Thursday, September 15, 2016

Melted - Warm Ups / Apple

Apple - 'This fruity and clean scent is a crisp blend of bergamot, apple peel, wild berry, leafy greens, macintosh, red delicious, freesia, lily of the valley, musk, cedar leaf, and clove.'
This is one of those new ideas in scented wax, oil soaked foam-type shapes.  Julie received some last year and was kind enough to share one with me so I could try too.  Since it was apple scent, of course I waited till fall rolled around again.
This was a very pretty and sophisticated apple scent, definitely not just your simple juicy Macintosh!  I had no idea what the scent description was while I had this warming but I knew for sure it was way more than just apple.  It's slightly floral and 'green,' with just a wee tiny hint of warmth from soft spice.  The actual apple note is rather minimal.  This was nice but bordered verrry closely on the 'too pretty' type that I don't care for.
This is a 0.4 oz. little flower shape but that doesn't really matter because it does not melt.  It's some sort of felty foamish type material that holds its shape.  It is soaked in the fragrance oils but still, it is not wet or messy.  It feels a little moist when handling it but did not leave residue or wet fingertips.  The scent was a healthy medium in my tea light warmer.  I had this going last night for about four hours (one tea light) and even after cooling and sitting all night, the cold scent when I picked it up out of the warmer is probably still as strong as when I first put it in yesterday.  I'm guessing I could easily get another 'melt' out of this.  It was so handy to just pick the little shape up out of the warmer and pop it back into the little ziploc baggie.  No freezer method, no scraping the dish, nothing.
If you're curious about these little foam smellies, check out the site . . . 
[This was a gift.]

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