Monday, October 10, 2016

Blogtober - Day 10

Today started off crappy again.  I had a horrible headache again when I woke up and I had that weird high blood pressure type feeling again too.  I did some Googling and one of the main culprits that kept coming up was . . . depression. Well yay.  Took an Advil/Tylenol cocktail and tried to keep busy to get my mind off it, then headed over to my mom's, which is headache inducing and blood pressure rising in its own right.

Turns out it was an easy enough visit this week.  I only had to do a quick load of laundry for her, not take her shopping anywhere.  She was in a good mood.  My mood lifted.  She told me she'd gone out herself one day last week, gotten her mail and went shoe shopping.  I was SO freakin' happy to hear this.  I know she still can't go do her own grocery shopping because she can't carry all the bags herself, but if she's at least getting back to doing the smaller errands herself, that's wonderful.  I also see her taking more and more steps without the walker, which is pretty cool.

Mowed the lawn when I got home.  It was pretty shaggy since I hadn't gotten it all done last week.  I don't think there will be many more mows this season.

Worked on the photo albums and printed pictures for a while again today, but didn't get any new pics printed. 

I tried this Chobani Greek Yogurt - Pumpkin Harvest Crisp today and pretty much hated it.  I think I've tried Chobani before, or maybe it was Greek yogurt in general, and didn't like it.  I prefer Yoplait because it's so smooth and flavorful.  This was very strong in that yogurt sour tang note, and not nearly as smooth.  There was a bit of pumpkin flavor but the other factors killed it for me.  The little crunchy bits that you mix into it were 'pie crust pieces, pecans, and glazed pumpkin seeds.'  Those were yummy.  Overall though, bleah.

I'm off to read now.  I really want to finish this Boleyn book, but it doesn't grab me enough to ready huge chunks at a time.  Maybe if I can get a nice quiet day at work soon I'll be able to plow through it.  hehe

Anything seasonal fun in your day today?


  1. Sorry you woke up feeling bad. Happy to hear your mom is becoming more independent again though. That is awesome! And that you began to feel a little better. I am thinking of you.

    Too funny you posted about that yogurt. I ate it for lunch today for the first time and loved it. But I like that skanky sour Greek yogurt. And the crunchy bits were so sweet and delicious.

    Rooting for a slow easy work day so you can read your book. I remember loving it.

    Other than that yogurt and burning a Fireside candle at home, not much seasonal today other than some decent weather for once. A nice breezy 70-80 lower humidity day. I actually wore a cardigan.

    1. Your old lady cat cardigan? =P

      I have one more pumpkin yogurt to try, can't remember which brand offhand though. I bought more of the Yoplait ones regardless, because I liked that one so much.

      Or temps creeped back up to near 70, but in a day or two I think we're supposed to barely get into the 50s. Yay!