Thursday, September 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 9 / September 2016

Welcome to our September 2016 Band of Bloggers! By now, most people should be back in school. The weather should be cooling down. Department store shelves are stocking up on fall and Halloween decorations. Countdowns are beginning for the end of year holidays.

This month we will share that special moment, activity, sound, smell, or all of the above that makes us feel like autumn has arrived! We will also recommend our favorite places to shop for fall decor. Please feel free to share your own answers with us in the comments below!
I really had to think about this one!  Where I live, we do get the full fall experience of leaves changing colors.  That's not what triggers the 'It's fall!' feeling for me though.  I think the first day of school has a lot to do with it for me.  The mornings are usually cool and damp by that time.  The colors might have the first traces of change by that time.  The sun is a little lower in the sky by that time.  So yeah, for me, I think the first day of school in my area is one of the biggest internal fall triggers for me.

As for the second part of this month's topic, you all know I'm cheap.  I think you can find some absolutely gorgeous decorations at Walmart and even Dollar Tree.  If you treat them decently you can get more than one year of use out of most things.  We also buy a lot of our fall decorations at Menards, which is a midwest store along the lines of Home Depot or Lowes.  They have a lot of the bigger things like wreaths and outside items.  We love it there.


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  1. The first day of school starts feeling like fall for sure. But we keep moving school up here in Florida so soon we will be getting out in late May and starting in early August.

    Menard's sounds cool. Do you plan on getting anything there this year?

    1. Oh yes! We already did actually. I just haven't posted the haul yet because it's all Halloween stuff, and mostly outdoor stuff. I need to stop there tomorrow though, since I had a devastating decor loss today. *sniffles*