Saturday, October 1, 2016

Blogtober - Day 1

It's October!  Can you believe that?  With my better, more mellow mood of late, I'm really looking forward to October and Halloween things.  I'm going to try to do Blogtober, which is just to post every day in October, and hopefully get some ghoulish festivity going here on the blog.  No guarantees, especially on my work days, but I succeeded last year with Blogmas so I'm hoping to be able to do it now.

Today was a work day and a miserable one at that.  We are doing 'deep cleaning' this weekend, which is down twice a year, and it's the most miserable and most hated project in the whole factory.  It's pretty much stripping down the room I work in, covering what can't be moved, and foaming / pressure washing from the ceiling down.  Then every freakin' tiny detail of each machine and each piece that was removed has to be cleaned and then cleaned some more.  Then it all has to be hauled back in and put back together.  Everyone hates it.  Everyone gets crabby.  Squabbles break out.  It's just a miserable time.  As a lead person, I can sneak away a little more than the other people, and I took advantage of that today.  Holy crap, did I ever!  Tomorrow we're supposed to be getting out at 3pm instead of 7pm.  *fingers crossed*

Since it's now October I've started dipping into some of the pumpkin flavored goodies I've been accumulating this season.  I thought I'd post them and share some quick thoughts as I go through them.
Today I had two things.

Funny how the angle of this picture makes the container look like a straight tube.  But no, it's still the slanted style that Yoplait is known for.  Anyway, I had this Pumpkin Pie flavored yogurt at work this morning.  I had this last year but couldn't remember much about it.  I really liked it this morning.  I think I'll grab more next time I'm shopping.  It's quite spicy and has a nice creamy pumpkin flavor.

I also took one of these Little Debbie - Pumpkin Spice Rolls to work today.  They're yummy enough but nothing outstanding.  There is a bit of warm fall spice but the pumpkin flavor is minimal.  

I also broke out my Pumpkin Pie lip balm, Perfect Pumpkin goat milk lotion, and Purrfect Pumpkin shower gel and body spray today.

Hopefully I'll take down my fall decorations tomorrow, if I get home at 3pm, and start putting up the Halloween decorations.  Excited!

How was your first day of October?  Are you a Halloween fan?


  1. Glad you are excited. I hope this Blogtober goes well for you.

    1. My mood nosedived today. Just a lot of piddly little things, so hopefully it passes as fast as it happened.

      Hope October is on an upswing for you.