Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blogtober - Day 25

Work day . . . and drama continues.  Apparently there was drama yesterday, on the other day crew.  In talking to various people today it seems a lot of people are getting really fed up with the spoiled brat immaturity of a lot of employees.  My supervisor lectured everyone in our pre-shift meeting today that the lead people are extensions of the supervisor and deserve the same respect.  He told everyone that the constant whining about petty little things needs to stop because always calling the lead or supervisor to sort out things is taking away from the things we need to get done ourselves.  I was glad to hear him say all this, but of course, the whiny babies just sulked off and grumbled about being scolded.  Really, people?  Are we all adults or not?

Well, our water looked better (but still not great) this morning.  I let it run for a while again before work, and told Casey to run it for a while during the day before he went to bed.  I checked it when I got home this evening and it's looking better, but still not clear.  I guess this will take a while.  Ugh.

Some people at work were talking about Halloween festivities in the area.  There was a little spark of excitement in me, not that I'm planning on going to any of these festivities, but it was neat to hear other people excited about it.  Then I got home to find no one had turned on the pathetic few decorations we have and it was like 'Halloween?  Considering it a miss this year.'  *sigh*

Our weather has definitely turned nippy lately.  We're down in low 30s in the mornings now.  There was frost everywhere this morning but I didn't quite have to scrape my car windows yet.  There is that super cozy feeling in the evenings when I get home, coming into the warmth of the house after the chill of driving home and walking outside.  It's the simple things, I tell ya!

And with that I am off to read for a bit.

Are you excited for Halloween??

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