Monday, September 26, 2016

Natters - Sept. 26 / Drama and Cards

Natters!  Yes, Natters!  Man, you don't know how I've been itching to get into a regular Natters routine.  I've been busy with a lot of little distractions lately which has kept my mood pretty decent.  But I still fall into that old habit of putting off writing until I get so far behind.  Like, I have tons of haul items that I haven't even shared because it was starting to seem like 'Is that all she does, buys endless cheap crap?'  Now I don't know if I should just skip it and move on, or maybe sprinkle some in here and there along the way.  What do you think, peoples?

So what's been happening?  Well, work is still a mess but my other little projects and things have kept me from dwelling too much on that.  It appears now that we might NOT being going back to regular eight hour shifts.  Ugh!  I did not want it when they first announced it, mainly because it's convenient to help my mom on my days off.  But then the more I thought about it, the more eight hours sounded like it would get rid of some of my biggest stresses at work, which in turn make work much easier to deal with.  I'd even talked to my sister-in-law about helping with my mom if I couldn't do it as much on my eight hour schedule.  She said she'd help.  So everything was set in my mind and I couldn't wait to switch, then I heard last week Friday that it looks now like the change won't happen afterall.  Whaaaaaaat?!

There is family drama all over the place for me.  Not me and my menfolk, but my mom and my siblings.  I get so frustrated and impatient with my mom these days because she just assumes we'll do anything and everything for her.  She's become way too settled into her "It's easier if you just do it," mindset, that she doesn't even try to do most things anymore.   I mean things like simply going to get her own mail, or calling to make a doctor appointment, or things like that.  And now there is a situation with one of my brothers, and my mom can't understand why my other brother (who is already doing so much for her) doesn't get things done for him.

Let me clarify that a bit.  TroubledBrother is now homeless.  He's living in his truck in my mom's driveway.  She let's him in her apartment during the day to use the bathroom, eat, watch some TV, but he cannot live there.  TroubledBrother got himself into this mess because there is a weirdness about him.  He doesn't function well in society, won't go shopping for himself, won't go to a doctor or anything, won't get out and look for a job.  He's kept jobs that others have managed to get for him, but won't go look for himself.  He doesn't ask for help, and refuses it when offered by hiding behind locked doors of wherever he's living.  Well, he's unemployed as of very early this year, and evicted from his apartment as of a week ago.

My mom buys him food and lends him money, and has been for some time now, even before the eviction.  She keeps dumping everything else on HelpfulBrother, like trying to get him on welfare, trying to get him jobs, trying to get him to a doctor and whatnot.  My mom does not tell TroubledBrother so-n-so is hiring, or so-in-so has a room to rent.  No, she tells HelpfulBrother to go call about so-n-so for TroubledBrother, and then gets cranky when he doesn't drop everything and do it.  I got quite snippy with her today while I was over there because she was mad about HelpfulBrother not having called a place yet.  I said, "He shouldn't have to!  [TroubledBrother] can freakin' call himself!"  My mom reacted like I'd slapped her or something, and I felt bad for a moment but then no, I knew I was right.  She said "You know he [TroubledBrother] won't do it,"  and I said "Well then it's his own damn problem.  [HelpfulBrother] doesn't need to do every freakin' thing for him!  He's already doing enough!  [TroubledBrother] has nothing to do all day.  There's no reason he can't drive down the road and get the number."  (There is a cheap motel nearby that he could probably stay at.)

So yeah, it's to the point that I dread going to my mom's each week because it's all so ridiculous.

But on to lighter subjects . . . 

Project Life!
No, I have not rage-quit yet.  I haven't actually started yet either but that's because I was waiting for my new printer and the theme packs of cards that I'd ordered to get here.  Those things all arrived over several days last week, and I thought I'd show you.  I don't know if any of you are even interested in Project Life or pocket scrapbooking (the generic term) but maybe new readers will be drawn in because of it, so here we go!

