Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blogtober - Day 26

I'm not quite sure how a mellow day can still be filled with drama but that's how work was today.  My supervisor told me ThisPerson and ThatPerson can never work on the same line together again, and that ThisPerson is not allowed to going into the other room to chitchat with ThatPerson anymore.  (Those two people are dating, by the way.)  No one can figure out what happened to make the supervisor decide this though.  It was freakin' mellow today!  All the usual troublemakers were actually getting along today!  We're baffled.

I heard today that a guy I used to work with died very recently.  I never liked him, he was a drunken creeper type, but it's still weird to hear that someone you knew has died.  People say neighbors hadn't seen the guy's truck move at all for several days (like going to work, etc.) and someone went to check on him, and found him dead in his apartment.  Bleah.

So I'm not in a very Halloween-y mood this year but I have been getting some major warm fuzzies as I hear and see more Thanksgiving mentions popping up.  I mean, Christmas is already starting to bombard us but I'm trying not to let that into my brain yet.  Thanksgiving is so under-appreciated, that it's exciting when I hear a radio commercial mentioning it.

I need to go to my mom's tomorrow since I did not get there on Monday.  Ugh.  I'm already bummed about it.  I just want to stay home and relax!  I wonder if I can possibly convince her to let me come every two weeks instead . . . 

Well, I have to get a couple things done then I'm off to read before bed.

Got your Halloween costume picked yet?!
(Or your kids'?)

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