Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blogtober - Day 11

I don't know if I believe that my morning headaches are depression related.  I had one again when I got up this morning but it wasn't as bad.  What WAS bad though, was the full body blechiness that almost kept me home from work.  This was more flu-like, or possibly sinus infection type.  Sore, fatigued, hot and cold, wanting to puke, just wanting to go back to bed.  It did start to ease up as the day went on and I was feeling quite normal by about 3pm.  Guess we'll see what tomorrow morning brings.

Work was okay today.  Some mild drama with the some troublesome people, but no too bad.  My boss's boss told me they're probably going to start calling a few people into the office to talk to them about attitudes and not working together.  Ideally, there are two problem people that I'd like to see moved off my crew but I don't see it happening because we're short on people have no one to replace them with.  I think we've been hoping these two would get fed up and try to move on their own.  Don't see that happening either.

It was announced in a meeting today that we will be staying on our 12 hour schedule for the rest of this year, and the situation will be reevaluated after the first of the year.  I'd come around to idea of 8hr shifts but hearing this, I guess I'm actually quite happy to stay on 12s.  I do love my days off!

Now that it's dark when I'm driving home, it was fun this evening to see some houses with Halloween lights and lighted pumpkins.  We have a few small things that probably aren't noticeable from the road, so I really want to get our porch decorated with the other lights now.  Hopefully Thursday, when I'm off.

Nothing spooktacular happening here.  How about there?

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