Friday, August 5, 2016

Melted - The Bathing Garden / Prosecco Berries

Prosecco Berries - 'A sweet bubbling scent with champagne, dark red berries, cotton candy, and white vanilla.'
 Another freebie in my order earlier this year, and another surprise hit.  I don't think I ever would have chosen this because of the champagne in the description, but when vendors include samples it can open your eyes to things you might not otherwise try.  I wouldn't have guessed there was champagne in this.  I don't get any bubbly note.  It's more about the berries and sweetness and a touch of vanilla warmth, and there is something almost perfume-y about it.  I wonder if this is a dupe of something from big name body care?

And once again I am pleasingly surprised by how well this performed!  You know I don't have much luck with The Bathing Garden wax.  This tart was only 0.6 oz. and in my Glade hot plate warmer it threw like a champ!  I had strong scent that traveled easily throughout the downstairs of my house, and was still going strong after six hours.


  1. This one sounds so pretty!!! I had it but I forget if I melted it or passed it on. I need to look in my bathroom basket. I use the small ones there.

    1. I thought I remembered you mentioning it! The name seemed so familiar for some reason. lol