Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Natters - Sept. 13 / Project Life

Hi, guys.  I'm struggling again.  Or is it still?  I don't know but I called in sick again today.  I went for YEARS without calling in, and now I've done it twice in a little over a month.  That's not good.  But I had such a crappy day at work last Friday that I just couldn't face going back to that mess today.  I know I can't keep doing this.  I know I need to either get out or learn to deal with it.  I have all my hopes pinned on that dang switch to regular eight hour shifts now, and they're dragging their feet on doing it.  UGH!!!!

That over-stressed, over-anxious feeling is back too.  My mind is constantly racing.  My sleep has been crappy, choppy, waking up tense.  My whole body core feels tight, like I'm tense and bracing for something.  Just not good all around.

Strangely though, my mood has not been bad.  It's almost to the other extreme, like hyper and chatty.  Well there is crabbiness but it's not the mopey, silent, crying kind it was not so long ago.

I had some major frustration while trying to make Halloween cards recently.  I packed the stuff up instead of trying to force it, and then couldn't stop wondering why I can't find anything that keeps me entertained and occupied anymore.  Casey says I just look for reasons to give up on things.  He says I over think everything until I talk myself out of whatever it is I'm considering.  So when I snipped at him about it, he said "You need some friends!  You need a hobby!  You need something to do!"

Hello, Voice of Reason Boychild.  I've been trying to find a hobby!  It's not working!  And he repeats that it's my own fault, as he'd already stated.

So, I'm going to be trying something new.

I'd heard of Project Life and even looked at the supplies at Walmart but never really looked into just what it was or anything like that.  When I did start finding more about it more recently I still thought it wasn't something I'd be interested in.  And then suddenly one day I was all interested in it!  I started watching videos and reading about it, and decided I wanted to try it.

Project Life is supposed to be an easier way to scrapbook.  It sort of combines scrapbooking and journaling, and makes it easier by using plastic pocket pages, kinda like trading card holder pages.  They have different styles of page layouts, different sizes of albums, plenty of interesting extras.  They have tons of cute cards meant to help decorate the pages.  Some are just for decoration, and some have space for journaling.  You can leave the pages as simple as your photos and some of their cards, or you can pretty them up more with your own papers, stickers, washi, embellishments, whatever.


So I still have a way to use all those things I love to buy!  I can have such things on hand for when the card making urge strikes, and can also use the same things for decorating Project Life pages!  AND work some journaling into it all!  Lordy, my head is spinning when I think about it all.

And you can do it however you want.  I think a common style is to do weekly spreads.  I think some do monthly.  I've seen some do specific themes.  I have grand ideas of going all the way back and doing albums for all the years hubby and I have been together, as well as separate albums for Ty and Casey.  I'm thinking about an album of the years we went to Vikings games.  (They have a football themed set of cards!)  I have all kinds of ideas!

Now, I did resist this urge for a while.  I reminded myself that I keep quitting everything I try.  I reminded myself about all the money I'd be putting into yet another 'This is it!' idea.  But when something gets in my head, it's stuck there.  So I'm going to go ahead and do this!

I went to Walmart and found this 12x12 inch album.  It is an actual Project Life album but I was surprised it was only $9.84!  Now, it is only a simple paper/cardboard cover instead of the more high end cloth and faux leather I'd been seeing online, but for my first one, just to see if I actually do like this, I'll take it!

Walmart had a couple styles of pages but not the design I wanted.  I had to go to Joann's to find those.  There were only two packs on the shelf, so I grabbed both.  There are 12 pages in each pack.  If you look closely at the bottom of this pic, by the 'x12,' you can see a diagram of what the pocket layout is for this Design A style.

I didn't buy any of the 'core kits' or 'starter packs' because the ones I saw didn't appeal to me as much as the smaller packs or others I'd seen online.  I grabbed one small pack at Walmart and one at Joann's.
Here is a look (from the backs of the packages) of what all comes in each set.

I also bought a corner rounder punch and purple sparkly washi at Walmart.  The punch is for rounding the corners of my photos to match the style of the Project Life cards, and for when/if I make my own cards.  The tape is because when I was trying to make Halloween cards I was bummed that I had orange sparkly washi but not purple.  And I also bought two sheets of black sparkly paper at Joann's, again because while trying to make those Halloween cards I was wishing I'd had black sparkly paper.

When I got back home, after seeing what those two stores did and did not have, I placed a couple orders online.  One was from the Joann's site for several more packs of themed cards and some other styles of pages.  And one was from Walmart's site for two other theme packs and . . . a new printer.  My printer has been a frustrating piece of crap almost from the first day I got it.  It's a low end, nothing special model that I thought would be fine for me but wasn't.  It's having all kinds of problems these past few months now, more than ever before, and I'm just sick of it.  I asked in a crafty group about printers and got some recommendations, did some reading, and settled on one.  It's supposed to be this awesome thing for printing photos and crafty printables.  We'll see!

So yeah, apparently spending money is my way of dealing with (or avoiding) stress and depression.  Not ideal, but who knows, maybe this Project Life thing really will stick for a while?!

Are you familiar with Project Life?
Are you a scrapbooker or journaler?


  1. Retail therapy... I may or may not be familiar with that. LOL!

    This sounds like a fun mish-mash of all the paper crafting/journaling things you enjoy! I hope it turns out to be everything you want it to be :)

    I'm slightly familiar with Project Life, only because it's mentioned occasionally in the planner groups I'm in on Facebook. Right now I'm more of a journaler, but I have all sorts of scrapbooking supplies back in the States with my mom. I grew up scrapbooking with her and have several albums of pictures and decorations that document my life.

    1. I can't decide where I want to start. I'm kinda wanting to do the football album first, but I'm thinking I can maybe use a smaller size for it. Hmmm. Well, I'm not doing anything until my new printer and other cards get here, but still. *anxious*


  2. How cool Deb! This sounds like a really fun thing. And way better than just scrapbooking or just journaling. People are so creative! I hope it flows well for you. The Viking football will be totally cool. And a Germany one. Wow.

    Sorry work is dragging a bit. :-( Hopefully something will flesh out for you and for your benefit in the end. Thinking of you.

    1. I'm anxious to get going on this. I've been able to keep my mind occupied at work with thoughts of how I want to do this, and it's helped keep my mood up and keep my mind from dwelling on work drama. Win win! Just waiting for my printer and other sets of cards to get here now.....