Friday, September 30, 2016

Friend Mail From Kevin!

The ever-generous Kevin has come through again!  He was able to get two of the Scentsationals fall scents that haven't come to my store, and he sent them to me, along with some other fun goodies.  That card on the left cracks me up.  "Off with his head!"  Not sure what you're trying to tell me, Kevin . . . lol

Peppermint Vanilla Macaroon - [no scent description]
This is the one I was wanting to find the most.  There has been so much talk about this among the wax community, not only because of the macaroon vs. macaron thing, but also because most people seem to be surprised that the scent is nothing like they expected.  Even knowing that going into this, I was indeed surprised by the scent.  There is a soft mint note but it's so muddied by vanilla and a strong but weird note that must be the m-cookie.  There is an almost plastic note in this.  I will set this aside until after Thanksgiving and then melt it to see if it blooms at all, but on cold sniff, no, not much of a fan.

Cider House Donuts - [no scent description]
This was the other I was desperately wanting.  Someone had said it was an exact dupe of my beloved Cider Apple Fritters (from Better Homes & Gardens), so heck yeah, I wanted it!  In fact, I even bought another pack of the At The Fair duo pack just so I could compare.  And I don't think they're the same.  The Cider House Donuts is more of a straight up cinnamon-sugar donut, while the Cider Apple Fritters has a bit more moistness to it, and a wee bit of apple note.  I really like this Cider House Donuts scent though.  It doesn't really strike me a fall scent, but more of a anytime cozy bakery scent.

Apple Cider Donuts - [no scent description]
To go with the previous one is Tuscany Candle's Apple Cider Donuts.  This one is spicier than the Scentsationals one, and does have more of that cider note, with less of the donut note.  This one is bold and sassy.  I have melted this one already, and was impressed with the strength at first.  It was quickly and easily a strong scent throughout the room.  Unfortunately, it died down to very light after only an hour or so.  It was nice while it lasted!

Thankful Harvest - 'The delicious scents of vanilla and caramel.'
Either the scent description is not complete or the power of the label picture is strong because seem to get a nutty note from this.  The caramel is not overly sweet, but a little on the salty side.  This is not a sweet and creamy type scent.  It's a little dry, a little harder to take.  Mixing it with a little more vanilla might help.

Sweet Candied Apples - [no scent description]
I kept passing this one up as I was buying fall scents earlier this season.  Kevin has sent me a pack though, so I'm happy to be able to try it afterall.  This is not a caramel apple scent.  I have melted this already too and can tell you it is a very, very sweet apple scent.  It almost falls into that 'pretty' category.  The apple note is almost lost in whatever is making the 'candied' sweetness part of it.  Two cubes in my Glade hot plate warmer gave me lighter-medium scent.  It was nice for this one time but I'd probably skip this again in favor of actual caramel apples scents.

(House of Usher Wax) Freak Show - 'Fresh spun cotton candy with gooey toasted marshmallows.'
I'll need to melt this to get an accurate idea of the scent because on cold sniff I'm getting a lot of that skunky plastic note from the clamshell.  I do get a sweet scent behind that, maybe with almost a hint of strawberry.  Oh wait!  Ya know what?  I remember a couple years ago I was having problems with the marshmallow scent some vendors were using.  There was a harsh weirdness to it, and I wonder if that's what's going on here, seeing as there is 'gooey toasted marshmallow' in this.

(House of Usher Wax) Lugosi - 'Marshmallows, apples, and vanilla chai tea.'
The description of this sounds wonderful!  And on cold sniff it's pretty darn nice too.  It's such a curious blend of the tea and apple notes, working nicely together and then tucked into a soft creamy blanket of marshmallow.  I really like this!

(House of Usher Wax) The Black Cat - 'Imagine a truly magnificent rose fragrance kissed with a hint of peppermint, icy pear, frozen melon, and frosted musk.  Crisp, clean, and a hint of frosty fruit.'
I love that Kevin sent this Minion-y tart.  Minion doesn't look as evil as this cat on the label though, and he certainly doesn't smell like this.  LOL  I'm not sure how I feel about this scent.  It's different, for sure.  I do get enough of the rose to make me feel this isn't something I'll like, but the mint comes rushing so quickly behind it that I wonder if it might be okay afterall.  There is a healthy dose of musk, and general sweetness of fruit makes itself known as well.  I think hubby will like this, but I'm decided on this for myself.

Thank you so much, Kevin!
I'm so glad to be able to try those two elusive Scentsationals scents, and all the others you sent are just a super fun bonus.

Have you tried any of these scents?
Let me know your thoughts on them.


  1. I finally found Vanilla Peppermint Macaroon at my Walmart. They were super late getting it in. I picked up that Cider Donuts too. *happy dance*

    1. What do you think of them? Was the actual scent of the peppermint one surprising to you?

      Since my Walmart is getting Christmas stuff already (!!!) I'm going to start keeping my out for the Christmas wax. Seems crazy early but we gotta do what we gotta do. lol


  2. Fun! Enjoy your goodies! Sorry the mint macaroon sucked. Totally loving the card he sent you!

    1. Yeah, the mint was was a bummer but I'll still give it a try.