Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Melted - Better Homes and Gardens / Fall Into Autumn

Fall Into Autumn - 'Golden acorns and crisp green apple combine with warm notes of smooth applewood and red cedar nestled with aromatic leaves, white orchard pear and gently spiced harvest berry.'

 This is probably the most interesting scent for me this fall.  My cold sniff notes when I bought this said this reminded me of a spiced cranberry punch.  More recently, I saw Amanda C. describe it as having pine in it.  So I finally hauled it out and melted some today.  I loved it . . . but as a Christmas scent.  LOL!  I agreed with Amanda that there was a pine note in there.  I was away from the house for a while this morning and my first thought upon returning home and coming into the house was 'Oooh, Christmas-y!'  Now I look at the description and there is no mention of pine.  Doh!  But it *seems* like pine.  I still swear there is a strong, tart and juicy cranberry note, and since the description says 'harvest berry,' I could still be right.  There is brightness and cheer in this scent, an outdoorsy feel too, like a sunny but chilly day.  Whether you see it as a cool fall day with apples and cedar, or a cold winter day leading up to Christmas with pine and cranberry is up to you and your nose.  For me, Christmas all the way, and I'm saving my last two cubes to see if I still feel that way in December.

I melted two cubes (0.8 oz.) worth in both my Glade hot plate warmer and my tea light warmer and had medium-strong scent that traveled well throughout the house and lingered after the warmers were off.

Let me know if you've had this, because I'm so curious to know how other people see this one!


  1. I absolutely love this fragrance, but I do not see it as a fall fragrance whatsoever. It smells like Christmas Day, 100%. Bright, clean, fresh cranberry, spices and a pine(like) note. You need to melt the wax to fully appreciate the Happy Holiday feeling contained within!

    1. Agreed! I think I'm going to grab another pack or two tomorrow when I'm shopping, just to have for the Christmas season.