Friday, September 30, 2016

Natters - Sept. 30 / Lucifer & Cat Toys

I still haven't started working on scanning and printing pics.  It bugs me a little that I can't get going on this, but on the other hand I am at least getting a lot of other little things done around here.  My mood is still good enough these days that I'm not feeling all pressured about these things.

Did my shopping today and bought myself something that I've been wanting, but also makes me feel like an old lady.  I bought a cardigan sweater.  For the past million years I've just worn boring old zip up hoodies when I need a bit more warmth.  I'm wearing my Vikings one to death lately and I don't want to ruin it.  I want to get as many years as I can out of that one.  So I noticed the sweaters today and I just grabbed one.  I don't know why it seems old lady-ish to me but it does.

Bought the Warcraft movie today.  When I saw the big center aisle display, I grabbed one without a second thought.  I'm looking forward to watching this again, along with all the extra stuff on the DVD.  Sucks that I can't play the game.  My computer just can't handle it anymore.  Casey's having a blast playing it on his custom built gaming computer though.  Kids and their money, I tell ya.

Bought this too, the first season of the TV show Lucifer.  I'd been interested in this when I first saw commercials for it last season.  Not sure why I didn't watch.  Maybe because hubby's always hogging the DVR with his millions of shows?  Then I forgot about it for a while, and remembered it again much later in the season.  I recorded one episode just to see if it was something I thought I might like, and I did enjoy it.  I put it on my Netflix list and then had to wait forever until the season was released on DVD.  I finally got the first disc last week and started watching . . . and was absolutely hooked.  I finally got the second and third discs the other day and started watching Disc 2 last night.  Oh my gosh, I love this show!  I decided to just buy the DVD set for myself and have already sent the Netflix ones back.

Some of you might now I have a fascination with angels, fallen angels, demons.  I've had conversations about angels with a couple waxy bloggy friends.  So of course Lucifer would catch my eye.  The show is flashy and sassy, has comedy because Lucifer is just so blunt and snarky, and of course the usual police drama.  I was thrilled to find though, that it does go into a lot more.  One of the episodes I watched last night had Lucifer's therapist (yes, don't ask) yelling at him about his past, about being God's favorite and why he was cast down.  To hear Lucifer screaming back his side of it was fascinating.  There is also stuff about his wings, and how if humans laid eyes on them all kinds of madness would befall them.  I am just totally loving this show!  And I'm bummed because, once again, I'm sure I'm the only one out of my circle of friends who watches it.

You should all start watching it!

So I saw this article online yesterday about how indoor cats who have to work for their food are healthier and happier.  I don't mean they have to scrub the toilet or take out the garbage.  I mean little activities and teasers where they have to knock the food out or work to get at it.  Minion and FattyCat love the little weeble wobble thing we got them.  Minion bats it around and Fatty pounces on the treats that fall out.  Well in the article I saw an activity board . . . 

I want one of these!!!  I forgot to look at Walmart this morning to see if they have anything like this.  I see them listed online all over, everywhere like Target, Walmart, Petsmart, Amazon.  They're $30-40, depending where you look.  This particular one is made by Trixie, a German company.  There is also this fun little video showing cats using the board . . .

They say it's great for older cats, to get them active again, and can even correct some annoying behaviors, which I think is what Minion needs.  He is like a naughty little toddler, always needing something to entertain him and being naughty if he's not getting any attention.  So yes, I really want to try one of these.

Do your cats have mind game toys?

Alrighty, hubby's gone to pickup or Friday night fish from the local place, so I'm going to go watch more Lucifer and work on the puzzle we started last night.

Happy Friday!


  1. Lucifer! Yes I will watch it. Hey. You totally confirmed I am an old lady. I have about 10 cardigans and one has cats on it. I bet you look super cute in it.

    1. I finished watching the first season that same night that I bought the set. I want to go back and watch it all again! And I have the DVR set to record the second season so I can hopefully keep up.


    2. Forgot to mention, my cardigan is just plain black. No fancy cats for me yet! lol I do want to get another, a lighter color, while I'm still brave enough.