Thursday, August 11, 2016

Haul - The Torch and Key / Fall Scented Wax

While browsing Etsy last month, looking for interesting fall scented things, I came across a shop called The Torch and Key.  I was drawn in by the look, the names, the witchcraft.  As I continued to browse I found myself returning to this shop over and over again, and finally just went ahead and placed an order.  This was supposed to be my highlighted 'new' vendor for an upcoming fall series some other waxy bloggers will be participating in, but I decided this is too good to wait.

Let's look at what I got in my first order.

Pumpkin Head - 'A sweet vanilla pumpkin with a little spice.'
A very nice pumpkin puree type scent.  It has that sort of tang, like fresh out of the can.  There is a creaminess, an almost buttery note, but very little spice.  Spice haters should be fine with this.

Autumn Solstice - 'Brisk air, fallen leaves and a misty rain with a hint of burnt leaves.'
 I wasn't too sure about ordering this because I often don't like this type of scent, but then I figured ah heck with it.  And guess what.  I don't like it.  This doesn't smell like other 'leaves' types or generic cologne-y fall scents.  There is a sharp note that whacks you and almost chokes you, and in the aftertaste of that you get a hint of smoky note.  It's a dry scent, like those spice market types.  There is something trying to be a bit sweet and outdoorsy, like maybe greenery and a touch of mint or something.  But that initial BAM of dry leaves is so strong it's hard to hang in there and figure out what else there is.  No, I will not be melting this one.

Witches Kitchen - 'This witch is fixing up a big batch of pumpkin waffles with toasted pecans, melted butter and maple syrup!'
A Pumpkin Pecan Waffles type but not quite as soft and creamy.  Still a very nice, cozy fall bakery scent though.
Steampunkin Latte - 'A delicious cup of spiced pumpkin latte blended with fresh brewed coffee, rich vanilla almond milk, creamy pumpkin puree, sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with fresh whip.'
 I don't know why I order flavored coffee scents.  They 'flavor' almost never shows through the coffee notes.  This is indeed a strong coffee scent first and foremost, but it has some creaminess which tones things down a bit, and I do detect cinnamon.  I don't really get any pumpkin note on cold sniff but that could change when warmed.

Mabon - 'Fresh blend of mulled cider, cinnamon sticks, a twist of orange peel, jeweled fruits and a fall breeze. Comparable to Apple Jack & Peel.'
I loooooved Apple Jack & Peel back in my soap making days.  I couldn't tell you now though how accurate this is so I won't even try.  This is not the deep, warm apple cider type I've gotten used.  This is a more fruity type with that orange in there, more like a spiced punch almost.  I still like it though.
Peter Pumpkin - 'Scented in nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger with just a tiny hint of pumpkin butter. Just like a pumpkin spice.'
 This is spices with a tiny hint of that sort of tang note you get from some pumpkin scents.
Spice haters will want to avoid this one.

Harvest - 'A spicy blend of clove buds, cinnamon bark and a hint of musk. Comparable to Yankee.'
I get more musk than anything else.  There is a bit of spice action deep inside this scent.  This is a sexy man in a craft store at fall.  And if you find a sexy man willing to go to a craft store you better grab him.  Still, I might pass this one on to someone who likes these more sophisticated scents.

Mayhem & Macabre - 'A blend of juicy Macintosh apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and clove baked in a golden flaky crust.'
Ohh yes, this is a delicious hot apple pie scent.  The apples are there, still sweet in warmly spiced syrup.  The hint of crust is there too, making this a wonderful, cozy fall scent.  This might be my favorite of the bunch.

Yule - 'A fragrance of fresh cranberries, jeweled fruits, bits of evergreen with hints of cedar, fir and peppermints.'
I also decided to grab this Christmas scent.  It sounded so intriguing with all the little familiar bits of the holiday rolled up into one scent.  And I really do like this, at least on cold sniff.  The evergreen notes hit you first but they're softened just a bit by things you can't pick out individually but things that add a bit of sweetness and a bit of tart.  There is a sort of sugared note.  Knowing that cranberry and mint are in there, you can find them if you really pay attention, but on the whole this is just a really well rounded Christmas scent.

I received one freebie with my order.
(Thank you!)
Gothic Kiss - 'Dark red strawberries kissed with light musk, juicy peaches and hint of sandalwood.'
I'm surprised that I like this as much as I do.  Usually sandalwood has me running screaming.  I can't even really find it in this blend though.  I mainly get strawberry and light musk and something almost chocolate-like.  Something about it reminds me of . . . taffy.  I like this!

That is my very first order from The Torch and Key.  These single tarts that I ordered are 1 oz. and sell for $1.20 in the Etsy shop.  They also offer 3-packs for $3.50, clamshells for $3.50, and room sprays for $6.95.  The shop also offers witchcraft related items like tapers, spell kits, herbs and resins, and perfumes.

I placed my order on Sunday, July 24 and received it Thursday, August 4.  Shipping was quite high, and there was not refund for overage.  I paid $8.70 for 10 small tarts that arrived in a padded yellow envelope.
Everything looks great though, clean and well presented.  The scents are very strong right now on cold sniff so I have high hopes that these will perform well when melted.  The high shipping is the downfall though.  If I were to order again I think I'd message the owners and ask for a custom listing because the shipping can be figured more accurately that way, instead of the accumulating prices that Etsy tries to work with.  Still, this was a fun order.

Have you ever ordered from The Torch and Key?


  1. How cool! The tarts remind me of Kim's Tarts a little but I love Torch & Key's branding and labels much more. Sorry the shipping was so high. I have dithered on quite a few Etsy wax purchases because of that. Yule sounds like one I would really enjoy. And Harvest of course. You had me at musk. Glad you found a sandalwood you like (but only cuz you can't smell it! LOL!). I might have to check this vendor out. Can't wait to see which one you feature in the fall series.

    1. The one for the fall series is actually the bummer of the three I ordered from. Seems wrong to choose that one, but on the other hand I wanted to feature the better ones sooner in case people wanted to order in time.

      I was just thinking of Kim's Tarts the other day, how simple it is to order, how affordable, and how quick you get your stuff. She doesn't have the glitz and glam of chunks and blends but they're still good. I guess she's like the Walmart wax of the indie world. hehe