Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Review - Flash Point Candle

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I'd never heard of Flash Point Candle company before they contacted me.  I initially turned down their offer because I prefer wax melts over candles, and when I do buy candles they are not high end.  Obviously I reconsidered, and they sent me this beautiful candle to try, as well as review.

This is the Saxon Gold candle in English Pear scent ('A sophisticated blend of sweet Bartlett pear and sparkling, effervescent Champagne to delight the senses. Warm amber base notes round out the mellow fruitiness of this fragrance.')  It is a 6-wick candle, 9 inch diameter, and weighs 2 pounds.  The golds, tans, and browns in the pottery bowl go perfectly with our living room!  I can already see this bowl with Christmas bulbs in it as holiday decor on our coffee table after the candle has been burned and cleaned out.

The scent itself was very pretty, almost too pretty for this bakery loving girl.  It was a bright pear scent, sweet and happy, with some almost floral and perfume type notes.  I didn't realize there was champagne involved in the scent but that does make sense now, although I did not get any sort of bubbly note.  It was just a very nice, high end type scent like you'd expect from a luxury candle.  And I was surprised how strong the scent actually was!  It was easily a healthy medium strength in the living room and carried well into the adjacent dining room on a slightly lighter level.  I would say this is a 'company safe' type candle and scent, very pretty and easy to notice but not too heavy, cloying, or in your face.

The wicks burned strong and even.  I don't think I've ever had a 6-wick candle so this was fun.  Being nine inches in diameter, we knew it would take quite a while to achieve a full wax pool.  This picture shows it after 3.5 hours.  You can see it's still not there, and there are some black speckles from the long burning wicks, but it never got to be a problem.  After a few more hours, the areas of wax that hadn't quite reached the edge started to simply curl in on themselves and the wax pool was able to eventually make it all the way across.  The scent remained clear and true all those hours.  I did not notice any smoke or soot.
I was quite impressed with this candle, and I thank Flash Point Candle for allowing me to try it!
Have you tried Flash Point Candle?

[This candle was sent to me free for review.]

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