Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Natters - Aug. 10 / Animals, Movies, and Opera

Monday was Lynx's birthday.  This old man is 15 years old now!  Although we still call him Fattycat, you can see he's far from that.  Still, he seems to be doing pretty good for his age.  He's a little slower these days, and sleeps quite a lot, but he still goes through his crazy rompy moments, usually early in the morning.  And he's quite demanding too in his old age.  If he wants to lay down right there, you better get his soft squishy blanket RIGHT THERE.

So, it's odd for me to post Natters at this time of day but I figured I'd do it while the mood struck instead of waiting till I'm tired and just not having it, like I did last night.  I have so many posts to work on that it gets to that overwhelmed feeling and I end up doing none of them.  So let's Natter now and hopefully the posting juices will continue to flow.

Monday was a work day.  There were problems on all lines but one so it was a very easy, mellow day.  There is so much confusion in the plant due to those recent developments, conflicting stories, and people wondering what the heck is going to be happening.  I guess I'll just keep going in as my 12hr schedule calls for and go in the direction they point me each day.  Heh.

Tuesday was my day off.  I went to my mom's as usual in the morning, did her laundry and went to get some groceries for her.  She's doing pretty darn good now but still not ready to be trudging around the grocery store for an hour.  She mentioned that it would be her last day of therapy, so she's officially no longer 'home bound' and can start going out.  First place she wants to go next week is to get her hair cut.  I should get mine cut too, so that works.

When I got home from Mom's I puttered around online for a bit then decided to watch my latest Netflix movies.  The first was called Room.  Wow, that was an intense emotional journey.  It's about a young woman who has been held captive in a room for the past seven years.  Along the way she gave birth to her son and raised him in that room for five of those years.  I'd put off watching this because I didn't feel like watching all the trauma of the abduction and rape and horror of surviving in a room.  I was surprised, and glad, to find the movie actually starts well after all that.  The boy is already five years old where the movie starts and it's more about her plan to free them and then their struggles to adjust afterwards.  Think about the boy, having never seen or known anything outside their little room.  He didn't even believe there was anything else beyond those walls.  He was terrified once he was out there!  But even so, I think he had the easier time adjusting.  The movie is just a really touching journey of survival.

The rest of my day was kinda shot after watching that movie though.  I couldn't focus on blogging so the posts I'd meant to do yesterday never got done.  I didn't want to watch the other movie because I knew I'd cry again over the sentimental stuff.  Hubby was watching endless stupid crap on TV all evening, and I just got more bored and crabby.  I went up to bed to read but couldn't focus on the either.  I tried to just fall asleep but couldn't because it was warm last night and when hubby eventually came up he was tossing and turning uncomfortably too.  After a couple hours he gave up and went back downstairs to sleep where it was cooler, and I finally drifted off.

Woke up in a somewhat better mood today.  I told myself right away that I needed to keep busy today so it wouldn't be a repeat of yesterday.  I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry, straightened up around the living room and computer areas.  I got the AC going again because we're supposed to have a few hot and humid days again.  I went outside and sprayed weed killer along one side of the house so we can get that scraggly tall crap out of there before fall decorating time comes.  I didn't do the rest of the house because it was already getting pretty warm and humid, so I came back in and decided to go ahead and watch the other Netflix movie.

You'll probably all laugh but the movie Secretariat had me bawling like a sentimental fool.  I already knew the whole story because I was a Secretariat fan back in my horse racing days.  Did you know that in my teens it was my absolute dream to be a Thoroughbred race horse trainer?  Once I got married and had kids though, it all fizzled away and I stopped following the sport.  Enough time has passed now that I'm soft when it comes to racing.  I can't watch a live race anymore for fear of falls and broken legs.  I kinda cringe sometimes at the thought of pushing these young horses to their limits.  But then all the beauty and pageantry of it comes back to me and that sappy little flutter stirs in me again.  So yeah, watching Secretariat, even though I already knew the story, was a sappy sobfest for me.  The movie was more about owner Penny, how she did it to save the family farm.  I would have liked it to be a little more about the horse and a little more spectacular in the races, especially the Belmont.  And yes, I recognized the real Penny in that clever little cameo!  That was cool.

Stumpy and family were back this morning.  I think I have to change my thoughts that Stumpy is a boy and the other is a girl.  They were playing some incestuous reindeer games and Stumpy's sibling seems quite the pro at well . . .   Doh!

I ordered this lovely cd of 'Wagner Orchestral Favorites' and have been listening to that the past day and a half.  Yes, gettin' cultured over here!  I picked this cd because it has pieces from all the famous operas I'd seen mentioned endlessly in those Ludwig books I read.  Turns out there is no Ride of the Valkyries on this though.  Good thing I have that one on my iPod.
 Remember my Tiffany fox?  Julie had wanted to see it lit up at night.  I found this poor little guy is no good for being outside.  It's way too top heavy, and too light in general, and even the slightly wind tips it over.  I brought it back into the house and it's just sitting on the kitchen table, looking cute until I can figure out what to do with it.

Well, I really want to get those two other posts done so I'll quit nattering here and get busy on those.

Let me know if you've seen either of those movies!


  1. Happy Birthday Fatty Cat! He is looking spry for an old fellow.

    You have me wanting to watch the Room now. Are you enjoying Wagner? I like to play classical sometimes when creating or needing to unwind.

    The fox looks so cute lit up!! Could you place some stones in the bottom of tie him down to keep him from falling over? I would want him inside anyway, he is too cute to fade in the sun. Maybe a buffet addition?

    1. I am enjoying Wagner! It keeps poor ol' Ludwig in my thoughts when I listen. I need to order more books, even though the story will basically be the same in all of them.

      Watch Room! And Brooklyn! And A Love Song For Bobby Long!

      I tried setting it right next to a post on the porch but it still just flops with the lightest of breezes. There is no opening weigh him down either. Once we get our flowerbeds under control I'll try to wedge him down into the mulch, maybe with a couple small sticks around him. For now he's on the corner table in the living room, but I don't think it gets enough sun there to light up.