Monday, October 24, 2016

Blogtober - Day 24

What a day this has been!  So last night I told you we had a water problem and would need to call a plumber today.  I tried calling a very local guy at 7am this morning.  It's a family business and the first number I called must have been the home phone because his mom gave me his direct phone number.  Called that and got voice mail.  Left a message, then wondered how long to wait.  After an hour I called a different place, less local, and they told me they couldn't come until 8am tomorrow.  I said pencil me in but I'm going to call around to see if I can find someone that can come today.  They said that's fine.  So I called a third place and the girl said she'd have to call me back when "he gets back around nine."  Okay, so I wait and decide to call my mom and let her know I won't be able to go to her place today.  She lays on her guilt trip tone, just doesn't understand that some things can't be dropped just to convenience her.  Then I waited for the other place to call me back.

That third place I called was able to come out shortly after 9am.  He was here all of about 30 seconds and announced this job was beyond a simple plumber and that I'd need to "call a pump guy."  He gave me the name of a local guy and was gone, only at my house for maybe two minutes.  I wonder if we'll still get a bill for that?

I call the pump guy and we end up playing a bit of phone tag before finally connecting.  He says his day is really busy but he'll try to get out later.
He got here right around 3pm and was gone before 5pm.  It was indeed the main pipe going from the well to the house.  He replaced it with something other than what had been in there, saying it should last longer and not have these problems.  (There was quite a large hole rusted out at an elbow fitting.)  No idea how much this will cost.  We'll just wait and be pleasantly surprised when the bill eventually arrives.  He was a really nice guy though, remembered being here 14 years ago to do some pump work.

Now we have to leave our water running as much as possible to let all the sludge and crud get worked through the pump and the system.  It's pretty nasty!  Tried running a bit through the Britta filter just to have some water for the cats but it looked like there was no filter at all.  Bleah.  It's starting to look better now, after having a garden hose and three faucets for running for a couple hours now.  Imagine that bill!

We thought that Minion had gotten outside at some point during all this.  I could not find him anywhere.  He eventually came out of hiding after the guy had gone.  It was weird because usually he's the bold one, the curious one, but this time he's the one who went and hid.  lol

I'd been so excited about the thought of watching The Other Boleyn Girl today, only to dig through all our DVDs and find out . . . I don't even own it!  ACK!!!  I could have sworn I'd had it all this time!  I put it on my Netflix list and bumped it to the top, and am going to get a cheap copy from Amazon or Walmart the next time I order something.

The silly rose bush by our porch is still blooming in late October when temps have gotten down to the low 30s at night.  I think this thing blooms MORE when it gets late in the season and cold.  Is that normal?!

A couple of bright spots today were the arrival of a couple packages.  One was the wax from Satin Suzie Scents that I posted about earlier today.  The other was part of an order of some non-waxy things that I'm very excited about.  I'll reveal that when I have the whole order in hand.  Hehe!

Alrighty, back to work tomorrow, where I'll no doubt hear about all the ongoing drama.  So I am off to read before bed, as usual.

How was your one-week-til-Halloween Monday?


  1. I'm so glad you got your pipe repaired! We had a problem with our pump's electrical box last month and it was so old and parts so hard to find that it took 4 days to get it repaired! Fortunately we were able to shower at a nearby family member's house but we had a ton of dishes and laundry pile up. Not fun.
    Anyway, I'm glad Minion was safe and sound and I look forward to reading about your upcoming projects! And yes, your rosebush is crazy, but it sure is pretty!

    1. I was ready to go stay at my mom's again if it was going to take any longer than that day. lol It all worked out though. *phew*