Sunday, October 2, 2016

Blogtober - Day 2

Well, we did not get to leave work at 3pm today.  Night shift screwed us over once again.  We were quite the angry and uncooperative crew today!  Our supervisor did bring us pizza to try and settle some tempers but it didn't work.  I don't know how long I can keep doing this lead position.  I'm so sick of being in charge of people, especially people who are so difficult to lead.

Because I didn't get to come home early, I did not take down my fall decorations.  I came home and ranted to hubby and Casey and am now making sure I get this Day 2 post done before I stomp off to bed.  I am, however, still off tomorrow so I have high hopes for changing the decorations!

I'm just going to quickly show some crafty things I'd bought before but never shown.  These were bought when card making was still first on my mind.  Thinking about making pocket scrapbook cards now though, I think these can all still be used.

Some spooky glow in the dark stickers.  Yeah, they'll never glow if they're shut away in a book, so maybe I'll have to make some cards with these.  hehe

I don't see plain, life-like pumpkin stickers very often.  I thought these were unique enough to grab, and good for fall things in general.

Jumbo confetti that could make some interesting cards.  On the right is one of each style in the package.

More sparkly jumbo confetti.

And even more jumbo confetti.

The last pack of jumbo confetti.  This would be fun for a Trick-or-Treat page in the pocket scrapbooks.

Small foam stickers.  These were not as exciting to me as the previous things but I thought I better grab them while I was seeing them.

These are small, super cheap stamps in fun Halloween shapes.  It even includes a small ink pad.  I haven't tried them yet.  My expectations are low but I figured they'd be good enough to smack on envelopes of Halloween cards I send out, or something like that.

These are treat bags, clear with Halloween sentiments all over them.  Remember when I bought those Target Dollar Spot bags with card making in mind?  Yeah, that's why I bought these too.  Not sure if the look would carry over to Project Life type cards though.

These are larger, paper treat bags.  I liked the colors and design so yes, card making was my thought at the time.

And Halloween themed cupcake liners.  I bought these thinking I could try my hand at making the rosette type embellishments I keep seeing on crafter Serena Bee's channel and pages.  They might just end up being festive cupcake liners now though, since my card making interests have shifted and such large embellishments probably wouldn't work.  You can't even see the designs anyway.  What a wasted pic.  lol

I'm glad to finally be getting caught up on these older purchases!  I'm glad to be back to blogging too.  I'm glad you all stick with me through my ups and downs.  And I hope you're having a great Blogtober Day 2!  Did you do anything spooktacular this weekend?  Maybe bought a pumpkin or some yummy Halloween wax?


  1. Sorry the gave you guys the shaft. I hope they can make it up somehow. Pizza for sure won't cut it. I love how your spooky confetti goes with your cute blog background. The girls sent a couple of their long distance friends a Halloween friendship box.

    1. I saw pics of what I assume are those friends opening their packages. They look so excited! Very cool that your girls are into doing friendship boxes. =)