Thursday, September 29, 2016

Natters - Sept. 29 / Movie Star!

I had wanted to post the past two days but wow, those two days of work were crazy and by the time I got home I was just wanting to fall into bed.  I was busy busy busy, which makes the days go faster and keeps my mind occupied, but it was also physically draining.  I don't know how many times I said "I'm getting too old for this," those two days.  I can lend you all my wisdom, people, but can you please let me sit down in peace for two minutes first?

Yesterday was kind of interesting.  There was a film crew in the plant, getting footage for a marketing video that's being put together.  We had to sign waivers and everything.  They had three or four cameras, shooting anything and everything, from all angles.  They had lights set up in the office, maybe for little interview bits or something?  Or maybe just storing them there because they weren't needed, I don't know.  A lot of people were having fun with it all.  Of course, some people had to be all dramatic about it and make a big deal about how they didn't want to be in it.  I hope we'll see the end result some day!  (And yes, I was filmed.)

Fall is absolutely, 100% here now.  Our furnace has been kicking on quite regularly at night now, with our temps getting down into the upper 40s.  The thermostat is still set a little low, but it's cozy to have the beast in the basement coming on now and then on these chillier days.  Daytime temps have only been in the 60s for about a week now.  Leaves are really starting to change.  The cornfields around our house, that I see each time I look out my window here by the computer, are a lovely fall tan color, ready to be picked.  Hubby and I will have to go chop a few stalks for some yard displays before the farmer gets out there to start harvesting!

I'm super excited about October coming!  I'm anxious to get my Halloween stuff out and start dipping into all the pumpkin goodies I've been accumulating in my shopping!  Of course, I have to work this weekend so my decorating probably won't happen until October 4th.  Well, unless I start doing it tomorrow.  Hmmm.

So, in an effort to try and work in the backlog of haul items that have yet to be posted, I'm going to show you a few more things.  I first saw these when I was still fully feeling the cardmaking thrill, before Project Life ever entered my mind.  I'd been watching a haul video of some sort and the person mentioned a company called Lawn Fawn.  The name just grabbed me with its cuteness.  And then the papers she showed had me drooling.  Well then my cardmaking interest tanked (again) and my interest in Project Life started.  I thought I no longer needed fun papers like this because I'd be using the card sets.  But no, plenty of people make their own little cards and things for pocket scrapbooking so I was like, heck yeah!

These are 6x6 inch packs of paper.  I did shop around online and got these for $4.60 each at  This is the fall pack.

Christmas pack.

Winter pack.

While looking around I'd also come across this pack, which is Bokeh style . . . whatever that is.  I mean, it's that dotty, fuzzy, snowflake-y look, but just what is 'bokeh'?  I'll have to look it up.  Anyway, this is the In The Snow pack, and of course looks Christmas-y.

And this In The Dark pack, which will be good for Halloween things.

I'm not usually one to throw extra things into my cart to get a free shipping deal but when I saw I was only $2.00 away, I went snooping around the site for something small and cheap.
Not a very good picture, sorry, but I chose these two small packs of bling.  I love using the clear gem stones on cards so I assume I'll probably use them if I make my own pocket scrapbooking cards.  I got a pack of the clear stones and a pack of the small pearls.  I've never used the pearl types.  I'd like to find enamel dots, like all the awesome crafters use.

But yeah, I'm becoming addicted to paper packs.  Now I just need to get busy making use of them!

I *still* have not actually started any Project Life pages.  Today was supposed to be about scanning and printing old pics so I can get started, but a million other little things keep getting in the way.  Like having to go get a bulb for my headlight, which went out a few days ago.  And like mowing the lawn which had gotten pretty long and shaggy after neglecting it for various reasons.  And then I wanted to be sure I got a Natters post up today, so now I have and maybe now I can get going on the pictures.

Maybe . . . 
Any everyday inconveniences cutting into your fun time lately?

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