Friday, September 30, 2016

Melted - Scentsy / Casting Spells

Casting Spells - 'A bewitching blend of apple drizzle, roasted pears, and cinnamon bark.'

It's a rare day that you'll find Scentsy here on my blog.  This was gifted to me though, by someone who is brand new to the wax world and doesn't know any better, someone I work with who gets a kick out of mocking me for being a Crazy Candle Blogger.  Rest assured, I will be putting together a little assortment of approved wax to get this person on the right track!

Anyway, when I saw the scent description of this I thought it would be something I'd really like.  When I actually received the wax and sniffed it though . . . no.  There is a strong smoky note in this, and you know I don't like those smoky types of scents.  What is it coming from?  Are those 'roasted pears' on fire?  I'm not sure, but that smoky note smacked my nostrils first and foremost.  That note is still there when warmed but the fruit notes are at least trying to come out more.  I did get a bit of sweetness, I think more pear than apple, and a bit of warmth from the cinnamon.  I think this would be a nice early fall scent if that smoky note wasn't there.  Sadly, the smoky note killed this one for me.

I melted 0.7 oz. worth in my Glade hot plate warmer and lighter-medium scent.

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