Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Friend Mail From Amanda C.

I was totally surprised by a package from Amanda C. recently.  Of course I tore into that sucker and was smiling ear to ear when I saw what was inside.  I was immediately drawn to the card, wondering 'Did she make this?!'  Turns out her mom made it and wanted me to know that there are indeed still people out there who enjoy making, sending, and receiving good old fashioned snail mail cards.  

And then I opened the item wrapped in tissue paper and couldn't believe the festively fall drink cozy Amanda had made!  She even had it on a plastic reusable cup, and inside were to equally festive drink mixes . . . apple cider, and chai latte.

Thank you so much, Amanda!  It was unexpected, for sure, and it sure did put a smile on my face.


  1. Hi Deb-
    Stopping by to say hi and thank you because Amanda let me know you helped design the Fall Fun series. I'm enjoying participating and wanted to say thanks. Other than that I am just a random person reading your blog;)

    1. Well hello there, Jaybird. Yep, I had a hand in creating the Fall Fun Series. I felt kind of stupid then, when I had to back out of doing it. Glad everyone is enjoying it though! And I hope you stick around. =)