Sunday, August 7, 2016

Natters - Aug. 7 / Stumpy the Fawn

Meet Stumpy.  We first noticed this little guy in our yard about a week ago with his mother and twin sibling.  And I noticed that he only has a little stump of a tail.  Aww!  Was he born that way?  Did something attack him when he was littler?  Who knows, but at least we can identify him now.  And really, I have no clue if it's a boy or girl but I'm taken to calling this one a he and his sibling a she.  I don't know why.

I often wonder if the deer we see in our yard are the same ones throughout the months and years.  This is Stumpy's mom and I'm pretty sure we've seen her before because I seem to remember that scar on her upper back.

The family visited our yard this morning, which was a little odd.  Usually the deer show up in the later afternoon or evening.  I had sense enough to grab the camera this time!

Stumpy and Mom checking out that tree we transplanted.  The tree doesn't appear to have survived, and we didn't think it would, but we're going to leave it just in case there is still something below ground struggling to regrow.  It's so funny because the fawns are spooked by this little tree every time they notice it.

Stumpy and Mom check out the tree more closely.  Sister hasn't noticed it yet but keep an eye on her in the next couple pics . . . 
Oh, she sees it now.  Look at those ears and that stance.
She's still not quite sure, but she's brave enough to continue.  And then she was fine with it, just like they always are after this little display of 'What?!'

The fawns were so funny today, chasing around the large side yard like large dogs.  They were definitely stretching their legs and getting some exercise.  They'd leap and twist and frolic, and at times just bolt at a dead run.  By the time I thought to get video of it, they were done.  Then they all moved on.

In other news, yesterday was a long and boring day at work but at least it was mellow.  Only one line was running and I didn't have much to do, so that was fine with me.  Today was a day off because all lines are down due so maintenance could work on some machines.  I'll take all the days off I can get!

Hubby and I went to Menards this morning to see if they had any fall stuff out yet.  They don't, and I always forget they're about the last store around here to ever get it out.  We did pick up a few other things we were needing though, so the trip was not a complete waste.  I wanted to go over to Walmart after but hubby's crabby today and didn't want to.  When we got home I went out to mow my part of the lawn and while doing that I was getting more and more upset with hubby for his growing laziness and all the things that need to be done around the yard.  The lazier he gets, the mopier he gets.  It's a cycle we've probably all been through, when you know there are things to do but you just can't going doing them and then you get crabby about it all and do even less.  That's him to an extreme degree lately.  Sometimes I just let it be because like I said, we've all been there at some point.  But sometimes, like today, it just makes me freakin' mad.

I finished mowing and came in the house to get a drink and take a little break.  Hubby made some comment about I don't even remember what, and I said "When I go back out you get to help me chop tall weeds."  He didn't respond and I didn't say anything else.  The weeds up close around the house are a constant battle for us.  The flowerbed on the south side of the house is totally overrun by them, to the point that it looks like an abandoned shack.  On the other side of the house, by the main porch, it's all tall grass and weeds and makes any little decoration I try to put out there look pointless.  I especially want this stuff taken care of as we creep up on fall because I really want to do some decorating out there, but what's the point if it's all tall weeds?  So yeah, I got mad about it today.

After my little break I grabbed my stuff and went out and started yanking weeds.  I was totally surprised that he came out and helped.  We'd bought a couple bags of mulch at Menards and he carried those down to where I wanted to spread it around the bird feeders area.  We also *finally* got that tripod thing untangled from the clematis plant and removed from the yard.  He also hacked down that oddball bush that had grown next to it.  I'd ordered a large leaf shaped trellis thing that looks like it won't be big enough for the clematis plant but we put it out there anyway and sort of just draped the mess of a plant around it.  We don't know if it will survive because of the damage in trying to free the tripod from it.  Time will tell I guess.

It's been a very boring day since then.  Casey's been sleeping because he works tonight.  Hubby's been sitting on the couch flipping through channels and staring at crap shows he's not really interested in.  I did some bloggy stuff and watched some haul videos on YouTube.  We were looking forward to watching the Hall of Fame football game tonight, the kickoff of the 2016 season, and then found out it was cancelled due to some dumb thing about the paint they use on the field.  Well alright then!  Hubby went up to bed about 7:30pm, and I'm trying to delay it by doing this post.  But now this post is done and it's only a little after 8pm, and I too will go up out of boredom.

But how about little Stumpy, huh?


  1. The fawns look so cute. I like that you documented them here and now have identifying marks for them so you can look back next year and see if they are the same one. Neat!

    Glad hubby went out and helped you to tend the yard. I do know that cycle and I am kind of in it right now. After all the painting I did in June I am now at a stand still on the last room. I have zero desire to do it. But once I get started I know I feel better because of the activity and I will be happy I did it. Sounds like you two got a bunch done.

    I am taking the girls to Target today. Savanna saved up enough money to buy a Pokemon pack she has been wanting. I hope I can find some goodies in the bins.

    1. Did you make it to Target? Anything fall showing up in the Dollar Spot yet? I've been keeping an eye on haul videos but haven't seen any fall goodies yet.