Friday, August 19, 2016

Haul - WoodWick Candle and Melts

When I received a discount code in my first order from WoodWick Candles, I decided to go back and get a small candle in a scent I'd had my eye on.  I decided to pick up a couple other smellies while I was browsing the site, so let's take a look.

Candy Cane Cupcake - 'Crushed candy canes sprinkled over vanilla cupcakes with fluffy peppermint frosting and a hint of orange extract.'
 This is the one that had caught my eye.  I chose the 'mini candle' because they're a bit spendy.  This 3 oz. candle is normally $9.99 but is on sale for $7.49, plus I had the discount code.  The scent is nice but not quite what I'd been hoping for.  This is a very creamy soft mint, sort of muddled in a vanilla bakery note.  It still says "Christmas!" to me as vanilla-mint scents tend to do, so I'm still happy with it.  If you're looking for a crisp peppermint note though, no, this is probably not what you want.

Apple Crisp - 'A delicious combination of fresh apple slices baked in gooey caramel & topped with a buttery crumb crust.'
I'd gotten several of their fall scents in my first order, and I'm really digging spiced apple scents for the upcoming fall season, so I decided to toss this into my cart.  Mmmm, it's a very nice, deep cinnamon-apple type scent with hints of other things going on in the background.  I don't get a strong caramel note, definitely not a caramel apple type, but there is a hint of it's gooey sweetness in there.  I only get light traces of a bakery type crust note.  This should be a wonderful fall scent even if the 'crisp' part isn't strong.
This slightly hourglass shaped melt is 0.8 oz. and was $1.99 on the website.

Applewood - 'A unique scent with complex notes of tart green apple and spicy cinnamon bark.'
Keeping with my 'digging the apple scents,' I saw this one in the clearance section and decided to try it.  This must be their old style packaging for the single melts, and I'm glad they changed.  It is just a sticky label over the four shallow cubes of wax.  It does stick to reseal but a plastic flip top just seems so much easier.  Anyway, this is definitely more apple than anything else.  It is bright, juicy green apples, with only a hint of spice to warm it.  This would be a very early fall scent for me, and will probably be one of the first I melt when Fall Melt Season starts.

That's my tiny little haul.  I did not receive any surprise extras this time, which really makes me wonder if that owl keychain thing last time was a mistake.  That's fine though because I don't really expect extras from retail brands.

I placed my order on Wednesday afternoon, August 10 and received it Friday, August 19.  Shipping was a flat rate of $5.00.  There are some different shipping rate options but my two orders so far have been small enough to qualify for the $5.00 flat rate.

Have you tried WoodWick candles and melts?  You can probably find them in a variety of stores near you.  I was surprised to find they are available in a local drug store, but have not gone to actually check it out yet.  The other store I found them in near me was a garden and gift center.

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