Friday, August 5, 2016

Natters - Aug. 5 / Small Fall Haul

It's cooled off nicely around here today.  Sooooo nice!  Turned the AC off, turned the other fans off, and opened the windows.  It's actually cool enough that I switched from shorts back into sweat pants.  Yay!  Why can't it stay this way?  But no, we're supposed to be back up around 90 by the middle of next week.
*whiny sigh*

I was up and at 'em early this morning, as usual.  Did my regular shopping at Walmart first.  Still no fall stuff there yet but I did notice the Mainstays brand of wax in fall scents is out now.  That will be an upcoming post.  I noticed one more of the 719 Walnut Avenue candles in fall scents has appeared on the shelves but so far they are all the same scents as last year.  Different labels but same scents.  Not sure yet if I'll do a post about those.

When I was done there I headed over to Dollar Tree, super anxious to see if they had their fall stuff out yet.  Julie had sent me pics a few days ago of the fall selection at her store, and of course I was drooling.  My store had some things out but it's still mostly back to school things.  I did grab a few goodies though!  Gotta grab 'em when you 'em because you know they'll be gone quick!

I made sure to grab these two wall hangings immediately.  I knew there were two different ones so I had to do some digging because at just a glance both pegs seemed to hold all the same sign.  I waited too long to grab similar ones last year.  No clue yet where I'll hang them, but I'm happy to have them.

I also grabbed this sign.  While not the cutest out of the selection, I like that it says 'Welcome' and thought I knew the perfect place to hang it.  Then when I was about half way home I realized I already have something that hangs where I want to put this.  Looks like I might have to change things up a bit this year.

And these guys!  Oh my sparkles, people . . . how pretty are these pumpkins?!  I remember I fell in love with the style of the orange one in back last year, with just the fine threads of gold shimmer.  I'd gotten some like that at Walmart, if I'm remembering correctly.  I also kinda fell in love with the white pumpkin look last year but was too late on that too.  I saw in the pics from Julie that the little ceramic pumpkins will be returning this year.  They weren't out yet at my store but when they are I'm hoping to grab some of the white ones and maybe some of the really dark orange-brown ones.  I think I might have about a bajillion small pumpkins scattered around the house this year.  lol

That's all I grabbed at this point.  I'll check back in a week or so and see if they have the rest of the stuff out.  I don't want to go too crazy buying things because I don't want my fall decor stash to get out of hand like my Christmas decor had.

This isn't from Dollar Tree and it wasn't even from today but it had gotten buried on my desk and I'd forgotten to mention it back when I bought it.  I got these sunflower stickers from Walmart with my journal or simple notecards in mind.  I wish they'd get their fall stickers and craft papers out!  Stupid me got rid of all mine in my rage quit purge of last fall.
*still kicking self*

I finished reading the new Harry Potter book last night.  I'm not going to do an actual book review post because I think I'm in the extreme minority in that I didn't like it.  People try to make me feel stupid about it, like 'Have you never read a play / script before?!'  Uh, yes, I have, and that's not the problem I had with it anyway.  I've heard this will be an actual novel coming out eventually.  Although I don't know if I believe that, if it's true maybe I'll like the story a little more then.  Part of the problem with the script version is that it's rushed and you don't get all that extra time and details.  But even so, I thought the story itself was weak and just used every opportunity to rehash highlights of the Harry Potter series.  I'm glad to have the book for my collection though, and I really want to get the illustrated versions now as those come out.

Reading that book has made me want to watch the Harry Potter movies again.  Well, I want to read the books again actually, but watching the movies will be a quicker fix.  I meant to start watching today but happened upon a movie on TV called The Exorcism of Emily Rose and got hooked on that.  Never did make it to Harry.  I've seen that Emily Rose movie pop up a lot, probably even had on my old Netflix list, but for whatever reason never watched it.  Now I finally have.  It wasn't super awesomely great or anything but it was interesting enough to keep me watching.  It was about a priest who was charged with negligent homicide after the death of a girl he had tried to perform an exorcism on.  It's apparently based on a true story.

I think that's about it for today.  Back to work tomorrow, but I'm supposed to have Sunday off because my lines are down this weekend.  That might change though because of some things going on, some scary times happening on the other lines.  We'll find out tomorrow I guess.

I'm off to read now!  Back to my Philippa Gregory book now that I'm done with Harry Potter.
Hope your Friday was lovely and your weekend is lovelier.


  1. Great haul! I haven't read the new Harry Potter book, but my sister said she also did not like it... So you aren't alone! :)

    1. Hello! Haven't seen a comment from you in a while. How are you?

      I'm a little relieved that someone else didn't like the new HP book. LOL *phew*


  2. We did the whole Harry Potter marathon weekend during his birthday. I picked up a British version of book 3 and will read that soon. Sorry people are giving you a hard time about not reading plays/scripts. That seems harsh. I did enjoy it but I am a nerd and love anything HP. I hope to see the play one day.

    I saw the Lady of the River and almost bought it but I need to read what I have on hand first I think. Looking forward to your review of that.

    1. I saw that book you got. Nice! Did you hear way back about the error in one of the books, first one I think, something about the order of spells the wand had cast vs. the order the people reappeared? If I remember correctly they changed it after the first edition. The copy I have is the original 'incorrect' version of the scene.