making any cards until I see what I can find when that stuff finally does show up.

And guys, the next time I say I'm quitting this pointless hobby, just roll your eyes and ignore me like my menfolk have learned to do.  Now that my mood is on the upswing again, I remembered something a coworker friend told me last year when we'd been shopping at Hobby Lobby together.  I'd been telling her I liked all the stickers and things but didn't see the point in getting into such a hobby.  She said I should do it because I *want* to, not because of some larger meaning.  She said she'd tried a million different crafty hobbies and if she didn't like them she just didn't do them, but at least she always gave them a try.  So yeah, I need to remember that next time I'm getting all down and whiny!

I've also been picking up fall decor things and lots of pumpkin spice everything along the way, but I'm not sure how or when I want to show those.  I think the pumpkin spice things will just be individual posts as we try each thing.  But the fall decor things?  Maybe I'll wait for the fall decor post in our upcoming Fall Fun Series, or maybe I'll add them into some Natters posts along the way.  Not sure yet.  But for now, I hope you enjoyed this fun little haul.

Have you found anything seasonally crafty?


  1. Cute glassine bags!! I almost bought that Halloween tree at Target but kept resisting. I bet I will kick myself for that. This weekend I am picking up Savanna some Pokemon cards so I will see if it is still there and look for those bags too. I love the advice your friend gave you. Do it for you.

    You KNOW I will remind you what you said. Crafting for FUN forever!!!! I need to get the fall decor out of the attic tomorrow. And I need to get my fall stash together to take pics. So excited!

    1. They have mini ornaments for the black tree too, but I didn't get any because mine is going to stand by a haunted house that I painted many years ago.