Sunday, August 7, 2016

Haul - WoodWick / Fall & Winter Scents

You might remember that recently I received a free sample sized candle from WoodWick, through something my sister had signed up for.  In that package was a discount code to use on my next purchase, so when I placed those million orders a week or so out of boredom, WoodWick was one of them.

I had a WoodWick candle several years ago and really enjoyed it.  More recently I had tried their wax melts.  Although they were quite pricey and at a store I don't get to often, the performance was impressive enough that I decided to stick with the melts for this order.  I was pleased to find they have small 'sample' size packages.  Even with the discount code, they are still rather spendy but what the heck.  I'm happy to try them.

Cinnamon Chai - 'Sit back and relax with the warm comforting aroma of spicy cinnamon and rich vanilla notes.'
This one was actually only $0.75 and must be a discontinued older style.  It's labeled as .77 oz. and has a peel off label over the four shallow squares of wax.  I also saw this scent in what must be the new packaging style, so I grabbed one of those too . . . 
This newer style is listed as 0.8 oz. and is one sort of hourglass shaped tart.  These are $1.99 on the site.
I mainly just get a really nice cinnamon with from this scent.  It's not quite as sweet as Red Hots candies, and not quite as dry as just a regular spice scent.  The vanilla that it mentions in the description must be doing something, although I don't really pick out any distinct vanilla note.  This is a nice cinnamon for fall or even Christmas.

Cinnamon Cheer - 'A scent for the season of joy and cheer with rich cinnamon, crushed nutmeg, and apple spice.'
This one is not nearly as nice, in my opinion.  I think the nutmeg dries it out and kills it for me.  It's another sharp cinnamon scent but the previous one is bit warmer, a bit more depth.  This one, you can tell something more is going on but I don't think you'd ever guess it was apple in there.  It's more like just something with a hint of sweetness trying to brighten up a spicy scent.  I know other cinnamon lovers who might like this but for me, I much prefer the chai one.
Cranberry Cider - 'Classic cranberry blends with apple and a hint of spice for a warm yet crisp berry cider.'
I took a chance on this one, hoping that "hint of spice" would be enough to make this the kind of spiced cranberry scent I prefer.  While it's not quite there, this is still a very nice holiday scent.  The cranberry and apple mix nicely to make a festive, almost sparkly blend, with just enough spice to warm it up and keep it in check.  This is more of a happy type holiday scent, not quite as warm and cozy as some others.  It will be interesting to melt this one.

Pumpkin Muffins - 'Warm pumpkin puree combined with sweet muffin batter, nutmeg, and black strap molasses.'
I was expecting a warm, deliciously rich bakery scent with this one but it's nothing like that.  I swear this is more like apple than any kind of pumpkin scent.  It doesn't even remind me of unspiced pumpkin right out of the can, you know with that sort of tangy note to it?  I get apple from this.  And it's on the brighter side of things, not really any kind of warm bakery at all.  To me it's like some sort of creamy apple with just the slightest hint of spice from that nutmeg and molasses.  I don't get any kind of muffin note.  It's a very nice scent, just nothing like what I'd expected and not really pumpkin-y.

Pumpkin Butter - 'A delicious blend of fresh pumpkin, warm spices, and sweet buttery notes.'
This one, on the other hand, is very spicy pumpkin scent.  It's a dry type spiced scent right now on cold sniff, but I'm hoping the scent blooms into something deeper when warmed.  Spice haters will probably want to stay far away from this one.
Spiced Eggnog - 'The classic holiday eggnog dusted with allspice, nutmeg, and a touch of cinnamon.'
I don't get the familiar eggnog notes in this, at least not on cold sniff.  I do get more of that dry type spice, but on a softer level, and something almost soapy.  This is nothing like what I expect an eggnog scent to be like and I can only hope it changes when warmed.
Candy Cane Cupcake - 'Crushed candy canes sprinkled over vanilla cupcakes with fluffy peppermint frosting and a hint of orange extract.'
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This one is nice!  It's a soft vanilla-peppermint, just how I like my Christmas mint.  There is a slight white cake bakery note in the background, making it just that much more cozy.  It is full bodied and delicious, not thin and dry like some of the others I've received.  Looking forward to melting this one during the Christmas season!  This would be one I'd splurge on in candle form.  Oh, this one was sale priced at $1.49.
Hootberry - [no scent description]
I was totally surprised to also find this in my package.  Finding freebies from indie vendors is common but WoodWick is a larger company?  Do they also give freebies?  Was this an accident?  These Squeeze Ums things are clearanced on the website, so maybe they're just trying to get rid of them?  I'm not sure, but it's cute and I was tickled to find it included.  The package says it can be clipped to backpacks, bags, keys, hang in lockers, etc., anywhere you want a fun way to add scent.  It is about two inches tall and has a little keychain type clip attached.  It's a slightly squishy rubbery type material that almost looks and feels moist, but it's dry.  I'm thinking of hanging it in my car but I wonder how it would hold up to the heat.  As for the scent, it's a nice, kid friendly berry scent.  I think I mainly get strawberry from it, but maybe with a hint of something else.  It's not candy-sweet, just regular fruit-sweet.  These are clearance priced at $3.00 on the website.

That is my very first WoodWick website order.  Shipping was a flat rate of $5.00, which is not bad at all.  I placed my order on Tuesday, July 26, and received it on Saturday, August 6.  I also received a thank you card with another discount code, this time for 20%.  I think I just might use that to get my Candy Cane Cupcake candle!
Have you tried WoodWick candles or melts?
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  1. HOW FUN!!!! You are selling me on the Candy Cane Cupcake, especially in a candle since I love their crackling wood wicks. Very sweet that they threw in a owl smelly. He is cute. For some reason I thought it was a lipgloss container. Maybe it was the bright red. Sorry some of them were not so great on cold throw, but like you said, they could change when melted. I do love WoodWick's Marshmallow Fireside type. It was super yummy. Enjoy your goodies!

    1. I was looking at the mini-candle version of Candy Cane Cupcake but it's only 3oz. Regular $9.99 but on sale now for like $7-something, plus the discount code. Maybe I'll looks for another Christmas mini to add to the order.