Thursday, October 6, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 10 / October 2016

Aahhh, October.  We're full steam into fall now.  Leaves are reaching full color change.  Sweaters have been hauled out of storage.  Hot chocolates are being sipped again.  Pumpkins are out.  Halloween costumes need to be picked.  Christmas trees are showing up in stores.  Wait . . . what?! 

Let's get back to the spooky task at hand.  The Band of Bloggers ghoulishly fun question for October is:
What do ghosts smell like?
For some reason, hay or hayride type scents come to mind for this.  I think it's the sort of dustiness of it, lending a sort of mustiness without being a damp and moldy grossness.  Apparently I think ghosts are all old and little used?  lol  I suppose people would find comfort in the thought of Grandma's ghost smelling like her lavender soap, or Uncle's ghost smelling like the pipe he loved to smoke, but I don't know, for me it just seems like a whiff of dusty hay, perhaps wood resin, mix of stuffy attic with tiny hint of outdoors comes to mind first.
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  1. Yes! Attics and mustiness. I can see the hay too. Very cool description. Makes me want to melt my Haunted Hayrides scents I have floating around here.

    1. I wonder how minty hay would smell? You know, to get the icy feel of a ghost passing through? lol