This is my new baby, the Canon Pixma MG6820.  It's an all-in-one type, with printer, scanner, copier, and I think maybe fax?  I don't need a fax machine so I don't care if it's actually on this one or not.  It's a wifi type too, so you can print right from your phone or whatever device.  Well, as long as it's Apple based, I think.  My phone is not.  I haven't checked online to see if there is any work-around for that.  Doesn't matter at the moment though.  You can also just take the memory card out of your camera or whatever, pop it into the slot (bottom left corner) and print from that.  And it prints pictures of amazing quality!!!  I got it with Project Life in mind, but I think this will come in so handy for just printing off pics in general.  (Remember my Snapfish fiasco last year?)  I suppose the ink will go fast, but so far it hasn't run it out nearly as quick as I'd thought it would.

This is the 'Home' theme pack from American Crafts, and contains 40 cards.
(These packs come with a variety of 4x6 and 3x4 cards, some for journaling and some just for decorating.  Click any of these pics for larger versions, to see more details.)

'Travel' pack from American Crafts, 40 cards.

'Football' pack from American Crafts, 40 cards.

'Cats' pack from American Crafts, 40 cards.

'Americana' pack from American Crafts, 40 cards.

'Fall' pack from American Crafts, 60 cards.

'Christmas' pack from American Crafts, 40 cards.

'Winter' pack from American Crafts, 60 cards.

I'd ordered this thinking it was another Christmas pack.  I was surprised to find this set contains 100 cards, comes in a neat little box, and contains cards for a large variety of holidays!  It is called 'Holiday Edition' so I suppose yeah, that does make sense.  Duh me.  There are cards for Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentines, Halloween, and so on.  Pretty cool!

I also have those two other packs I'd bought, plus a Halloween pack that I'd bought digitally and had to print out myself.  If I can figure out how to show that collection, I will in a different post.

Now to get going on some actual Project Life work!

How are you all doing in these lovely early fall days?


  1. Project Life sounds exciting! I hope you post more about it as you play around with it :)
    I'm sorry you're having trouble with family drama. It's never fun when you can't see eye to eye with people you know you're going to spend a lot of time with.

    We're stuck in some hazy, rainy weather lately. I think it's seeped into my mood a little. On the bright side, we're supposed to get a rebate and discount on our electric bill because of how hot this summer has been!

    1. Great news on the rebate! Now you can buy more planner goodies. lol

      I'll hopefully have something to show as far as Project Life later this week. I didn't get anything related to that done today, so I'm hoping my day off Thursday will be productive.

      Family drama does suck. And that's not even all of it. *sigh*

      Are you still dogsitting?


    2. Don't tempt me on the planner goodies... I'm in the middle of going through Etsy shops that are having a sale right now. LOL

      We dropped River back off with her family last Tuesday. I miss my cuddle bug. T__T

    3. Hehe, did you buy anything from those Etsy shops? I've been good since all my cards arrived. I feel like I need to actually do something with all these things first before I can buy any more.


    4. With a little help from Michael, I caved and bought some stickers. By some I mean more than I need. I'm probably set for the next year on planner stickers. LOL
      I'm still checking out several other sales as they happen... Maybe I should stop stalking all of the Facebook pages.

    5. Sticker haul post? Sticker haul post!!

      I was at an Etsy shop called The Paper Llama today. Have you seen that one? She has very planner specific stickers. I was looking for more general stuff.


    6. I will definitely do a sticker haul post when it comes in! I just have to do the very difficult task of waiting... LOL. One of the sticker shops ships from Canada so I had to have the stickers sent to my parents instead of to my APO address.

      Yes I've seen The Paper Llama! I actually came across that one waaay back in January when I was looking for general stickers.

  2. How cool! That printer looks really nice. Glad it prints out your photos better than you got from Snapfish. And it is right there! No waiting! The cat pack totally nabbed my heart. Very cute. I look forward to seeing some creations.

    Sorry to hear about the family tensions. And I am glad you stuck up for Helpful Brother. I bet it is hard for your mom to not understand that Troubled Brother is a grown man and not a little boy anymore.

    1. I'm anxious to get going on it! I keep changing my mind on how I want to do it though. This is just another of my habits... stalling tactics until I give up without trying. I need to stop that! Just dive in!!