Monday, September 5, 2016

Haul - Target Dollar Spot / Fall & Halloween

I finally scored some fall and Halloween items from Target's Dollar Spot!  I'd been getting anxious, seeing more and more videos popping up showing all these awesome looking things but when I checked my store it was still the summer and back to school stuff.


I decided to check again Friday morning when I went grocery shopping and . . . SCORE!

Although I think I have an orange glitter washi I wasn't about to pass this one up while I was seeing it.  You know how it is with the Dollar Spot.  Grab it when you see it!

Also grabbed the glitter pumpkins washi.

And the glitter bats washi.

And the glitter spiders-n-skulls washi.

The picture doesn't really show it but the spiderweb in this washi is gray foil.

I grabbed this even though I wasn't loving it.  Seems like a good idea for Halloween cards though, and yeah...grab it when you see it.

Grabbed a pack of the little felt pumpkin stickers.  So cute!

And the little Frankenstein's monster heads.

I almost grabbed the purple spiders with green gems on the body but then decided not to.  The eyeball stickers didn't interest me at all.  But I did grab this pack of bigger felt bats.

I have no idea what people use all the gift tags for, but man they just scoop up any and every gift tag that the Dollar Spot ever puts out.  When I saw these though, I immediately pictured them on cards.  I was so happy to actually find them!

I'd also seen these tags in a video and thought of somehow using them on cards.

Same with these.

And then decided what the heck, grab these for cards too.

I was super happy to find these stamp sets and ink!  There are three different stamp sets out.  I knew I'd be getting one from a friend, so I grabbed the other two myself.  There are two sets of ink colors out but I only found this one.  It was the last one in sight, and has the burgundy, copper metallic, and emerald colors.  I don't remember offhand what three colors the other set has.  While I was there, at least three Target employees were still unpacking boxes and stocking the Dollar Spot bins.  I asked one girl if she knew if there was any more ink.  She checked on her little inventory gadget thing and said not yet, but that another truck would be coming the next day (I think?) and maybe ink would be on that one.  So I will be checking back next time I'm town, which might be tomorrow with my mom.

This was one of THE biggest reasons I was so anxious to find this stuff, and one of the reasons I've decided to keep going with card making.  It's a 6x6 paper pad.  Well, it's card stock actually.  It's probably not the best deal, with only twelve sheets for $3.00, but they're gorgeous.  Most of the designs have coppery or rose gold-ish foil details.  They're just beautiful for fall cards!

I wasn't nearly as excited about this one but I did grab it because there are a few more fall designs in it.  There are 18 sheets in this one.  There was a third pack too, but I wasn't thrilled with any of the designs.  I like that they have these paper packs though!  I'm curious to see if they'll have some for Christmas too!

And I bought this just for fun.  There are pages to color as well as some easy little kid activity pages like tic-tac-toe and mazes.  There are a couple pages I noticed as I flipped through, that could even be cut up for cards.  Hmmm!

I felt pretty satisfied with all the goodies I was able to find for once.  Besides that other ink set, the only other thing on my list that I did not find was the little pumpkin shaped notepads that I've been seeing people haul.  There were some packs of absolutely gorgeous wooden stickers in fall designs, some with foil or glitter details.  They were so soooo pretty, but I didn't grab them because they were $3.00 a pack.  They're still on my mind though, so maybe they'll jump into my basket next time I'm there.

And now that I actually have some fall and Halloween craft things to work with again, I'm hauling out my table and supplies and seeing if I can actually make something without rage-quitting again!

Anything you're loving from the Dollar Spot recently?
Anything you're searching for but can't find?


  1. I love those book looking tags with the spiders. Very cute! Looks like an awesome haul!! I am thinking about that tiny black tree again. I kinda like it for photos. Maybe if it is still around I will grab it.

    1. There were a bunch when I went back, so hopefully there are still some by you. I even paused to look at the little ornaments again. Oh, did you see (or get?) the tiny little Halloween fairy lights? I saw purple bats, and not sure what the others were.