Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blogtober - Day 19

Played Skylanders a lot again today.  It was heavenly.  I finally made my own character with the little crystal thing, and he's pretty awesome already.  Yes, this year's game is waaaaaay better than last year's vehicle based dud.  Even hubby has made a character this evening and is playing right now.  He almost never plays video games anymore!

I did have some crabby moments this morning.  Casey and I hauled an old entertainment center out of what was Ty's old room.  It was supposed to go down to our burn pile but it broke apart while dragging through the back door, so we abandoned the effort on the porch.  Hubby will have to back the truck up this weekend so we can haul it the rest of the way.

We hauled that out because I'm frustrated with myself for only thinking and talking about what I want to do with Ty's old room, and then never actually doing anything.  My thoughts have swung back to making it a craft room.  It might end up a craft room / library.  I don't know, but I'm tired of it being a junk collector room.

And then the whole craft thing was another of my crabby moments.  Yes, again.  The urge to make cards was super strong late yesterday and early today but when I hauled all the stuff out I was just overwhelmed with the unorganized mess that it is and gave up.  I'm also still trying to decide if I want to put the money into buying some stamp sets and a die cut machine, or if it's crazy to dump more money into something I struggle with.  My thinking here is 'Oh but if I have more things to work with it'll be easier.'  Hmmm.  Will it?

This is the awesome view I had from my window this morning.  This is looking south-west, *away* from the sunrise, but the colors shining on the trees were brilliantly amplified.  The green of our yard looks out of place.  I should have cropped the photo.  lol

Well, back to work tomorrow.  Hopefully it continues to be fairly mellow.  For now though, I'm going to go watch hubby play a Skylanders for a bit more then head off to read before bed.

How has Day 19 treated you?


  1. The view is beautiful! Now I have to google Skylander because I don't know what that is!

    1. Did you Google it? It's a video game meant for kids but adults love it too. It's a money-suck though because of all the different character figures you can buy. We have all of the releases. We get dorky excited about them each year.