Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Natters - Sept. 14 / Fall Decor Tour

Hello!  I wasn't sure I was even going to do this post because most of the stuff is the same as last year, and the year before, and so on . . . all in the same spots again.  Also, my house is not anything blog worthy.  It's old, not updated, and usually dirty.  Trying to take pics of the lovely fall decor without giving a real idea of how it looks in the room is sometimes pointless.  In the end though, I want to try and break my current state of frazzledness and get back into the blogging swing, so here goes!

The display on the end table by the window in the corner of the living room this year features the new additions of the solar fox that's too wobbly to stay outside, and one of the snake plants that I'd bought earlier in the year and that Minion has finally gotten tired of chewing the edges of.

There would normally be a larger candle of some sort in the center of this coffee table display.  I didn't buy any new fall ones this year and was not ready to get a pumpkin scented one out yet, so it was just these festively fall votive holders with flickering fake tea lights in them for the picture.

More flickering fake tea lights behind this cute floral-in-wheelbarrow that hubby picked from Menards many years ago.  I can never find a good place for this thing, so it's one of the few things that moves around from year to year.

Hanging over the ancient bookcase that now holds DVDs (in the previous pic) are shelves that hold a large portion of hubby's shotglass collection.  Years ago there was a large picture of the boys at Christmas hanging in that center space but I eventually took that down and the space is usually blank.  Since I couldn't find a spot for this new fall sign (from Dollar Tree), I just put here.  I don't like it though.  It's not noticeable enough.

The usually decor spot in the corner of the living room, with the three sparkly leaves bought at Walmart last year, and the felt wreath bought at Target last year.

A St. Vinnie's thrift shop find last year or the year before, this sits on a small cabinet outside the bathroom door.

My fall fox rock, gifted from Julie, in its proud spot on the top shelf of my computer desk in the former dining room.

The buffet in the former dining room is usually the central decorating spot.  This set up is a little different this year but the only new thing is the sign on the wall (from Dollar Tree) and the crow pick (from Julie) in the display on the left.  Oh, the plant is new too, another of the snake plants Minion has finally stopped biting.  Would you like a piece of fall edition candy?

The usual wooden sign, from Fleet Farm many years ago, on the little shelf in the kitchen.
Below that little shelf is this counter display.  The sign is new this year, from Dollar Tree.  The apple bucket is being used as a pencil cup and was from Walmart last year.  And the pumpkin toothpick holder was from Dollar General last year.

Both of these are new this year and they're also in a spot that's never gotten decorations before.  This is the final snake plant, and a super cute fall totem type thing that I ordered from LTD Commodities.  These are in the corner of the kitchen counter top that has always been cluttered before by the Keurig machine or other kitchen gadgets.  We sold the Keurig and simplified the counter tops, so there was blank space in this corner now.

A different style of the totem thing, also ordered from LTD, sits on top of the fridge.

I got these two large vinyl clings at Dollar Tree last year.

I usually have my really nice Etsy bought table runner here but it has pumpkins on it and this year I decided I was going to wait till November to get that out.  In its place I've put this fall themed kitchen towel.  That charger plate has been around for many years.  The candle is from Moeggenborg Sugar Bush many years ago.  And the napkins are from Target Dollar Spot a year or two ago.

This is the inner door in our 'mud room' that leads into the kitchen.  The scarecrow banner on the left is a few years old, from Walmart (I think), and the scarecrow welcome sign on the right is new, from Dollar Tree.

This cute wreath is similar to one that I'd had for probably fifteen years that I was heartbroken to have to throw out this year.  I must have put that one away damp last year because it was moldy when I pulled it out this year.  So, I had to buy this cute little guy at Walmart.

(Click the pic for a larger version if you're interested.)
That's the new wreath on the right side of the door, and on the left is the same metal wreath I've had for a few years now.  My old boy and girl scarecrow door greeters are still there on the left but they might get tossed this year because they have some mold from the wreath.  Hubby said put them out, see if the sun and rain clean them up.  On the floor to the right of the door is a fake floral display that looks so nice there but is really wobbly and weak.  At the front, the base of the steps, there are two new mini scarecrows on each post.  There is a fall garden flag to the right.  And you'll notice the white, orange, and black containers with fake flowers that I made many years ago.

Another pic of the porch, you can also see the scarecrow on the right side of the porch in this one.

And finally, this is at the back corner of the house, my newest decorating spot.  That little porch is newer, and this corner of the house is very plain.  While coming back from the bank one day, I realized that while on the road traveling that direction, it's this back corner of the house you notice most from the road, so why not decorate here?  (The front part of this side of the house is blocked by trees, if looking from the road.)  So I've started getting a few things for this little area.  The crows and scarecrow head are from Menards, and the garden flag is from Walmart.

This is how we're looking at The Fall Slut's house this fall.

Do you decorate for fall?


  1. I think your decor is charming! I have no fall decor at all. :( I especially love the glass fox in the first photo and your sign with all the different fall words. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. =)
      No fall decor makes me sad. You made those cute pumpkin cup cozies! You should totally do some pumpkin or apple coasters, a larger fall colored table center mat or something!


  2. That fox and those crows charm me. So very cute. Your porch is so festive and I love all the fall touches in your home. How was that Sugar Bush candle? Thank you for the tour. I always love to see your decorations.

    1. That Sugar Bush candle is years old and still has plenty of scent. We don't light it very often. I lit it once while we were all playing Munchkin but the menfolk didn't like the scent. *sigh*

      I'm already chomping at the bit to add the Halloween decorations to the two porches.